Functional Medical Examination

A functional medical exam allows us to identify, repair, restore & optimize any endocrinological, hormonal, physiological or epigenetic factors that might currently be holding you back. Book in with the Doctors Studio today to find out how to become the absolute best, happiest, & healthiest version of yourself that you can possibly achieve!

Here at the Doctors Studio, we rely on a wide range of clinically progressive, advanced, medically developed tools to perform a comprehensive functional medicine health evaluation.

We use the results to inform our highly effective treatment & therapy options, providing you with unrivaled insight into just what makes you tick, and delivering you the rapid, effective, results that you need!

Tests that form part of our comprehensive Functional Medical Evaluation include:

  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability): To assist in the monitoring of healthy cardiovascular function
  • Body Composition:  To ascertain whether body fat to muscle ratio, & other key indicators, support healthy physiological function
  • Bio-Resonance: A test that uses light to monitor the potential presence of dysfunction or disease (diseased organs, such as cancer cells, have been shown by medical research to emit a different pattern of waves)
  • Glycocheck: Use of a video microscope under the tongue to measure macrovascular health, including capillary density, blood flow, and capillary blood volume (frequent indicators of heart disease)
  • Medical thermography: Heat imaging that can detect shifts in heat and metabolic activity indicative of potential disease & dysfunction before any physical damage has taken place
  • CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test): A test that measures and diagnoses the incidence and extent of carotid atherosclerotic vascular disease 
  • PDDU (penile Doppler Ultrasound Testing): Technology that is used to perform a comprehensive health check of the penis and identify causes of any dysfunction (such as erectile dysfunction)
  • qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography): A test that measures electrical brain signals to identify any anomalies in brain wave activity

    Your Health is An Investment

    At the Doctors Studio, we firmly believe that your health is an investment, not an expense. At the same time, we recognize that testing needs to be efficient, great use of your time, a highly tailored process that respects the need for it to be relevant & cognizant of your medical history. We respect that you have made this investment; we will make sure that you see a profit on it.

    Our Suite of Functional Medical Tests

    There are no ‘one size fits all’ tests. Instead, we adopt a truly personalized approach, combining our technology, experience & progressive approach to testing, treatment & optimization so that we can help you as fully and effectively as possible. We bring our passion to the table; you just need to bring yourself and let us do the work.

    At the Doctors Studio, we focus on the assessment of seven core fundamental clinical functions (as indicated in the image above), that together facilitate a powerful analysis of the patients’ biological, mental, spiritual & emotional health. Using an in-depth patient medical history, a functionally focused physical examination, & a range of orthodox and progressive testing methods, we focus on the following:

    • Assimilation: The health of your digestion, absorption, microbiota/gastrointestinal tract health, respiratory system
    • Structural Integrity: How well your musculoskeletal structure, subcellular membranes & every other structural part of your body is functioning
    • Communication: the way in which your endocrine system, neurotransmitters, and other cells & pathways communicate
    • Transport: the health of transport systems such as your cardiovascular & lymphatic systems
    • Biotransformation & Elimination: your level of toxicity & any detoxification required
    • Energy: how efficiently are your energy pathways (e.g., mitochondrial functions) working?
    • Defense & Repair: how effectively is your body able to defend against pathogens and repair itself?

    These seven Core Clinical Functions together direct those fundamental physiological processes that keep all of us alive.

    When imbalanced, they can lead to a huge range of unpleasant side-effects and, longer-term, can progress to the onset of disease. We measure them, assess your risk for various dysfunctions & diseases, and seek ways that you can optimize each one.

    Functional Medical Examination: The Role of Environmental Variables

    However, we don’t stop at an assessment of core clinical functions. We also perform a deep dive into an assessment of the environmental variables that also powerfully mediate health & wellness. Why? Because researchers now estimate that up to 80% of chronic disease risk is attributable to lifestyle. That means that if we fail to include lifestyle & environmental factors in our analyses, we cannot perform a truly comprehensive assessment of your health.

    As a result, we look at a wide range of modifiable environmental & lifestyle factors that include:

    • the quality of the water that you drink
    • the quality of the air that you breathe
    • the quality of the food that you eat
    • the type of diet that you choose to follow
    • your level of physical activity
    • the quantity & quality of your sleep
    • previous and ongoing exposure to toxins
    • any traumas that you may have experienced (whether physical, mental, &/or emotional).

    Genetics: Your DNA is NOT your Destiny

    Whilst we look at your unique genetic code to help us to ascertain your genetic vulnerability to certain diseases, it is critical to remember that your DNA is not your destiny. In fact, groundbreaking recent research has shown that gene expression is influenced by many factors in the environment, alongside the experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of the patient. These clinical observations have led to the growth of a new field called epigenetics.

    Epigenetics looks at the way in which we can all alter the way that our genes are activated and expressed through our actions & choices. We subsequently use epigenetic data to help you to make more empowered environmental, lifestyle, diet, attitude, and exercise choices to maximize your genetic health & expression. This includes a holistic overview of emotional, spiritual, and mental factors, too, all of which impact your state of mind & epigenetic response. Ultimately, this combination of clinical and epigenetic lifestyle factors enables us to help you achieve the greatest level of health that you’ve ever been able to reach.

    “The functional exam allows us to develop a full understanding of what has happened – and what needs to be done.” – Studio Team

    Safeguard your Health & Optimize your Wellness Today!

    Taken together, the epigenetic response, medical & physiological factors, environmental, social & even spiritual factors that constitute the most vital parts of our Functional Medical Examination offer you an incredible insight into your health. We bring many, many years of medical knowledge, data-led testing, & progressive performance development to the table to bring you the comprehensive, holistically driven, high-quality results that you need to charter the most positive way forward.  

     Contact us today and embark on your journey to achieving the best health that you have ever experienced.

    Qualitative and quantitative performance measures

    You can not fix a problem you don’t understand. Advanced diagnostics is often necessary to get at the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the solution becomes possible.

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