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Men's Clinic

You deserve a team that understands your challenges and focuses solely on your success. You may be struggling with sexual performance, low energy, muscle loss, and poor sleep or you might be one of those guys who wants to be at the top of your game. We will treat you as the individual you are, applying our skills and creativity to help you to achieve your goals

Women's Clinic

You demand the skill and know-how of a professional team that understands that no two women are the same. Your problems are different, your goals are different, and the approach to helping you need to be uniquely designed for YOU. Unfortunately, many women struggle to find help. It is our experience that “women are easy to fix”.

Aesthetic Artistry

You want to look as good as you feel. You want to look like a natural, rested, and more refreshed version of YOU. Great aesthetics is an art form. Aesthetic Artistry is delivered with the discerning eye of an artist, the gentle and talented hands of a craftswoman, and a generous and welcoming heart. We delivered our art carefully and intentionally, combining the most progressive tools and technology available. This is aesthetics done right.

Hair Loss

TRUE success is when hair regrowth and improved hair health are combined with solving the underlying cause of your hair loss problem. The earlier we identify and treat the cause the better and longer-lasting your results. 21st CENTURY SCIENCE has provided us very effective tools for hair regeneration. Thick, and healthy-looking hair is an important social sign of vitality. Confidence and self-esteem are important to the quality of life.

The Doctors Studio Formula

STUDIO PROGRAMS are a series of physician-guided programs that combine science, technology, expertise, and passion for the best results, both short and long term.

All too often, modern medicine prescribes a symptom-focused approach that does little more than “manage” the problem. You deserve long-term and “authentic solutions” that support your wellness, performance, and longevity goals and not simply the management of your symptoms.

“At Doctors Studio, fully understanding the problem in order to deliver a consistent and reliable solution is a core value and the reason why our clients find success.” ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The Studio Programs start with a thorough investigation of the root cause of the problem, utilizing advanced testing and diagnostics. With an understanding of the problem, a customized solution is methodically deployed, combining lifestyle, hormones, peptides, professional supplements, and functional foods, with procedures utilizing PRP, Shockwave, Lasers, Ozone, UBI, IV Nutrients, and many other synergistic technologies. with expert guidance.

“You have found the trusted advisor you are looking for. Personally, I searched high and low for the unique and impactful care I receive at Doctors Studio. I cannot imagine going back!” ~ H.S., Attorney, West Palm Beach, Florida

Men’s Clinic

At Doctors Studio we take sexual function, performance, and satisfaction seriously. This is why we treat problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, the curvature of the penis, enlarged prostate, chronic prostatitis, sexual pain, frequent or painful urination, urine leakage, and hormone imbalance with urgency and focus.

These problems need proper diagnosis and effective treatment, or they will get worse! Getting the right help will prevent you from a great deal of future SUFFERING. Getting the right help may actually save your life.

Women’s Clinic

There are many aspects of women’s health that are not properly addressed in “mainstream” medicine because they don’t easily fit in the annual Gynecology visit.

Every day, women face all too common problems needlessly that are easily solved. Problems such as low energy, weight gain, sluggishness, low desire for sex, hair loss, bloating and bowel irregularity, frequent urinary tract infections, vaginal dryness, and pain with sex to name a few.

Common, easy-to-fix problems take a serious toll on the quality of life, relationships, self-esteem, and the simple joys associated with life as a woman. Get the help you deserve to make the difference between surviving and thriving!

Aesthetic Artistry

Aesthetic Artistry is the use of common tools and techniques in uncommon ways, to achieve a natural-looking result. Chances are you don’t want to look like the actress or actor that has “gone too far”. You want to restore and enhance your natural beauty. Attractive facial contour, volume, and healthy, glowing skin are all elements of aesthetic artistry, serving the desires of modern men and women.

Getting older is one of life’s inevitabilities but looking old and tired is optional. A healthy beauty can get better with age. ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The Doctors Studio aesthetic artist takes your gender, personality, ethnicity, and goals into account before selecting the tools that will be used and the techniques applied. Value and best results are the focus of the artist.

Start now to “turn back the clock” and allow modern aesthetic technology to help restore your natural beauty. LOVE what you see when you look in the mirror!

Hair Loss

Hair is a fleeting luxury for many people.
Millions of people – both men and women – struggle with hair loss.
The reasons for hair loss varies from person to person and can include disease, genetics, stress, hormonal, environmental, and nutritional imbalance.

For men, hair loss is FALSELY ASSUMED to be one of those inevitable effects of aging that most men cannot escape. For women, hair loss is UNEXPECTED and can be absolutely devastating. ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The earlier we identify and treat the root cause of your changing hair, the better. There has never before been a better time to address the reasons for your hair loss and the beginning of hair regeneration. Your hair is an indicator of deep health. There is no hiding. DON’T WAIT!

Doctors Studio I-MASK+ Protocol

Your entire family now has a safe and effective way to protect itself – the best part?
You can get started right away with a remote Telemedicine appointment.

Doctors Studio I-MASK+ Protocol

Your entire family now has a safe and effective way to protect itself – the best part?
You can get started right away with a remote Telemedicine appointment.

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iMASK Bundle

Professional Grade Supplement Packets that contain all supplements in recommended doses for the iMASK Prevention Protocol.

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