We have combined laboratory tests with in-office technology to offer needed insight so that the cause of your challenges can be easily identified and remedied.

Body Composition and Metabolic Rate

Knowing your body composition can help you assess your health and fitness level and will provide insight into what is happening in your body at a cellular level.


When it comes to your health, only the best will do. Find out how The Doctors Studio – an experienced & highly regarded medical practice specializing in the fields of functional, anti-aging, sexual & performance medicine – can help you truly optimize your health in the most effective, safest & progressive way possible!

HRV - CV and autonomic nervous system

A good quality HRV device provides information about your adaptability and true state of cardiovascular health. The breakdown of your “systems” can take years to develop.

Functional Health report

This type of approach is SPOT ON when it comes to getting to the root cause and creating an individual strategy to optimize YOUR outcome.

Functional Medical EXAM

We take the physical examination very seriously. We use high-tech tools such as HRV, Body Composition, Bio-resonance, Glycocheck, and other in-office diagnostic like Medical thermography, CIMT, PDDU, qEEG, and more to understand you at a deeper level.


GlycoCheck™ is an integrated video microscopic and software system for monitoring the microvascular health in patients of specialty practice, functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic, holistic, and integrated medicine practitioners.

Hair Scan - Epigenetics

The hair scan is among the best tools in the toolbox at Doctors Studio. With just 4 hairs you are empowered to make the best decisions possible. This technology helps the Studio Team to support your immunity and wellbeing, energy systems, hormone balance, etc.

Penile Doppler Ultrasound (PDDU)

The PDDU is used to produce images of the internal organs via the use of sound waves. This technology provides the Studio team a view of what is going on inside your penis.