Our bodies are constantly engaged in a drive for homeostasis – a state of equilibrium – where our hormones are optimally balanced. This drive for balance plays out constantly, in a perpetual, intricate dance, where one hormone supports, strengthens & complements the other, sometimes acting in a supporting role, other times taking the lead. It may appear a simple performance, elegant in its simplicity, yet the technical sophistication required by our hormones to maintain a healthy, functioning body is mind-blowing.

If we successfully achieve & retain a healthy hormonal balance, we can expect to experience optimized health, wellbeing & happiness. But if our hormones are thrown out of equilibrium…then what? We can expect, unfortunately, to experience a wide range of side effects, from short-term insomnia to anxiety, weight gain, debilitating fatigue, loss of libido, thinning hair, & terrible PMS. We’ve all been there – sometimes, at the wrong time of the month, nothing feels right – your hair is dry, your skin is flaky, you feel rubbish, you feel bloated, and, despite exercising all week, you feel frumpy. Even worse, you’ve just spent half the night tossing & turning. If you’re going through menopause, it could be even worse. Or you might suddenly realize that you always feel tired these days, for no particular reason. What’s that all about?

When Good Hormones Go Bad

It is astonishingly easy for our hormonal balanced to be pushed off-center, by toxins in the environment, for example, pathogens in your body, chemicals in the products that we use, genetically modified food, a leaky gut that leads to poor nutrient absorption, undiagnosed food allergies, stress, & so many other factors.

Worse, age-related hormonal shifts can lead to a drop in specific hormones, too, alongside the normal hormonal fluctuations we might expect during menstruation, leading to a situation where it is often tough for us to pinpoint the exact cause of the hormonal disruption. The truth is, we might find it far too easy to attribute fluctuations in hormone levels to ubiquitous monthly or menopausal symptoms/causes, believing there’s nothing we can do about the bloating, the gas, the mood swings, the anxiety & the water retention.

    But There Is A Solution

    But there is something we can do, and there is a solution. Not only is there a solution, in fact – but the realization that comes with it, that you SHOULDN’T put up with feeling bad every month in the first place. Those side effects listed above might all be symptoms of dysfunction, inflammation, or undiagnosed issues (such as a deficiency in testosterone, for example, that we can fix with hormone therapy, an unhealthy gut microbiome which we can test for, and rectify – or undiagnosed food intolerance). And what we need to ascertain all of this, as a first step, is a comprehensive, medically developed, clinically tested hormone test that really gets you the results that you need. That’s where the DUTCH Test® comes in.

    The DUTCH Test®

    Here at the Doctors Studio, we use the DUTCH Test® as a key part of our extensive portfolio of diagnostic tests, which we use to diagnose hormonal imbalances & dysfunction. We then rapidly follow DUTCH testing with the exact hormonal replacement & lifestyle management therapies & interventions that you need to restore your body to perfect health.

    Wondering if the DUTCH Test™ is for you? Imagine waking up from an incredible nights’ sleep – and sleeping that way every single night for weeks. Where you fall asleep fast, where you don’t wake up during the night, where you experience deep, restorative sleep and wake up feeling like a million bucks. Then imagine that you start the day power-packed with energy, able to brush off stress, resilient, emotionally balanced, positive, optimistic & strong, enjoying fulfilling, satisfying sex life with your spouse, and knowing that when your monthly period comes around, it won’t be particularly problematic.

    If almost all of your days sound exactly like that, then…amazing. We are very happy for you!

    And if they don’t?

    Then you probably need a hormone test.

    When it comes down to it, you deserve to have the energy to work out, you deserve a great sex life with your partner, you deserve skin, hair, nails & a physique that looks and makes you feel aesthetically great. You deserve to feel as if you can shrug off the challenges of the day, confidently face the world, feel young and energetic again & then end each day with energy to spare. That’s what perfectly balanced hormones can achieve.

    Sounds great, right? Let’s find out more about the DUTCH Test™ and exactly why it could be so good for you.

    So what is the DUTCH Test®, Exactly?

    The acronym DUTCH stands for ‘Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It is an easy, painless & non-invasive test involving the collection of urine samples over a 24-hour period, which is then analyzed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your hormonal health.

    The Dutch Complete Hormone Profile for Women provides a comprehensive assessment of your ex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites, identifying root causes of hormonal imbalance, including markers that provide information about adrenal (stress) hormones and steroid hormones.

    The DUTCH Complete Hormone Profile for Women measures a wide range of hormones. It is non-invasive, convenient & reliable, offering you an excellent insight into your health, offering an excellent means of investigating possible hormonal imbalances or hormone-related conditions such as perimenopause or menopause, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), osteoporosis, amenorrhea (loss of period), weight gain, fatigue & lethargy, no sex drive, PMS, mood swings, unexplained fertility issues, the sensation of feeling anxious, emotional, teary & easily overwhelmed, endometriosis, insomnia and disrupted sleep, estrogen dominance, & the ongoing monitoring of HRT or Bio-HRT.

    The Test offers a comprehensive profile of your sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites, identifying root causes of hormone imbalance. These hormones work together to influence cellular physiology in a wide range of complex ways, which is why disrupted levels or ratios of any of your hormones can cause such profound effects & lead you to suffer unpleasant side effects. These hormones are measured against other vitamins, neurotransmitters & other markers including:

    •  Sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone)
    •  Steroid hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a test of which can help to determine causes of PCOS, amenorrhea & hirsutism (excess hair growth)
    • Daily free cortisol levels (a ‘stress’ hormone) are taken at intervals during the day to provide a window into    stress patterns within your body
    • Oxidative stress marker (provides data on the level of free radicals in the body & on cell damage)
    • Melatonin (a major modulator of circadian rhythms & the sleep/wake in the body that enables you to    experience high quality sleep at night, & remain alert during the day
    • Organic acids (including markers for B12, Vitamin B6, Glutathione, Dopamine, Adrenaline, & Serotonin, which together exert a major effect on physiological processes, energy levels, and on our emotional state), a knowledge of which allows us to gather vital data on the health of your metabolism & metabolic pathways.

      Why Do Women, specifically, Need the DUTCH Test®?

      While both men and women would benefit majorly from a DUTCH Test™, their reasons differ somewhat. For females, the biggest benefits associated with gaining a detailed hormone profile is to get to the bottom of fertility issues, to resolve perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, to resolves issues with PMS, to identify & correct PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), identify & correct estrogen dominance, identify & correct unsafe metabolism of estrogens that might increase the risk of breast cancer, and improve egg quality for stress-free fertility by correcting stress hormone and sex hormone imbalances.

      All women suffer from a decline in key hormones as a result of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean that hormonal decline and any negative side effects that accompany it should be viewed as unavoidable, or something to be tolerated. The Doctors Studio is extremely well-versed & knowledgeable in creating lifestyle & nutrition programs and hormonal therapies that can be tailored to the exact needs of any individual to restore them to a youthful, enjoyable hormonal profile. Engaging with The DUTCH Test® allows us to gain a comprehensive insight into how we can help you, & in how we can empower you to help yourself.

        Would my Partner Benefit, Too?

        Yes! While we all know about menopause (although we would probably rather not!), far less of us know about andropause – the male equivalent. Andropause is caused by a drop in male hormones produced in the gonads and adrenal glands. Often referred to as the ‘male menopause, it can cause significant declines in the levels of testosterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, a steroid precursor), and other anabolic (growth-related) hormones in the body, an increase in estrogen, and the potential onset of negative physical, emotional & aesthetic outcomes (such as fat gain and muscle loss, and impaired libido, anxiety & depression, impaired fertility, dampened emotional mood, mood swings, hair loss, poor quality sleep, and fatigue). Andropause also increases the risk of prostate cancer! So if your spouse feels as if their hormones might have taken a hit, this could be a great test for both of you. As male and female hormone profiles are so vastly different, there are separate DUTCH Tests for both.

        What Else Can I Do to Rebalance My Hormones?

        A hormonal imbalance can be made a lot worse by obesity, ill health, use of certain medications, the presence of an undiagnosed disease & dysfunction, a bad diet, drug & steroid use, but can also be decelerated by the adoption of a healthy lifestyle & health-related habits (e.g., embarking on a great exercise program that targets endurance & strength, lowering saturated fat from the diet, prioritizing sleep, using multivitamins & multimineral supplements). So while we strongly suggest a hormone test, it is also never too early (or late!) to also embark on healthy, positive changes of your own.

        What Can I Expect from the DUTCH Test®?

        The DUTCH Test® can alert us to specific hormonal age-related shifts, to measure your hormonal levels against benchmarks for optimal and normal levels (providing an ‘age range’ and ‘optimal range’), as mediated by age, and work out whether an age-related ‘normal’ level might still not be adequate for you.

        What does this mean, exactly? Well, a regular physician might screen your estrogen levels, for example, but choose not to refer you for hormone replacement therapy, as your levels are technically still within the ‘average’ range. Yet you are experiencing a range of symptoms associated with suboptimal estrogen levels. Clearly, what is ‘average’ or ‘normal’ for others is not normal to you, and we need to get to work on optimizing those estrogen levels again and returning them to a level that demonstrates a healthy ratio with other key hormones.


        Is The DUTCH Test® Backed by Science?

        Yes. The DUTCH Test® is the most advanced hormone test available. Created by Precision Analytical, a CLIA- certified laboratory, patients using the DUTCH Test® can gain the peace of mind that extensive scientific testing & innovation brings, offering a non-invasive, rapid, pain-free, accurate & informative test for anyone considering bioidentical hormone therapy, or who suspects that they might have a hormone problem.

        What Are the Next Steps?

        Once you have received your DUTCH Test® results, the Doctors Studio will talk you through your results, discussing & highlighting any hormonal imbalances to you, designing a treatment plan tailored uniquely to your needs, and prescribing supplements (if required) to support optimized hormonal health. This tailored plan might include hormonal replacement therapy, or lifestyle recommendations, or a combination of the two. Ultimately, the combination of the scientifically innovative DUTCH Test®, and our extensive knowledge & experience in clinically tested hormonal therapies, offers you the most positive & powerful way forward in managing your hormonal health & in restoring you to your best possible self.

        Don’t Know Where to Start?

        The Studio Team is here to serve you.

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