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“Learn about the incredible power of NAD+ to fight aging & improve energy!” – Studio Team

What is NAD+?

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. An incredibly powerful molecule, it is found in every single cell in our bodies where it plays a critical role. It remains crucial to maintaining life and to the healthy functioning of all our body’s physiological, endocrinological & neurological processes and is responsible for the effective functioning of your body. In fact, right now, as you are reading this article, NAD+ is playing a critical role that allows you to read, enjoy & understand the words that you see! Your body simply could not function without it. NAD+ is a coenzyme to Vitamin B3, transferring energy from food to the parts of our bodies that need it most.

Is It Backed by Science?

Yes! According to recent research conducted in 2020, NAD+ plays a vital role in the body in a wide range of ways (including, specifically, anti-aging & antioxidant functions), including that:

  • NAD+ plays an important role in the protection of our bodies at the cellular level in the context of age-related degenerative decline;
  • NAD+ can improve mitochondrial function, maintaining sufficient levels of ATP;
  • NAD+ can influence DNA repair, immunity & support longevity;
  • NAD+ can also help to balance energy needs within the body, protecting against oxidative damage and inflammation.

In conclusion, NAD+ is well recognized as an essential nucleotide which clinical & scientific studies have proven to be active in, and critical to, the healthy functioning of all living cells, acting as an important cofactor and substrate for countless biological processes including gene expression, immunoregulatory roles, DNA repair, energy production, and calcium-dependent messaging.

Using IV NAD+ therapy to raise intracellular NAD+ levels offers a positive therapeutic benefit for age-related degenerative diseases & disorders, including the accumulation of chronic oxidative stress, impaired mitochondrial function, and inflammation. It has been shown to repair neuronal brain cells as well as cells throughout the body, providing a positive chain reaction of effects that can leave a patient feeling more energetic and as if ones’ body is rejuvenated and running more effectively. 

How Does NAD+ Therapy Work?

At the Doctors Studio, we intravenously deliver NAD+ directly into your bloodstream. Why? Because the use of a high-dose IV (intravenous) mode of delivery can crystallize its already powerful effects, with many of our patients reporting excellent results, such as greater energy, greater mental clarity, and a more positive mood & emotional balance.

The reason that we inject NAD+ directly into your bloodstream rather than supplement it orally is that it allows us to bypass the digestive system, thereby maximizing absorption, intensity & rapidity of NAD+ effects & benefits.

Fight Age-Related Decline

Ever looked at a kid playing and wondered where the heck they get all their energy? Or how teenagers often seem to be able to eat anything under the sun and burn it all off with a super-fast metabolism? One reason is the natural aging cycle of the body, where levels of hormones, neurotransmitters & just about every function of the body are highest – and feel optimized – in our youth, after which they slowly begin to fall. We were those kids once, but it can feel like a long time ago!

By the time we hit middle age, we can really feel a decline – a decline that picks up speed as the years continue to fly by. You might already be aware of why hair loss, mood swings, and fat gain can become more prevalent (and annoying) from around your 40’s – because of drops in specific sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogen & testosterone, for example – but there are so many other aspects at play at the molecular level. NAD+ is one of them. We know that NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, meaning that cells become less efficient and less protected, less able to induce DNA repair, and less able to protect us from age-related degenerative decline. We can now slow that decline with NAD+ therapy.

NAD+ therapy has also been used successfully in alcohol & drug withdrawal programs, whilst a recent study demonstrated the effectiveness of antioxidant supplementation targeting the increase of NAD+ levels and improving exercise performance & endurance. This has led to observations that NAD+ supplements can be used effectively as a means of improving the sports & fitness profile and performance of athletes.

Harness the Power of an IV NAD+ Today!

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from NAD+ supplementation – we could all benefit significantly from this powerful molecule! So if you feel that you would benefit from this natural, effective, scientifically studied nucleotide, then get in touch with the Doctors Studio today and we look forward to helping you begin your journey to truly optimized health & wellness!

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