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Don’t Let Hormonal Changes Hold You Back!

The ultimate in personalized tailored medical plans…first, enjoy our cutting-edge, comprehensive testing to discover more about your body than you’ve ever realized before, then let us transform your physical wellness & emotional health by rebalancing & optimizing your hormones!

Feeling ill, tired & unhappy just leaves life feeling gray. Customized medications are a game-changer when it comes to delivering the most effective, safest & rapidly effective treatments out there, helping to restore the color back into your life.

Medical conditions & life events such as PMS, hypothyroidism & menopause can all throw us a major curveball, impacting our health & happiness. And when that happens, it’s not a sign that life has slowed down and you simply have to live with less. Instead, it’s a great time to seek help.

When the menopause hits, for example, & hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, sweating & disrupted sleep really get in the way of us living and enjoying our life, it can really remove the joy from once-loved hobbies, inhibit the intimate connection that we used to enjoy with our partner, & just make us feel older, more tired, worn down & sad. Because it’s happened to a lot of women around us, we might feel that this is just life. But it isn’t. Life should be amazing at any life stage. The Doctors Studio are specialists in creating customized hormonal medication for women experiencing these kinds of symptoms, & we remain passionate about providing the medication you need to get you back to full health, feel happiness & full energy.

How Does It Work?

First, we take a clear snapshot of your genetic & overall health profile, so that we understand everything we need to know about your general health, hormone levels, nutrient balance, gut health, & bio & genetic markers. We use this data to develop a uniquely personalized medication plan designed to deliver real results in the fastest time span possible. 


After commencing a personalized medication plan with the Doctors Studio, we are confident that you will rapidly experience the myriad benefits, with the sensation of energy, wellness & the feeling of truly optimized health washing over you every day, leaving you feeling stronger, younger, & fitter than you ever have done before!

What is Customized Medication?

Customized medication is a highly personalized approach to medical care, where genetic &/or biomarker data is used to develop the specific medications, dosage, therapeutic prescriptions & monitoring of medical care prescribed to each individual. It is the opposite of a generic approach where one standardized medication at a standardized dosage is prescribed to any patient with a particular health issue.

Here’s an example of one popular utilization of customized medication within our practice. When women hit menopause, the hot flushes, mood swings, emotional effects, weight gain, sweating & many other disruptive side-effects often lead them to contact their doctor, looking for help. However, with some health concerns that have arisen in recent years over standard HRT medications, many women have turned to personalized, customized Bioidentical HRT instead, which is prescribed to the exacting needs of the patient. We love to give our clients that level of personalized, customized care because it gives them valuable peace of mind that they are receiving the best, most effective, safest & relevant care. 

Doses of hormones such as progesterone, estrogen & testosterone are standardized in regular HRT medication-based treatments, but adopting a highly customized approach has allowed us to accelerate & crystallize the benefits of hormone therapy, delivering the best results. We rely on our comprehensive health & genetic screening to find out EXACTLY the right hormonal balance for you in the medications that we create, allowing us to tailor medication to your body.

Can You Also Offer Other Therapies & Treatments?

Sure we can. If we feel that you might benefit from additional therapies & treatments alongside our customized medication plans, particularly if there is a specific issue we would be really happy to talk through the options with you. Just a few of our awesome anti-aging, immunity-boosting therapies include:

  • IV Nutrients
  • IV Trifecta
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Nutrition plan & custom-made plant-based supplements
  • Laser & ozone therapies

The Doctors Studio Advantage

Let life feel like an adventure again with a customized medication plan that perfectly suits your unique needs & allows you to restore the energy, health, wellness & joy back into your life! If you feel that you, or someone you know, would benefit from a customized Doctors Studio medication plan, contact us today and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey back to truly optimized health.

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