Platelet Rich Plasma

“The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) allows us to concentrate your body’s own regenerative power & turn it into an advanced, effective natural treatment for cellular rejuvenation” -Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The Power of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The Doctors Studio is considered one of the leading providers of performance-based therapies & treatments, optimizing your health & wellness using a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies. Backed by our extensive medical expertise, we deliver solutions that are not only safe & effective but often completely drug-free. And one medical innovation that we can now bring to our clients is PRP. As stated recently in the Journal of Human Kinetics, 

‘The success of applying platelet concentrate (PRP) in many fields of medicine is proven.’  (Ficek et. al., 2011).

One of the products that we genuinely love to engage with is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy – a power-packed distillation of the purest natural goodness of your own body. As stated by scientific research, ‘PRP represents one of those incredible advancements in science that has led to literally thousands of successful treatments for men & women that have evidenced little or no side effects at all. While most studies currently focus on the use of PRP for musculoskeletal treatments, we believe that it carries positive benefits for hair loss as well as other aesthetic & anti-aging treatments. We often combine it with other treatments & therapies for what we consider to be optimized results, too, as noted in the research literature:

‘combining PRP with laser therapies, micro needling, dermal fillers, and autologous fat grafting produces synergistic effects, leading to improved aesthetic results.’

So, what is PRP, exactly?

PRP is a treatment that concentrates blood plasma taken from your own blood in a fast and simple procedure. Plasma is a natural component of human blood, containing proteins that prevent blood clotting and support cellular growth, repair & angiogenesis (the creation of new cells). Once activated, platelets release powerful growth factors, which is why PRP offers such a powerfully innovative means of directly treating a localized area (e.g. shoulder injury) and which is why it continues to be such a stand out treatment for sports injuries in multiple fields such as orthopedics, traumatology, general surgery, dentistry, cosmetology, and sports medicine.


What Can I Expect?

We begin by drawing a small amount of blood with a syringe. Then, using a machine called a centrifuge, we separate components of your blood, allowing us to isolate your blood plasma and then inject it directly into your body at a localized, targeted site (the site that you need it most – e.g., at the site of a shoulder injury, or in penile tissue to help to stimulate an erection).

Support of healthy tissue & cellular activity using PRP is achieved by the natural stimulation of stem cells and a flood of growth factors to the targeted area, delivering concentrated platelets and bioactive proteins to where they are most needed, positively supporting the natural ability of the body to stimulate endogenous healing & repair. 

PRP utilizes concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins derived from your own blood, which means that it doesn’t place additional demands & stress on your body to accept a ‘foreign’ substance. The medical centrifuge that we use is FDA approved, separating & harvesting plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells & bioactive proteins. Stunningly, for a procedure this medically advanced, you don’t even have to wait very long. It generally only takes around 10 minutes!

 “Turn back the cellular clock!” – Studio Team

From the NFL to the Doctors Studio

PRP was initially created as a treatment for wound healing, dental procedures, and in the treatment of sports injuries (the NFL uses it as an effective injury therapy for top athletes like Peyton Manning & LaRon Landry). It has since migrated from sports medicine to the field of aesthetic & sexual performance with stunning results and is now being studied in the context of a broad range of therapeutic uses, such as aesthetics, hair regrowth, peak performance, and sexual performance-focused treatments & therapies.

Advantages of Using PRP

The beauty of treatment with PRP really lies in the fact that it harnesses your body’s own plasma, meaning no risk of negative reactions, side effects, or rejection. 

This means that PRP procedures are minimally invasive, with very little discomfort and downtime. The growth factors that are released upon injection support your own stem cells, and our clients have reported really positive results in the context of anti-aging treatments for the facial area, the scalp (as a hair loss treatment), sex organs (fighting sexual dysfunction), and the muscles and joints (quickening healing from injury). Using PRP can help to support cellular function in a positive way, allowing your body to achieve its natural healing functions more effectively. And that captures the pure essence of what functional medicine is all about.  

Platelet-rich plasma is autologous, meaning it comes from your body and is given back to you.  Because PRP is extracted from your own blood, it alleviates the risk of an allergic reaction, rejection, or skin sensitivity. More than 60,000 procedures involving the injection of PRP into various parts of the body have been performed thus far with no side effects or complications reported.

 “The best PRP for effectiveness of the P-Shot, O-Shot and other sexual medicine techniques is one that is 6 times baseline concentration of platelets with deliverable platelet counts of 1.5 x 106/μL, very few RBC, very few Granulocytes and a high monocyte count.  This is the PRP I choose for my patients.  Do yourself a favor and don’t pay for anything less than the “best PRP”. – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

What Benefits Can I Expect?

Scientific studies make clear the benefits of PRP in a wide range of fields. As it has only recently migrated to the fields of aesthetics & hair loss, studies are still ongoing in ascertaining its potential. However, our clients have reported a range of benefits that they have experienced themselves, which include:

  • Stimulation of hair regrowth (e.g., using Studio Scalp)
  • Treatment of frown lines & crow’s feet
  • Vampire Facials, Facelift, Breast Lift & Studio Lift
  • Reduction of acne & scarring
  • Improvement of rosacea
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction & sexual dysfunction (P-Shot, O-Shot)
  • Treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence
  • A general improvement in symptoms associated with sexual wellness
  • Improvement of vaginal dryness
  • Stopping the causes of pain during intercourse
  • Treatment of Lichen sclerosis (an inflammatory skin disorder)
  • Treatment of joint and muscle pain & faster recovery from injury

All PRP Therapies Are Not Created Equal!

The Doctors Studio remains a leader in performance-based therapies & treatments. We use only the most current and advanced PRP processing methods and equipment available, relying on the leadership of our founder & experienced medical doctor Dr. Roy who continues to blaze a trail in the evolution of our approach to functional, sexual & aesthetic practices. The Doctors Studio utilizes the Emcyte Pure PRP II system – what we consider to be the best PRP technology on the market – to process PRP.

A word from Dr. Roy:

“I have been treating patients and training physicians to use PRP since 2010 and have used nearly all the PRP systems sold in the US today. I am thrilled to know that there is a recent Call for Standards by clinicians and scientists. 

This “Call for Standards” is a result of the confusion in the marketplace. The fact is, not all PRP is equal in effectively recruiting mesenchymal stem cells [multipotent stem cells found in bone marrow], initiating angiogenesis [formation of new blood vessels], or creating the maximum regenerative potential. Many of the devices being used today to satisfy consumer demands do not meet the scientific definition of “Platelet Rich Plasma” and do not provide a consistent robust enough PRP to accomplish the best patient outcomes. 

My commitment to you and to my patients is to stay well informed as to the science advances and provides “best practice” information regarding the best PRP cellular components and concentrations. PRP Science will move with this science to offer the equipment necessary to meet the standards.”

Using PRP can literally feel like turning back the cellular clock: what was old and damaged is repaired and made new.  – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

A quick tour around your blood cells can tell us exactly how & why we are so focused on creating the best PRP product for you. In the image above, you can see the main kinds of blood cells in your body – erythrocytes, or red blood cells (the cellular component of blood present in the greatest numbers, which contains hemoglobin & transports O2 and CO2 to & from cells), platelets (made in the bone marrow, they form clots to stop bleeding), leukocytes (white blood cells that form a vital part of the immune system), monocytes (white blood cells, also a vital part of the immune system), eosinophils (disease-fighting white blood cells), basophils (white blood cells produced in bone marrow), neutrophils (white blood cells that protect against infection) & lymphocytes (white blood cells that help immunity & produce killer T and B cells). The most sophisticated PRP plasma therapies contain an optimal balance of these specific cellular elements.

Highest Quality PRP

We ensure that the cellular balance of our PRP product is optimal in terms of quality. For example, a high concentration of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in a PRP product can increase viscosity & inhibits the ease of PRP injection, also reducing injection site tissue saturation & often increasing post-injection flare, pain & inflammation – so we look for a low erythrocyte content. Similarly, pro-inflammation neutrophils are not always desirable in a PRP therapeutic product (neutrophils are vital ‘first responder’ in the destruction of foreign material that could harm the body but need to be cleared by tissue macrophages over a 24-48hour period; in their absence, amplification &/or a prolongment of inflammation can occur). We know that a high monocyte concentration in PRP therapies (non-inflammatory white blood cells that play a vital role in fighting infection, bacteria & other infections) is always desirable.

We also know that high levels of deliverable platelets in PRP plasma enhances the volumetric activity of platelet growth factors & cytokines inactive tissue repair, whilst platelet alpha granules (containing various platelet growth factors) promote tissue repair alongside platelet cytokines that provide the chemical stimulus necessary to attract & direct reparative cells to injured tissue. According to the current scientific literature, the “sweet spot” for platelet concentration to provide optimal stem cell migration, angiogenesis, and tissue regeneration is 6-7 times baseline (1.5 x 106/μ 2.1 x 106/μL when patient baseline platelet count is 250 x 103/μL) so that is what we use.

Harness the Power of PRP Today!

We continue to monitor the scientific research surrounding the migration of PRP to aesthetic, sexual & functional medicine, to bring you the highest possible quality PRP product possible, and to provide you with the greatest level of care possible. So if you feel that you, or someone you love, would benefit from PRP, contact the Doctors Studio today. We can assess whether PRP is the right treatment for you, or whether there are other treatments & therapies that would achieve the optimized results that you are looking for. Whatever treatment plan we create, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. We look forward to helping you!

You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics are often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

Founder of Doctors Studio

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