Men's Scalp PRP

Did you know that the cure for your hair loss might already be in your own blood? 

It might sound like sci-fi, but this progressive innovative technology – that has already evidenced major clinical gains in fields like sports medicine – is now being used to rewind hair loss and fight back against thinning scalps.

As incredible as the idea might sound, the regenerative capacity of a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy treatment that involves us separating, concentrating, then reinjecting the platelet-rich plasma from your own blood back into your body can carry incredible benefits in the restoration of thicker, fuller hair, and in the reversal of hair loss. Let’s find out more!

By 50 years of age, the American Hair Loss Association estimates that around 85% of men have begun to bald. They also report that for 25% of men whose hair loss is genetic, air loss often starts before the age of 21. Hair loss is more common than you might think for men, but it is not just a part of aging that you should be expected to just ‘put up with. 

Losing our hair can really hit our confidence, self-identity, and even our sense of masculinity or virility hard. Many of us see our hair and hairstyle as part of who we are, so when that changes, so when we lose our hair, it can hit us hard. That’s why the Doctors Studio has invested significant time and medical resources in finding the best hair restoration solutions out there.

How Can PRP Fight Hair Loss?

Your body is an incredible machine, where countless complex biological processes take place millisecond by millisecond, protecting, rejuvenating, restoring, balancing, fighting toxins & powering thinking, movement, digestion & even sleeping. Platelets in your blood have a powerful role to promote cell growth & enable regeneration and restoration to take place if any kind of inflammation or dysfunction is present.

PRP allows us to provide a plasma concentration in an injectable serum form that is around five times more concentrated than the level that would normally be present in the blood. The awesome thing about this is that plasma secretes growth factors which scientists believe play a powerful role in tissue growth, offering an impressive regenerative capacity.

When it comes to the need for regeneration, hair loss is a potentially great candidate, because, if PRP is injected directly into the scalp, this can directly stimulate hair follicles to grow precious the dermal papilla cells that are needed for hair growth to occur.

Alopecia & Scalp PRP

Thus far, a lot of the research that supports the use of PRP in hair regrowth is based on the use of PRP for a condition known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’ (AGA). This condition can affect men and women and is a form of hormone-related baldness. In women, we tend to see thinning of the hair, mostly at the center parting, which can get worse to affect the whole of the top & crown of the head. In men who suffer from AGA, hair loss typically occurs at the top and front of the scalp.

In the case of AGA, research indicates that Scalp PRP is an effective treatment, particularly when combined with other treatments such as for example, an anti-androgenic drug.

What Can I Expect?

In terms of what to expect from your PRP treatment:

  • When we treat our patients with Scalp PRP we generally ask them to come for around 3 sessions, with booster sessions around 3-6 months thereafter.
  • We start by talking you through the procedure, where a qualified nurse will withdraw a small amount of blood from your arm.
  • That blood will then be placed into a small medical machine known as a centrifuge, which separates plasma from the blood.
  • This plasma is then reinjected into your body in the localized area where it is most needed (in the case of hair loss, this is the scalp).

Don’t Let Hair Loss Hold You Back

Don’t be held back by hair loss – contact us today to talk through your options and see how we can help you restore hair growth! If you feel that you, or someone you love, might benefit from Scalp PRP, we look forward to embarking on your hair regrowth journey with you.

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