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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an incredible, progressive, clinically studied therapy that allows us to concentrate the power of our own blood plasma and to re-inject it into our body. Our patients report amazing results, but sometimes report nervousness before the therapy because they are worried about possible pain or discomfort that might be associated with an injection. Don’t worry, we get it! That kind of nervousness is common.

If it is a worry that might be making you take a pause before picking up the ‘phone and arranging your PRP treatment, rest assured that advances in modern medical science have allowed PRP injections to become virtually painful & discomfort-free.

Read on through our whistle-stop tour of ‘pain-free PRP’ to find out how we aim to make PRP therapy pain-free for you!

The Thinnest/Finest Needles Possible!

First, we use the finest/thinnest needles possible, which makes the feeling of the injection itself far more subtle.


The Use of Local Anesthetic

We use local anesthetics to minimize any discomfort that you feel – but also remember that we use very fine needles, so the feeling of the injection is likely to be way more subtle than you envision!

Photo Activated (Bio Luminescent) PRP

We also use an incredible technology based on light-spectrum technology, that allows us to pass the PRP-rich blood that we draw from your arm and concentrate into serum through a low-intensity light treatment before it is reinjected back into your body. When the growth factors, cytokines, and bioactive stem cells in the PRP serum are exposed to the light, a greater rate of beta-endorphin takes place within the PRP serum, which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, thereby reducing and inflammation, swelling, or discomfort you might otherwise have experienced when the PRP serum is injected back into your body.

Post-PRP Pain Relief

If you feel that you might need some minor pain relief after the therapy has taken place, we can prescribe a painkiller, but we will advise you which to avoid. So please do check with us if you plan on taking any kind of pain medication at home. This is because some medications work by reducing blood flow to the painful area –which will directly counteract the effects of the PRP. PRP serum works by attracting platelets and growth factors in the blood – a mechanism that cannot happen properly if a medication or pain-reducing agent has acted to restrict blood flow to that specific part of the body.

Thermal Imaging & Ultrasound

At the Doctors Studio, we often use specialized imaging devices such as ultrasound (e.g., the PDDU – Penile Duplex Doppler Ultrasound) or thermal imaging to ascertain the exact best place to inject PRP serum to maximize effectiveness and minimize discomfort. Ultimately, we take time to ensure that we are taking the utmost precautions to ensure that you are comfortable and that you experience the best possible experience that you can in every part of the therapeutic process!

Don’t Let Nervousness Hold You Back – Enjoy the Benefits of PRP Today!

Rest assured that here at the Doctors Studio, we do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable, engaged in the process, informed, and as discomfort & pain-free as possible. Don’t let nerves hold you back from getting the treatment, the results – and the sex life – that you deserve! Get in touch with the Doctors Studio today and let us help you restore your sexual performance back to the levels that you once enjoyed. Don’t put up with anything less than the best!

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