Don’t Let the Menopause Slow You Down!

Menopause can slow us down, getting in the way of the energetic, fun, busy life that we’ve gotten used to living because we suddenly feel tired, bloated, emotionally run down, and just not our normal energetic selves. If that sounds familiar, don’t worry – there is a solution. The hormonal shifts that take place around menopause can be really challenging, but the Doctors Studio are experts in helping you navigate it, using hormonal therapies, lifestyle, diet, supplementation & other therapies to really give you the boost that you need to feel like the old YOU again!

Why Does the Menopause Make Me Feel Different?

When a woman experiences menopause, her ovaries have started to make far less of two hormones – estrogen and progesterone, which makes menstruation irregular before it ceases altogether. This is a response to the fact that your ovaries are no longer producing eggs. After 12 months of no menstruation, a woman is officially in menopause. This can lead to a range of physical symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, where vaginal tissue can become dry and thin, causing a feeling of soreness, pain, tightness, burning or discomfort during sex, night sweats & hot flashes. Emotional symptoms can include mood swings, feelings of anxiety, or being more on edge and easily overwhelmed &/or upset. Drops in testosterone – often thought to be a male hormone but also essential to females – can also cause a loss of libido, easier fat gain, muscle loss & thinning of the hair.

Every woman ultimately experiences menopause differently – although a universal benefit, of course, is that you no longer have to experience the inconvenience and discomfort of monthly periods! – but there are obviously many downsides of menopause for many women that can seriously impact their quality of life, & that’s what we are here to help with.

What Can I Do About It?

There is a range of excellent tests, therapies & treatments that we can provide to suit your unique needs so that we can help you to navigate the potentially choppy waters of menopause as calmly away as possible. First, check out this introductory video by Dr. Roy, Founder of the Doctors Studio, to find out more about your options for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hormone replacement therapy might be an excellent choice for you, or other interventions might ultimately suit you more effectively. As a medical practice, we will talk you through your options and ascertain exactly the right interventions based on your medical history, genetics & family history & overall health & wellness profile so that we know that whatever path is chosen, it will be the right one for you.

We have an amazing range of medically-based, clinically-tested approaches and tests that will provide us with a truly comprehensive overview of your hormone profile, hormone balance, gut microbiota, vitamin, mineral & nutrient profile (offering us a far more comprehensive insight than you are ever likely to achieve via your regular physician) – all of which can combine to exert a significant impact on how you are experiencing menopausal symptoms. We understand at the cellular level why you might be experiencing one menopausal symptom more powerfully than others (such as hair thinning), & how that might be treated. Our holistic, medically-driven approach is ultimately geared toward driving you back to feeling like YOU again. Doing so requires the highly specialized level of knowledge that we possess in how to test & treat all neurobiological, emotional, physical & hormonal symptoms you might be experiencing.

Based on test results, we might alternatively (or in conjunction with bio hormone therapy) suggest specific adaptations to lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise &/or other variables that are exerting an effect on your energy, health & happiness. Our progressive, next-gen suite of tests can really provide a next-level insight into our health & how to optimize it, while our own line of supplements & anti-aging & regenerative products (some of which are personalized, to offer the ultimate in tailored wellness experiences!) can directly address the exact symptoms that you are experiencing in the most rapid & effective way possible.

Here’s just one small example of why we take a holistic approach to manage menopause: low estrogen levels can cause an imbalanced gut microbiota which can lead to unpleasant short-term side-effects such as gas, bloating & constipation, while long-term issues such as compromised immunity can cause serious complications farther down the line. As menopause causes estrogen levels to drop in a major way, you are at significant risk of these symptoms & side effects. We know exactly how to test the health of your microbiota (using next-gen, sophisticated gut health testing technology) & we know how to rapidly rectify any imbalances that we find, which will enable immediately improved symptoms related to digestive & immunological health & improved aesthetics that accompany them (a flatter tummy & less water retention!).

    Let Doctors Studio Reclaim Your Health & Happiness!

    Many women feel like life is over when menopause hits, but really it can mark the start of a new phase of life with lots of positives. The adventures of life shouldn’t be ending when you hit menopause – it should be a time to start new ones! 

    When you take a medically-based but progressive approach, as we do, focused on the optimization of emotional & physical wellness, we can ultimately really make the changes you need to make menopause a positive experience, and not just something that has to be grimly endured. 

    So contact Doctors Studio today to find out how we can help restore energy, health, wellness & confidence so that you are able to choose a positive ending to this chapter of your life. Don’t let menopause control you – make sure that you are the one in control!

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