Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Don’t Let It Take the Joy from YOUR Sex Life!

It is thought that around 1 in 3 young and middle-aged women, and 50% of older women, suffer from female sexual dysfunction. The underlying causes may vary but the effects can be remarkably similar – an impacted quality of life, a loss of a really awesome, fun & stimulating part of life,  & a less intimate connection with your partner. At the Doctors Studio, we are considered leaders in the field of sexual wellness medicine, & we would love to help you restore your sexual potential, connection & enjoyment of a fulfilling & rewarding intimate life. Read on to find out how!

Treating Sexual Dysfunction 

We are experienced specialists when it comes to using innovative, progressive, & scientifically-founded therapies to not only diagnose & treat sexual function but to optimize sexual function & dial down to the real root cause of whatever it is that caused the dysfunction in the first place! We use amazing technologies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that crystallizes the natural healing power of your own body, and an innovative radio frequency technology called ThermiVa designed to rejuvenate & tighten the vaginal & labial area. We’ve gotten amazing results with both, which are often truly amplified when both technologies are used together. We also use GAINSWave, a pulse wave technology that uses soundwaves (non-invasively) to stimulate tissue regeneration. Originally developed for male sexual dysfunction treatment, GAINSWave has since migrated highly successfully to the (tailored!) treatment of womens’ sexual treatments, too.

There are many other tests, treatments & therapies that we can offer you, and we hope you will let us help you to transform your personal life & relationships by seeking treatment at the Doctors Studio by accessing the most high-quality, effective & safe interventions – under highly qualified medical supervision – that are out there and available to you today. Here are a few words from Dr. Lisbeth Roy, founder of the Doctors Studio, who explains the origins of female sexual dysfunction, and how the Doctors Studio can ably help you resolve it.

“There are so many tools and treatments that we have available to us to treat sexual changes”  – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

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Sexual dysfunction can feel isolating & some people are too embarrassed to seek help. We get it. It’s a normal reaction. But it really is more common than you think, likely more treatable than you think, and something that you absolutely do not have to live with.

Doctors Studio founder Dr. Roy is a leading specialist in sexual medicine – so rest assured that you are in safe hands! If you &/or your partner are experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, we have the specialty, the experience, the sensitivity & the tools to dial down to the root cause of the problem and to not only resolve it, but to optimize your sexual function, & hand you back a true love of life – and a true sense of intimacy & sexual fulfillment – once again! 

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