Genetic Testing

Advanced testing provides key diagnostic and treatment information to help reveal the cause or causes of the problem.

Exceptional solutions can only follow from exceptional testing. Genetic Testing at the Doctors Studio delivers exactly that.

When it comes to health care, 12 million Americans receive misdiagnoses every year, which can lead to serious health consequences & valuable missed opportunities to optimize health & wellness. At the Doctors Studio, we continually invest in state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure that your diagnosis is flawless, with genetic testing a jewel in the crown of our testing capabilities.

Advanced Diagnostics offered by the Doctors Studio include a range of sophisticated blood, hair, stool, urine & another biomarker testing not typically offered by, or accessible through, your primary care doctor.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, is used to identify changes in a DNA sequence or chromosome structure. At the Doctors Studio, we use genetic testing to monitor & measure the rate of genetic changes that occur within your body, such as telomere shortening, & epigenetic tests, such as bioresonance hair scans, to track the effect of external factors on the behavior of your gene expression (epigenetics). We can use biochemical analysis to measure specific protein output within the body or use testing as an early diagnosis tool to investigate whether those at high-risk, genetically, of certain diseases or illnesses, are showing early indicative signs of inflammation or dysfunction – which we can then treat at the earliest possible opportunity.

State-of-the-Art Testing Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art testing capabilities include blood flow & heart health testing, memory & cognitive function, hormones & metabolites, epigenetic hair testing, telomere & neurolipid testing:

Blood Flow and Heart Health

  • Heart Rate Variability – Coefficient of Variation Test (HRV-CV): A non-invasive test that identifies autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalances by measuring the variation in time between each heartbeat (the CV, or coefficient of variation). The ‘healthier’ your ANS, the more likely the variation between beats will be high. A low HRV is correlated with inflexibility in the ANS response, which can be indicative of the onset of depression, anxiety, worsening emotional health &/or cardiovascular, or other related diseases. Patients with a genetic, or family history, of heart disease, might benefit most from these tests when used in a proactive manner, to actively monitor for any ANS dysfunction.
  • Tests for endothelial markers, oxidation, inflammation & lipoprotein function;
  • CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) testing to identify carotid artery wall thickness, potential blockages & plaque;
  • Glycocheck – A non-invasive test that evaluates capillary density, capillary blood volume, blood flow, red cell velocity & endothelial glycocalyx (a network of membrane-bound proteoglycans and glycoproteins that covers the endothelium).

Memory & Cognitive Function

  • eVox Quantitative EEG (electroencephalogram) – A Quantitative EEG (qEEG) that moves beyond the conventional visual inspection of EEG data to provide a completely objective analysis of brain function, comparing a patients’ results with those of a normative database. As distinct differences in resting-state qEEG exist between patients with dementia and age-matched controls, the test can provide a valuable early indicator or cognitive decline, informing future treatment more effectively. This might offer a particularly valuable preventative tool for those who possess a genetic, or family history, of dementia, Parkinson’s, dementia &/or other manifestations of cognitive decline.
  • Brain Gauge – An innovative test that measures the most subtle changes in brain function and probes cortical function to achieve highly specific measurement & detection of any compromised neural function that the patient might exhibit. It enables a clinician to track recovery from traumatic brain injury & concussion, monitor neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, and assists in the management of developmental issues in children (such as ADHD).
  • Alzheimer Linx™ – A test that identifies patients who are at heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders, identifies reactivity to triggers of these disorders, identifies early-stage neurodegeneration, and monitors the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications used to treat these conditions.

Hormones and Metabolites

The DUTCH® Test – The Dutch Complete Hormone Profile provides a comprehensive assessment of your sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites, identifying root causes of hormonal imbalance, including markers that provide information about adrenal (stress) hormones and steroid hormones (DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol). Our genes code for hormones, but hormones regulate genes, meaning that while you might be genetically disposed to certain hormonal activity, we can also influence & optimize that genetic expression using treatments & therapies. The acronym DUTCH stands for ‘Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It is an easy, painless & non-invasive test involving the collection of urine samples over a 24-hour period, which is then analyzed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your hormonal health.

Epigenetic Hair Testing

Epigenetics relates to the study of heritable phenotype changes that do not alter the DNA sequence – but can influence genetic expression. In simpler terms, lifestyle, habits, our dietary choices & the external environment that surrounds us (e.g. pollution levels) can all impact our epigenetics powerfully.

A Bioresonance hair scan is a kind of hair analysis used to determine nutrient requirements, including the identification of food intolerances and allergies. Known as bio-resonance scanning, the technique has been used as a vital part of law enforcement practice for many years. Now it is available to you, too, allowing us to deliver a whole range of nutritional & health-focused feedback that we can use to optimize your health & wellbeing! Deficient in specific minerals? Undiagnosed food intolerances? Issues with bacteria? All we need to do is to take 3 strands of your hair and we can answer all of those questions, alongside a whole lot more.

Telomere Testing

Telomeres are sections of genetic material located at the end of every chromosome in our bodies. Their function is to provide a vital means of preventing ‘fraying’ at the ends of our chromosomal material when cells replicate. Much like the end of a shoelace, which is prevented from fraying by a small plastic sheath, our telomeres act as a protector. When we are young and healthy, there is no fraying or shortening – our telomeres are long & robust. However, as we age, they fray & diminish in length.

Telomere Testing allows us to determine the length of your telomeres in relation to your age by measuring telomere length. This provides a fascinating window into how well your cells are aging (a rate influenced by genes & external factors such as stress, pollution & your diet), allowing us the means to either tailor your anti-aging program so that it meets your unique needs (if anti-aging is your goal), or to use the data to ascertain whether you might be more vulnerable to age-related dysfunction & conditions. As an early indicator of health or dysfunction, telomere tests can be hugely valuable!

Neurolipid Testing

Neurolipid levels are powerfully influenced by genetic factors but also by lifestyle & diet. Our blood lipid profile carries vital information about our health, susceptibility to cardiovascular & other diseases, and can even be used as a predictor of emotional health, with recent studies reporting that total blood lipid profile is consistently lower in patients who suffer from depression, aggression & mood swings.

Genetic Testing at the Doctors Studio

At the Doctors Studio, we combine medical orthodoxy with progressive, next-gen, clinically-tested technologies to truly stand on the cutting edge of science. Led by medical doctor Dr. Lisbeth Roy, our highly qualified & experienced Studio Team offer innovative testing techniques, procedures & technologies to drill down to the root cause of any medical issue that you might be facing, leading the way in early diagnosis, & blazing a trail in the optimization of health & wellness. We understand the fundamental necessity of exceptional testing so that we can deliver the kind of exceptional therapies & treatments that you expert, need & deserve – which is why genetic testing often lies at the center of everything that we do.

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