A biomarker is a substance used as an indicator of a biological state. Such characteristics are objectively measured and evaluated as indicators of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.

Body Composition and Metabolic Rate

Body composition is the proportion of fat and lean body mass in your body. Healthy body composition is one with a higher percentage of non-fat (lean body) mass, which includes muscle, bones, and organs.


When it comes to your health, only the best will do. Find out how The Doctors Studio – an experienced & highly regarded medical practice specializing in the fields of functional, anti-aging, sexual & performance medicine – can help you truly optimize your health in the most effective, safest & progressive way possible!

Functional Health report

We take a “typical” blood panel… run it through software that references ALL the medical literature (over 2000 articles), then delivers the interpretation in a beautiful and easy-to-use report.  The report is taken under consideration as we gather all of the information collected in the medical interview, in-office diagnostics, etc.

Functional Medical EXAM

The Studio team combines skill, passion, experience, and validated tools to understand where you stand.  A Functional Medicine Assessment focuses on your fundamental core clinical functions using in-depth history taking, a functionally focused physical examination, and uncommon laboratory testing.


GlycoCheck™ is an integrated video microscopic and software system for monitoring the microvascular health in patients of specialty practice, functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic, holistic, and integrated medicine practitioners.

Hair Scan - EpigeneticRX

No two brains are alike. So, when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind and body, it is important for the Studio Team to understand your unique brain function. The eVox Brain Map helps us look beyond your symptoms to see the brain activity that may be at the root of the cause.


Hormone testing is an important consideration to make when you’re faced with changes in mood, libido, body weight, attitude, cognition, memory, and energy. Those who have completed basic hormone tests often find that the underlying cause of their condition is easily managed and can be controlled through hormone therapy.

HRV - CV and autonomic nervous system

“Your brain is the motherboard that controls everything!  Evaluating the messages your brain is sending to your cardiovascular system is the best way to detect problems LONG BEFORE your heart is actually affected.”  ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy


Medical Thermography is an amazing tool when used in conjunction with many other diagnostic strategies. The Studio Team is happy to have another way to look deeply into the body for answers that will help build the most effective treatment plan.

Vaginal Ultrasound

“Have a look around before there are symptoms to detect very early ovarian and endometrial cancers.  No radiation, painless, inexpensive and very helpful especially when a woman is taking hormone replacement therapy, even when bio-identical hormones (BHRT) are used.”  ~ Studio Team

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