Low Energy

“A lifespan without optimal wellbeing is just living older, longer. Who wants that? “ – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

Energy levels can make or break you, from the moment you wake up, bleary-eyed, as the alarm sounds, to the moment you crash out in your bed at the end of a long, hard day. 

Here’s a question. Do you start each day pump and full of energy, excited for the many challenges of the day ahead? Or do you hit the snooze button, already overwhelmed, and wonder how the heck you’re going to drag yourself through yet another day? If it’s the former, awesome! If not, let us restore that awesome energy back into your life!

Our Studio Performance video (above) provides a quick & awesome introduction to our overarching philosophy (optimization & peak performance, not simply ‘average’ health or disease management), profiles our vast medical expertise, highlights our extensive suite of tests, therapies & treatments, and explains exactly how we can supercharge your energy & your life. We offer everything from one single diagnostic test to an entire life-changing program, depending on what exactly it is that you, your body, your energy levels & your overall health requires.

Why Should I Care About My Energy Levels?

Everyone feels tired from time to time, but if you’ve found that fatigue is habitually stopping you from enjoying & experiencing life in all its glory, then it’s time to seek help. Why? First, because low energy just makes everything feel miserable, turning what should be fun into a chore that has to be endured, sapping the joy from life. And that’s no way to live.

Second, because energy is intimately tied to wellness, and often, one of the first signs of dysfunction can be that you suddenly feel as if you’ve hit a wall of fatigue. As low energy as a symptom is often attributed to countless dysfunctions & illnesses (e.g., hormonal, or thyroid problems, B12 deficiencies, diabetes, stress, cardiovascular issues), it can subsequently be very hard to accurately diagnose & treat.

And third? Sometimes, it’s so easy to treat, with the right hormone therapies, for example, or IV nutrient therapies. So keeping track of energy levels can really pay off. Managing sub-optimized levels could quickly change how you feel about, & experience, life. it might change your life.

As functional & peak performance medicine specialists, we know exactly how to screen for a wide range of potential causes of low energy, lethargy & fatigue, to rapidly treat them, to reverse any physical damage caused by the underlying dysfunction or condition, then optimize your wellness in a sustainable & life-transforming way.

Imagine, the tiredness you’re experiencing today could be wiped out completely, leaving you raring to do with energy to spare. Sounds great, right?

We can make that a reality for you – as we have already done already for so many other clients.

We believe that you deserve to get the very best out of life, to live, love & power through each day, enjoying the many wonderful experiences that come your way. When you choose us as your partner in health, we give you the tools to do just that, with our incredible range of potentially life-changing regenerative & rejuvenative therapies.

So if you aren’t starting the day with a high level of energy, if you feel older than your years, & if you’re feeling that day-to-day life has become more of a struggle to endure than an experience to enjoy, then contact us and we look forward to helping you!

What Are the Causes of Low Energy?

There are many potential causes of low energy, all of which we can rapidly diagnose & treat. These include:

  • Vitamin & mineral deficiency
  • Poor gut health
  • Undiagnosed food intolerances & allergies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Toxic, parasitic, bacteria or pathogen-based dysfunction
  • Suboptimal diet & lifestyle
  • Early stages of inflammation, disease, or dysfunction
  • Age-related dysfunction
  • Metabolic dysfunction, & thyroid dysfunction
  • Prediabetes or other undiagnosed conditions or illness
  • Epigenetic factors
  • High-stress levels

Many people don’t seek help for low energy because they feel it’s just a part of getting older.

They’re wrong.

You shouldn’t feel tired and washed out at ANY age. Using progressive, next-gen, cutting-edge, medically tested therapies & treatments, from stem cell exosomes, personalized plant-based supplements, and ozone to platelet-rich plasma, to nutrition programs and ultrasound therapies, we can make you feel full of life again, regardless of whether you’re 28 or 78.

Power Up Your Energy

As a progressive, specialist practice, we can tell you this: when it comes to medicine, this is an exciting time to be alive – and an exciting time to treat clients like you who really want to get the most out of life! Why? Because advances in wellness therapies & treatments have progressed in such an incredible way in recent years. Possible treatments that we may offer you include:

  • UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Neurofeedback mechanisms
  • Personalized epigenetic supplement
  • Pulse wave technology
  • Laser rejuvenation
  • Exosome stem cell therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Ultrasound technologies
  • IV Nutrients
  • Various programs focused on specific performance needs

“We’re not just talking living your full potential, we’re talking CHANGING your potential” – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The Doctors Studio Advantage

The Studio Team is here to serve you, to combine our passion, knowledge, and expertise with exciting advances in medical technology that have allowed us to move farther toward the optimization of wellness & peak performance than ever before. So if your goal is to feel more powered up and focused at work, to regain your zest for life, or to simply have the energy to keep up with your grandkids, then contact the Doctors Studio today.

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The Studio Team is here to serve you.

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