Clarity Direct

CLARITY Direct is a neurofeedback modality that is administered using an EEG scientific apparatus.

Clarity Direct

CLARITY Direct sends a tiny, imperceptible electromagnetic current to the brain that causes a slight fluctuation in brainwaves.

This fluctuation allows the brain to reorganize itself and get out of rigid, stuck patterns. It is like re-booting a frozen computer. Despite such a weak signal, a session of CLARITY Direct produces changes in brainwaves and greater self-regulation without any effort from the client.

Direct Neurofeedback Un-Trains the brain from unhealthy “Stuck” neuronal pathways and allows the brain to get back into a healthy balanced state.  This change in brainwaves that are produced during a session of CLARITY Direct can help improve a sense of well-being associated with diminished anxiety, effects of traumatic brain injury, depression, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD.


Patients generally notice changes either immediately or within the first two or three sessions. Standard Treatment Recommendation is 20 treatments.

What do you consider optimal brain function?


The brainwave patterns are syncretized and move in fluid patterns. These brainwaves display optimal continuous brain function.  Organized waves equal organized thought, better concentration, improved mood, and memory.

What are the dysfunctional patterns that the brain creates?

Dysfunctional brainwave patterns can result from stress, trauma, toxicity, and inflammation; the brainwaves become rigid and stuck. Dysfunctional brainwave patterns are linked to symptoms of anxiety, panic, ADD, and much more.

What are the functional patterns that the brain should have?

Different brain wave frequencies, called bandwidths, relate to different mental states. They are named after letters of the Greek alphabet. Neurofeedback therapy is used to reduce or increase specific brainwave frequencies depending on the problem.

There are various functional patterns of the brain. But there are 4 major categories of brainwaves:

  • Beta Waves: are characteristics of a highly engaged mind –  Beta occurs between 13-32 cycles per second (13-32 Hz) low-frequency Beta between 13 and 15 cycles per second, has also been referred to as “sensory-motor rhythm” It has the ability to organize the brain in terms of biofeedback. It is being used for ADD and learning disabilities, as well as for a variety of emotional problems, and for the peak performance model. It has to do with the coordination of many areas of the brain. By teaching an area of the brain to produce more low-frequency Beta activity, actually affects many pathways within the brain in many different ways. It is used often for sleep disorders.
  • Alpha Waves: Resting or meditative state – Alpha occurs between 8-12 cycles per second (8-12 Hz). The mental state of Alpha is similar to putting the clutch in before shifting gears; it’s sort of a holding pattern. It is also associated with “Multitasking”. Alpha predominance essentially represents a brain that is quiet and at rest. Alpha is produced by large groups of neurons that are not engaged in any particular task but “standing by”
  • Theta Waves: A daydream and creative state – Theta occurs between 4 and 8 cycles per second (4-8 Hz). Theta in the adult EEG can indicate drowsiness: it can also indicate some abnormalities. Sometimes people with head injuries will show excessive Theta activity either at the site of the injury or other areas of the brain. Theta has also been found to be outside the norm in some children with ADD and ADHD and sometimes in children with learning disabilities. Sometimes referred to as the “Twilight” state, it is important in memory consolidation.
  • Delta Waves: Dreamless sleep – Is the slowest frequency of brain wave activity.  Delta waves are mainly seen in the adult EEG in the deep sleep state that occurs within the first two hours of the sleep cycle. However, they are also present to various degrees throughout normal brains while awake. If it is seen in the waking state in an adult it could indicate some type of abnormality. Delta occurs between 0-4 cycles per second (0-4 Hz)

What is Direct Neurofeedback and how does it work to restore optimal brain function?

Direct Neurofeedback restores optimal brain function by sending a tiny imperceptible electromagnetic current to the brain. The current causes a slight fluctuation in brainwaves. This fluctuation allows the brain to re-organize itself and get out of stuck imbalance patterns. This concept is similar to rebooting a frozen computer.

Explain the research behind this method and what sparked your interest in using it to help patients obtain optimal wellness.

There are many research resources supporting that Direct Neurofeedback is a more efficient and cost-effective treatment when compared to Traditional Neurofeedback back. This profound treatment protocol has been noted to improve various neurological, behavioral, and psychological disorders.

Over the treatment period, a re-training of the brain occurs.

There is no interaction from the client needed. The software does all the work. Are multiple “treatments” involved?

Yes, multiple treatments are involved. However, within 1-3 sessions, a patient should start noticing significant benefits with improved sleep, a greater sense of calm, better concentration, less anxiety, and less depression. There is often a feeling of a greater sense of wellbeing that occurs early on in the process.

To restore optimal brain function, can/is Clarity Direct used in conjunction with other treatments?

Clarity Direct is one of our top recommended treatments in Doctors Studio. Given that we always address the unique health status of each member, in most cases, Clarity Direct is part of a more comprehensive treatment program.






Direct Neurofeedback vs Traditional Neurofeedback

DIRECT Neurofeedback

Patient Passive

A tiny signal sent back to the brain

“Untrains the Brain”

Initial results @ 1-3 sessions

The session lasts 30 minutes

Typically, 15-20 sessions are needed

Traditional Neurofeedback

Patient Active

No signal sent back to the brain

Trains the Brain

More variable. Initial results @ 6-10 sessions

The session lasts 45-60 mins

Typically, 30-40 sessions are needed

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