Clarity Direct

CLARITY Direct is a neurofeedback modality that is administered using an EEG scientific apparatus.

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™

Offers an excellent treatment option for the management of anxiety, depression, and many other dysfunctions & conditions by modulating our natural brain wave frequencies. Clarity Direct is one of the top recommended treatments that we offer at the Doctors Studio, offered as either a standalone or (more often) as part of a more comprehensive treatment program.

Almost as if turning the dial to another radio frequency, CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ sends a virtually imperceptibly small electrical signal to the brain to re-modulate brain frequencies to different oscillations or brain waves (such as theta, or beta waves). In doing so, CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ gently unblocks negative, dysfunctional neuronal patterns of activity.

What Are Brainwaves, Exactly?

The science behind brainwaves is fascinating. If you’ve ever meditated or used binaural beats or white noise to help you sleep, you will have been unconsciously choosing to engage in an activity that alters your brainwave frequency to make you feel more relaxed and calmer.

Let’s take a closer look!

Our brains operate on a range of different brainwave frequencies, called bandwidths (almost like a radio – it’s important to tune into the right one to feel good!). The bandwidth that we are operating on can significantly affect our mental state. Different brainwave frequencies are Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma, and Delta.

What Causes Dysfunctional Brainwave patterns?

Dysfunctional brainwave patterns can be caused by any number of triggers such as stress, trauma, toxicity, and inflammation. This causes brainwaves to become rigid and stuck, contributing to symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, PTSD, and other related conditions. Lifestyle habits & routines can even contribute; a lack of sleep, for example, or too much long-term intensive study without breaks can contribute to anxiety, due to overexposure of the brain to one specific brain wave frequency. The purpose of CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ is to remove this pattern of dysfunction, restore, then optimize, brain function.

What Are the Benefits?

The treatment is pain-free, risk-free, comfortable to engage with and patients usually report positive effects within 1-3 sessions. Expect to see benefits such as improved sleep, a greater sense of calm, better concentration, less anxiety, or lower levels of depression. Patients also frequently report an enhanced sense of wellbeing early in the treatment process.

The treatment demonstrates notable benefits when compared to traditional neurofeedback; CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ sessions generally last about 30 minutes, with a total treatment of 15-20 sessions recommended, whereas traditional feedback sessions tend to be longer (45-60 mins), showing positive results later in the treatment process (normally around the 6-10 session mark). Let’s take a deep dive into the various brainwaves and how they can affect us:

  • Beta Waves:
    Associated with a state of normal waking consciousness, beta waves have a neural oscillation (brainwave) frequency range of 12.5- 30 Hz (12.5 to 30 cycles per second). Categorized as either low beta waves (12.5–16 Hz; activated when you are taking time to consider a decision, for example), normal beta waves (16.5–20 Hz; a state of regular waking consciousness), or high beta waves (20.5–28 Hz: usually activated during a complex cognitive task), beta waves are essential to our healthy, day-to-day cognitive functioning.
  • Gamma Waves:
    A gamma wave is a pattern of neural oscillation with a frequency range of 25-140 Hz. Correlated with large-scale brain network activity, working memory, attention, perceptual grouping, and other vastly important cognitive functions, gamma waves can be increased in amplitude via the use of meditation (as well as neurostimulation, such as via the use of CLARITY). Dysfunction in gamma activity has been linked to a wide range of disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and schizophrenia.
  • Alpha Waves:
    Alpha waves occur at a frequency of 8 – 12 Hz and can usually be observed when we are feeling relaxed, daydreaming when the brain is idle, or during meditation & deep breathing activity. Alpha wave stimulation has been linked to creativity and utilized as a positive intervention in managing symptoms of depression & anxiety.
  • Theta Waves:
    Theta waves occur at an oscillation of 4 – 7 Hz, generating a theta rhythm, a neural oscillation that underlies various aspects of behavior and cognition, including memory, learning, and spatial navigation. It generally occurs during periods of drowsy, hypnotic, sleepy, and meditative states.
  • Delta Waves:
    Delta waves occur at the lowest oscillation of any brainwave frequency at 0.5-4 Hz per second and are associated with deep and slow-wave sleep. Delta activity stimulates the release of hormones such as GH (growth hormone), prolactin (PRL), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).’

What Can I Expect?

The CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ treatment involves the placing of a few sensors on your scalp, which measure the electrical activity of your brain and generate an EEG (electroencephalogram). The electrical activity picked up at this stage determines the frequency of the signal that is sent back to the brain.

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ then sends a very weak, imperceptible signal back to the brain (tailored to the patients’ EEG readings), causing tiny fluctuations in brainwave patterns. The signal is always too small to directly cause either stimulation or inhibition of neurons. However, they are powerful enough to positively ‘disrupt’ and equally positively influence brainwaves, changing brainwave frequencies and causing a change in the frequency of the signal that is sent back to the brain.

This causes a direct feedback loop, as the change in brain waves then changes the frequency of the signal sent back to the brain. In this way, CLARITY allows the brain to exit stuck, frozen neuronal patterns, positively reorganizing itself, returning the patient to a healthy, balanced state & encouraging positive emotional processing, reactions & an overall healthy state of mind.

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CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ offers an innovative, non-invasive & completely painless treatment that works by modulating our natural brain wave frequencies to maximize wellness, healthy emotional patterns, and a positive frame of mind, thereby restoring us to our full neurological potential. It remains true that we shouldn’t just look after our bodies, but our minds, too, if we want to fully enjoy life & achieve our potential. If you feel that you, or someone you love, would benefit from CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™, contact us today.

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