Common Problems

Erectile Dysfunction

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) can be devastating for your life, confidence, marriage, job, and all-important relationships.

Premature Ejaculations

Premature ejaculation (PE) can start in adolescence or in later years with the onset of erectile dysfunction.


Delayed ejaculation has to do with dampened arousal. It is either due to neurotransmitter imbalance or a nerve dysfunction caused by trauma or degeneration.


Diabetes negatively impacts every aspect of your life. It happens over the years, so you don’t notice the negative changes until it is too late.

Ejaculatory Pain

Unless you are the guy suffering from chronic pelvic pain syndrome or one that causes searing pain when you ejaculate, you have no idea how it feels and the problems that it causes.

Hormone Imbalance (LOW Testosterone)

Taking Testosterone without mindfulness to proper balancing with other hormones could also lead to your testicles shrinking up like cashews.

Low Sex Drive

A man’s sex drive lives in his brain; cerebral cortex and limbic system. In fact, it is his brain that is responsible for sexual performance as well as drive. Did you know that a healthy guy can have an orgasm just by dreaming about a sexual experience?

Peyronies Disease

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is a devastating disease to MANY men since it can lead to disfigurement, shrinkage, social withdrawal, shame, and depression.

Venous Leakage

There are many reasons for ED, from decreased sensitivity, to poor arterial blood flow, to neurological compromise, to back injuries, nerve impingement and more.

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