What is an Erectile Dysfunction P-Shot?

erectile dysfunction Patients who are looking for an all-natural way to treat their sexual dysfunction issues should visit us for the erectile dysfunction Priapus Shot, more commonly known as a P-Shot. This is not a medication so there are little to no side effects associated with this treatment. That is important for anyone who has previously had a bad reaction or is concerned about adding another drug to their current regimen. For these men, this treatment can be the solution they are seeking.

What is an erectile dysfunction P-Shot?

This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma. In the blood, there are platelets that have healing properties. Everyone has platelets in their plasma but at low concentrations. So, to isolate the platelets that can promote blood flow, healing and growth, we extract blood from the patient. Then, we use a device to isolate the platelets and inject the platelet-rich plasma is back into the patient. This means that we are using a patient’s own blood to treat them. This makes for an all-natural and safe treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

How does this treatment help?

By injecting platelet-rich plasma, we are stimulating blood flow to the penis and stimulating new tissue growth. The erectile dysfunction P-Shot can also help to rejuvenate and restore damaged tissue. This results in harder, firmer erections and more frequent erections. Some patients also experience larger erections, making this a popular treatment for men who only suffer from occasional dysfunction but would like to enhance the size of their penis and performance simultaneously.

The P-Shot can also enhance a man’s feeling

Some men visit us because they have reduced sensation in their penis due to something like diabetes. This treatment can help to restore that sensation so that sex becomes more pleasurable for them again.

This treatment is comfortable

Despite the name, this treatment is actually fairly comfortable. There is typically no to very minimal pain associated with it. Afterward, patients are completely comfortable and very rarely complain of any negative side effects. Again, this is an all-natural process and is not foreign or traumatic to the body. This is as opposed to taking ED medication that some men may not respond positively to.

P-Shot works in combination with other drugs

For men with more intense ED, it may be necessary to combine the P-Shot with prescription medication. Some men who need this are those who have suffered an injury or who, due to a medical condition like diabetes, have tissue damage in or around their penis. This type of physical damage is not curable through a medication alone but this plasma shot can help.

Visit us to explore the options

There have been significant advancements in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The P-Shot is an example of technological advancements that are making it easier for men to have a fulfilling sex life. To explore this option further, schedule an appointment with our office. If it is not the best solution for you, we can suggest another treatment that is more suitable for your situation. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Doctors Studio, request an appointment in our Boca Raton office here: https://www.doctorsstudio.com. Or call us at (561) 444-7751.