Pelvic Exerciser Device

Here’s a question. Do you dread bursting out laughing – or even coughing or sneezing – when you’re out for coffee with your friends, or on a date, in case of urinary incontinence or prolapse? Have you given up a hard-won spot on your local running club team for the same reason, or simply given up going to the gym for fear of embarrassment?

You’re not alone. These fears strike at the heart of many women, making what were once simple, carefree outings a headache that they’d rather avoid. But pelvic floor exercises done the right way daily – can make a world of difference.

Why We Need a Healthy Pelvic Floor

When our pelvic floor becomes weakened – from giving birth, for example – pelvic muscles become unable to keep the urethral sphincters closed because they lose strength, which can lead to urinary leakage or cause a prolapse to occur. Many women are too embarrassed to seek help but they shouldn’t be – the condition is remarkably common.

Did you know, for example, that more than 1 billion women suffer from pelvic floor disorders such as prolapse, or incontinence, and that around 1 in 3 women suffer from stress incontinence (e.g., involuntary passing urine when they cough or laugh)? Many women find that after childbirth, in particular, they suffer significantly from pelvic floor issues.

We know that Kegel exercises – exercises performed specifically to strengthen the pelvic floor – can be very effective in restoring function and minimizing discomfort, but often women are unsure exactly how to perform the exercises, leading to ineffective outcomes or – worse – potentially damaging ones. 

The Doctors Studio Solution

That’s why the Doctors Studio can offer you a high-quality solution – our Pelvic Exerciser Device – that helps you powerfully strengthen your pelvic floor safely and effectively. Our device is small, comfortable, designed to easily fit all body shapes and sizes & made of only the highest quality materials.

Make The Fear Disappear!

Whether your aim is to treat an overactive bladder, prevent stress incontinence, recover faster in the postnatal phase, reduce the risk of prolapse, prevent disorders or the pelvic floor &/or really enjoy sex with your partner again, our Pelvic Exercise Device could really help you.

Make the fear of incontinence or prolapse disappear with our Pelvic Exerciser Device, restoring strength & health to your pelvic floor and making worries of embarrassing leaks a thing of the past. Contact us today – we look forward to helping you.

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