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Talk about cutting-edge technology…

Here at the Doctors Studio, we are super excited to introduce a new technology that uses nothing more than a few strands of your hair to generate a detailed, comprehensive snapshot of your health & wellness!

Known as bio-resonance scanning, the technique has been used as a vital part of law enforcement practice for many years. Now it is available to you, too, allowing us to deliver a whole range of nutritional & health-focused feedback that we can use to optimize your health & wellbeing! Deficient in specific minerals? Undiagnosed food intolerances? Issues with bacteria? All we need to do is to take 3 strands of your hair and we can answer all of those questions, alongside a whole lot more.

    How Does it Work?

    Once we have performed your epigenetic hair scan, we send your data digitally to the Cell Wellbeing Nutritional Epigenetic mapping technology center based in Hamburg, Germany (a center where certified and CE approved systems and resonance technologies are operated 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year) for processing. Around 15 minutes later, the data is sent back in the form of a comprehensive report, which the Doctors Studio will share with you!

    But we don’t stop there.

    Once we know how best to optimize your health, based on this extensive 800-nutritional & environmental-marker-based report, we provide you with the highest-quality supplements to achieve the most optimized level of health possible. This is truly a case of using science to maximize wellness, on every single level.

    The next step is the creation of a customized plant-based supplement, which we will create according to the specifics of your epigenetic profile.

    The report itself is comprehensive, colorful, detailed & packed with information, data, specifically highlighted priorities (do you need more amino acids, or magnesium & calcium, for example?), possible food intolerances, and an easy-to-read breakdown of your vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid, antioxidant, energetic & environmental challenge indicators. It will feel amazing to obtain such a fascinating, as well as instructional, insight, into your own body. We find that the epigenetic hair test correlates very closely to standard blood & urine tests in terms of accuracy, with clients finding the process easy, painless, and informative.

    An Unrivalled Supplement Solution

    Once we’ve performed your epigenetic hair scan, we will know exactly the nutrients that we need to flood your body with, in order to get rid of toxins that you don’t want in your body & to generally maximize your health & wellness. We know that if you feed the body the exact nutrients that you need to upregulate your detoxification, that process will become a whole lot more efficient, taking the guesswork out of supplementation & food choices.

    Our next step is to provide those exact nutrients to you. Whilst other supplement providers offer generic products via shopping mall stores, or over-the-internet choices, our approach is a whole lot more personalized and tailored.

    At the Doctors Studio, we enjoy a great relationship with a specialized farming center that creates completely organic produce, uses structured water, and grows produce from a site free from electromagnetic pollution. The way our system works is that we send your personalized hair scan report directly to them, and they send you a completely organic, plant-based powdered supplement in return that has been perfectly tailored to the exact specification & requirements of your hair scan profile.

    How is this supplement used? You can throw it into a shake, enjoy it sprinkled over cereal, or mixed into homemade pancakes – whatever you want! It works synergistically with your body, providing everything you need for optimal digestion & absorption, providing you with really great results in a way that slots seamlessly into your life.

    A Truly Personalized Solution

    We offer such a personalized solution because we want to achieve pinpoint accuracy & take away the guesswork associated with trying to live a healthy life. The reality is that when you visit a health food store, you have to make the best guess at what your exact nutritional requirements are – but our epigenetic hair test takes out the guesswork, instead of delivering completely accurate and tailored solutions right to your kitchen (and blender!)

    Enjoy the Benefits

    What physiological benefits can you expect?

    • Fat loss
    • Feel great, full of energy & vitality
    • Emotionally balanced
    • Great hair
    • Great skin
    • A nutrition solution that is organic, easily digested & highly tailored to your unique needs
    • No more bloating
    • Peace of mind that you are following a healthy, nutritionally balanced, restorative & rejuvenating nutritional program
    • Identification of food intolerances 
    • A product free from electromagnetic pollution or other environmental toxins
    • Empowering knowledge about who you are on the inside!
    • Healthier hormone balance
    • Overall better physiological functionality

    The epigenetic report is highly personalized, recognizing your unique profile. The results are delivered in real-time, providing an accurate, current, and relevant data set that reflects the status of your health over the last 3-4 months, which also pinpoints epigenetic areas for concern (that subsequently form the basis of our personalized supplement product that we will deliver to you). You will also feel the benefits of a prescription pharmacy quality customized plant nutrient powder that has been designed to rapidly address imbalances, identify nutrient deficiencies, and provide a clear overview of immunity, wellness, fitness & vegan-specific-focused reports & insights.

    Your Epigenetic Report

    Empower your nutritional food choices & maximize your gene expression with real-time information generated by our personalized epigenetic nutritional report. Every 90 days you can expect a new report based on a new hair test, which allows us to provide a truly up-to-date snapshot of your health.  As your body and epigenetic activity changes, so your treatment recommendations will, too, so we need to have a full current view of those dynamic changes in order to keep you on the road to optimized health & happiness. The benefits become more and more addictive as time goes by, keeping you as happy & healthy as it is possible for you to be!

    Your personalized epigenetic report consists of a colorful, easy-to-read 31-page report that includes a detailed overview of 800 nutritional & environmental markers, including a detailed insight into your:

    •       Environmental Toxins,
    •       Electro-Magnetic Pollution/Impacts
    •       Nutritional / Diet profile
    •       Food intolerances
    •       Parasites, Fungi & Bacteria
    •       Lifestyle
    •       Underlying Food Stressors.

    The Science Behind Epigenetics

    Many people ask us how a few strands of hair can achieve such incredible diagnostic results. Let’s take a brief look at the fascinating science that lies behind the field of epigenetics and how they majorly impact your health & wellness.

    Epigenetics relates to the study of how our behavior and environment can cause changes within our body that affect the way in which our genes work. Unlike genetic adaptations, epigenetic adaptations are reversible and do not affect our DNA. However, they can alter the way in which our bodies read a DNA sequence, meaning that they can still powerfully affect the way that our body works – and, as a result, our physiological and neurological health & wellbeing. These changes can affect everything from hormone balance, to sleep quality, to how much energy & pep we have when we wake up in the morning.

    In reality, the food that we eat, and the environmental pollutants & toxins that we breathe in can wage a major epigenetic influence on us, which is why the Doctors Studio not only test hair but then provide a swift follow-up highly tailored, extremely high-quality supplemental fix to immediately optimize whatever deficiencies or issues need to be immediately addressed. Offering a 90-day supplement program reflects the shift in your epigenetic & nutrient profile that will require a new periodic analysis to allow the benefits that you are enjoying to be perpetually updated & optimized.

    Epigenetics: Be the Change

    The cool thing about epigenetics is that we know we can change our epigenetics. If we know what is negatively impacting our genes, we can change or neutralize its impact. The report not only tells us what is wrong, but it also tells us what to do to fix it, in effect deducing scientific data from your personal epigenetic fingerprint.

    The ‘epi’ in epigenetics means ‘on’ or ‘above’ – describing factors beyond our genetic code that modify DNA and regulate whether specific genes are turned on, or off. They do not change the sequence of DNA building but instead regulate their activity, influencing the production of proteins in cells, and ensure that each cell produces only those proteins that are necessary for its function (for example, proteins responsible for the growth of bone are only produced in bone cells, not muscle cells).

    We are all unique and so too is our pattern of epigenetic modification of our DNA. Critically, environmental influences, such as the diet that we eat, and exposure to pollutants, can impact the behavior, extent & nature of our epigenetic modifications. These modifications can maintain themselves in the body by passing from cell to cell, so can even, fascinatingly, be passed down and inherited through generations. Consider the same man; if he chose to eat junk food every day and live in a crowded, polluted city, the environmental impact on his epigenetic response would be significantly different from the epigenetic reaction that he would experience if he chose to live in the heart of the countryside, follow a super-healthy plant-based diet using vitamin & mineral supplements, where needed, and cycle every day instead of drive.

    A common example of epigenetic modification is DNA methylation, where methyl groups (one carbon atom & three hydrogen atoms) attach to DNA building blocks, switching off or silencing that gene – so that no protein is released from that gene. Histone modification is another great example – where structural proteins in the cell nucleus influence how tightly DNA is swapped around histones and influence whether that gene is switched on, or off. Errors in this epigenetic process (e.g., modification of the wrong gene) can lead to significant dysfunction and even disease, with altered gene activity of this kinda contributor to genetic disorders, cancers, metabolic disorders, and degenerative disorders. An epigenetic fingerprint is seen through the lens of the Epigenetic Hair Scan subsequently offers us an excellent means of assessing health & wellness in a way that most other tests cannot.

    Epigenetics: The Way Forward

    The hair scan is one of our favorite tools that we have here at the Doctors Studio – and our follow-up plant-based supplement has proven incredibly powerful and life-changing for many patients. 

     Imagine…with just 3 of your hairs and 30 minutes of your time, we might just be able to change your life! 

    Perhaps the question to ask is not whether the epigenetic test is right for you, but whether you feel you can afford to miss out on such a fascinating, powerful tool! If you feel that you or someone you love would benefit from this test, &/or would enjoy the process of optimizing their overall health by gaining fascinating & invaluable epigenetic insights, contact the Doctors Studio today and we will be happy to help you!

    You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics is often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

    Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

    Founder of Doctors Studio

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