UVI Therapy

Ultraviolet Light Therapy: The Cure that Time Forgot?

A recent clinical review of UVI (Ultraviolet Therapy, also known as photoluminescence, or UVB – Ultraviolet Blood Therapy) reported the potentially significant value of UVI in treating a wide range of conditions & diseases. Discussing the promise of the therapy, the review also made clear the fact that whilst UVB had begun to be used in medical settings as early as the late 1920s, the advent of antibiotics had overtaken its development, leading to this most promising therapy being halted or overlooked in the clinical literature.

Used routinely around 80 years or so to treat diseases as serious & widespread as asthma, septicemia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, arthritis, and poliomyelitis, antibiotics overtook & replaced the use of UVI, although its benefits & mechanisms had not, by that time, been fully understood, developed or exploited.

UVI is returning to focus in recent years, however, given its ability to offer a potentially antibiotic-free (or powerful adjunct role to antibiotic) therapy, with recent studies highlighting the potential for UVI to be used in the fight against some viral infections. 

What is UVI, Exactly?

Ultraviolet Blood Therapy is a simple IV (intravenous) therapy that offers a drug-free, safe means of improving health & wellness. At the Doctors Studio, it is a procedure that we perform in-office by our qualified & experienced nurses.

Clinical research reports that the interaction of light with physical matter (e.g., proteins, molecules, atoms, also viruses, bacteria & cells), lies at the center of many fundamental sciences and methods that are currently utilized in diagnostic treatments and health & wellness-based therapies. UVI light lies on an electromagnetic light spectrum, covers the part of the spectrum where emission wavelengths are recorded as being from 10 to 400 nm (energy higher than visible light, but below that of an X-rays’ energy). 

The therapy has been used extensively in interventions designed to remove yeast, viruses, fungi & bacteria from the blood, to treat acute infections, autoimmune conditions, improve circulation, stimulate a general detoxification process, remove toxins, lower inflammation, improve oxygenation of tissues, and to increase immunological strength.

Is It Backed by Science?

Yes! Studies show that UVI increases venous oxygen in the case of depressed blood oxygen values, enhances resistance to acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections, provides a rapid detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect, regulates the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), inactivates specific viruses, & powerfully modulates the immune system response in blood cells, & even shown promise in recent studies for the treatment of hepatitis C & serious bacterial infections like tuberculosis.

What Can I Expect?

Here’s what you can expect when you come to the Doctors Studio for UVI Therapy. First, we draw a small amount of blood from your arm which we place into an IV bag. The blood in the IV bag is then circulated through a medical device that allows your blood to be exposed to ultraviolet light (a therapeutic UV band of light waves). We then re-inject your blood into your body.

In the process of exposing your blood to UV light in this way, smaller bacterial and viral cells absorb five times as much ultraviolet energy as healthy cells, which allows the UV light to kill off those diseased cells, while sparing healthy ones. At the same time, the diseased cells are stimulated to become antigenic (that means stimulating an antigen response where antibodies are created, which your body will use to fight the infection if it ever returns).

This process subsequently strengthens your immunological response, often working powerfully as a standalone or adjunct treatment. UVI therapy therefore not only treats the specific issue – such as a build-up of yeast or bacteria in the body – it also provides a powerful holistic treatment of your immunity, general health & wellness.

Treatments are approximately 1 hour long, and spaced around 3 days apart, with the frequency of treatments depends on the unique, specific needs of the patient. We also offer Ozone therapy, an innovative therapy that provides powerful benefits for your immune system, and we often recommend to patients that they undergo the two therapies in conjunction with one another.

Harness the Power of Light Today!

Harness the power of UVI therapy today, either as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with our popular and regenerative ozone therapy. Backed by science and currently enjoying a resurgence of interest in the context of clinical studies, let the Doctors Studio talk you through the excellent benefits of this age-old, but currently under-utilized, therapy. If you feel that you, or someone you love, would benefit from UVI, please do not hesitate to contact us today so we can set you back on the road to incredible wellness & health.

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