Healthy women have healthy sex drives… PERIOD! ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

Healthy sex life can strengthen the bonds of intimacy between a woman and her partner. Sex is one of the most incredible parts of life, providing a source of pleasure, an outlet for stress, and a mechanism for flooding the brain with happy hormones. It powers an amazing nights’ sleep, increases blood flow to the brain, and provides a myriad of other health benefits that strengthen us emotionally & physiologically.

But when estrogen levels drop due to menstruation, perimenopause, or menopause, it can hit your libido hard, causing physiological changes like dry vaginal tissue & discomfort during sex. Stress can slay your sex drive, while undiagnosed dysfunction & disease of varying kinds can also knock it to the floor, robbing you of a vital source of intimacy & joy. Even lowered testosterone can cause a major problem while a poor diet can also cause major libido issues. There are, when it comes down to it, so many factors that can impact your libido, with the result that you lose out on an amazing sexual connection with your partner.

The good news is that we can help you! But before we talk you through our approaches, let’s get to know some of the main causes of low libido – a surprisingly common issue for women.

Low Libido: What Are the Causes?

A third of all women between the ages of 18-59 suffer from low libido. Known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, the condition has biological as well as psychological roots.

For example, low testosterone peaks during our 20’s, but falls thereafter and drops dramatically during menopause. When testosterone falls off a metaphorical cliff, it can make our sex drive do the same. The Doctors Studio offers a range of amazing, effective, & clinically tested testosterone treatments that can help with this imbalance, restoring your libido and intimate life. Other androgens (steroid hormones that cause growth) also naturally drop over the life span – which we can also help to restore.

A comprehensive evaluation of your medical history can alert us to any medications that you might be taking that might be impacting your sex drive, such as new-generation SSRIs (usually prescribed for depression), blood pressure medication & oral contraceptives. We can advise you on alternatives, different dosages, & alternative treatments, all of which will offer the same health benefits but without the unwanted side effect of a canceled out sex drive.

Our comprehensive health screening tests & reports can alert us to the existence of many dysfunctions or undiagnosed diseases that might be impacting your libidos, such as endometriosis, cystitis, thyroid disorders, or fibroids. The moniker ‘a healthy woman has a healthy sex drive’ is true because sexual dysfunction genuinely often alerts us as an ‘early warning signal’ to other dysfunctions or conditions. It is a warning that we take seriously! If we find a source of dysfunction, we are able to treat it swiftly & effectively, not only freeing you of libido issues but also freeing you from a potentially far more serious longer-term problem.

A lot of people do not know that if they have already been diagnosed with a disease or condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, it might also impact libido, & that their libido can be restored again with the right medical interventions. For example, the nerve damage slowed blood flow to the vaginal and genital tissues & mood & hormone adaptations caused by diabetes can all cause real damage to your enjoyment of sex.

If you feel healthy but have always found it hard to become aroused or experience an orgasm, feel discomfort or pain during sex or regularly experience vaginal dryness, our sympathetic, helpful & medically trained team can advise you how to tackle these issues successfully through the use of the right therapies & treatments. Sex should ultimately be a fulfilling, enjoyable activity and if it isn’t, we want to help you find out why.

Experience the Big-O with the O-Shot!

One of our awesome treatments is the O-Shot. Offering a true revolution in female sexual enhancement, the O-Shot uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to stimulate the growth of new blood cells in the clitoral area, thereby stimulating blood flow and making the feeling of being sexually stimulated and orgasming easier to achieve.

PRP works by extracting platelet-rich plasma from your own body, using FDA-approved technology, and reinjecting it into the site that needs it most (in this case, the clitoris). The O-Shot can also help to stop sensations of pain and/or discomfort during sex, and also vastly improve symptoms of urinary incontinence. By promoting angiogenesis (the growth of new cells) in the clitoral area, you will rapidly be able to feel far greater sensitivity and stimulation during sex. The O-Shot has demonstrated excellent results in alleviating vaginal dryness, stopping discomfort & pain during intercourse, improving sensitivity, enabling orgasms & boosting libido. It might just be the life-changing treatment that could help you.

    Shockwaves – A Revolutionary Path to Great Sex!

    Another revolutionary, cutting edge treatment that we offer at the Doctors Studio is GAINSWave™, a non-invasive, painless therapy that uses low-frequency sound waves to stimulate the clitoral & pelvic area, promote angiogenesis (the growth of new blood cells), improve blood flow, rejuvenate vaginal lubrication, regenerate nervous tissue, and increase the intensity of orgasm.  Whilst many sexual performance centers limit their GAINSWave™ treatments to men, the Doctors Studio has developed an effective treatment protocol just for women that have already demonstrated effective results. Some women have reported major improvements in only one session!

    Alongside excellent screening tools such as thermography (thermal imaging), microbiome testing, and extensive functional health screens, we can ultimately get to the bottom of whatever inflammation, dysfunction, or disease might be contributing to a stalled libido and treat it with our range of progressive next-gen therapies – fast.

      Great Nutrition Leads to Great Sex

      We can also advise you on nutritional choices that might be significantly affecting your sex drive. For example, magnesium is an extremely important mineral for the maintenance of a healthy, fired-up libido, but a recent French study found that 82.5% of women do not have an adequate magnesium intake from their diet! Dieters who heavily restrict fats might also be killing their sex drive as an inadequate intake of good fats (e.g., Omega 3 oils) may lead to plummeting levels of sex hormones. A comprehensive evaluation of your dietary choices & exercise habits ultimately allows us to get to the bottom of any nutrition-based factors affecting your libido and reverse their negative effects to restore you once again to optimized health & optimized sex life.

      The Power of an Orgasm

      Not many people know how important orgasms really are. Sure, they provide a huge source of joy, but did you know that they create a unique restorative, rejuvenating effect for your body, too? Understanding the hugely rejuvenating role of orgasms might also help some women understand why a dampened libido isn’t just something that they should accept as a natural part of aging!

      First, orgasms help to de-stress you. Low levels of oxytocin are correlated with high anxiety, stress & tension, so the hugely oxytocin-boosting effects of an orgasm can dial back that stress, downregulating the stress hormone cortisol, and even upregulating testosterone, which carries a whole host of biological benefits of its own. The estrogen spiking effects of an orgasm prevent the (age-related) decrease of collagen so can orgasms help keep your skin looking plump, youthful & fresh for years – whilst the increased blood flow to your skin that occurs during & after orgasm also stimulates collagen production!

      Orgasms stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to start downregulating the many neurological pathways of the body (leading to a major calming effect, much like deep meditation) while fMRI (brain) scans show that an orgasm deactivates the lateral orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, decreasing feelings of fear & anxiety. Dopamine and serotonin surge at the same time, bathing the brain & body in feel-good hormones & neurotransmitters, while prolactin & oxytocin stimulate deep feelings of satisfaction. Many researchers now also agree that orgasms can even outperform brain training programs because they increase blood flow across the brain so dramatically!

      All in all, an orgasm isn’t just a perk – it’s a unique part of our evolutionary design that benefits us neurologically and physically in incredible ways. A healthy intimate bond with your partner is not just nice to have – it’s what you deserve, and something that never has to diminish with age. Finally, a powered-up libido signals great health & optimized wellness – so let us help you safeguard this amazing part of life!

      Our goal – & the goal of all performance therapies – is to help you optimize your health and maximize your love of life. Restoring a dampened libido is one way of doing just that. So if you think that you or someone you love would benefit from our progressive, efficient & medically tested therapies & treatments, contact the Doctors Studio today. We are waiting to take your call!

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