Transform Your Health Through Functional and Longevity Medicine

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Go Beyond Traditional Healthcare

Managing disease and treating symptoms is a medical approach that does not facilitate or support wellness.

Relying on medications instead of working to identify the root cause of a problem perpetuates the “disease-focused” medical approach.

Doctors Studio

                is Different.

Doctors Studio is a unique health and wellness center with a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness.

We believe that good health is created by following personalized programs designed to support optimal health and wellness.

We are partners in helping you to achieve your full potential.

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Customized Care

We craft highly personalized programs to meet your needs and to achieve your goals.  Data-driven recommendations add power to customized programs.


A Partner In Health

We guide you through your journey to regain strength, confidence, and control of your life


Latest Technology

We use progressive technology from diagnostics and interpretation to treatment solutions and scheduled maintenance.

What our Patients Say

“It literally transformed our lives…”

Mrs. Praechtl

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“[My] pelvic muscle stronger, feels tighter…”

Mrs. Macdermett

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“It literally transformed our lives…”

Mrs. Praechtl

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“[My] pelvic muscle stronger, feels tighter…”

Mrs. Macdermett

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Doctors Studio Services

Root Cause Wellness

Discover your underlying symptoms to move beyond them. For good.

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Longevity and Healthspan

There are proven interventions to live longer and healthier.

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Aesthetic Artistry

Explore the exciting ways to look younger without plastic surgery.

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Men's Sexual Wellness

Part of longevity is the restoration and enhancement of all critical functioning.

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Women's Sexual Wellness

Solutions for many frustrating female issues are relatively easy and powerful.

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How To Get Started

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Book a Consultation

Get answers to your questions and discover your options.

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Choose an Evaluation Plan

Determine your current state of wellness and health risks.

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Begin Your Wellness Journey

It’s time to restore lagging systems and transform your health.

Your Health is Your Most Valuable Asset

Most of us planned to live a productive, healthy life. In fact, we took it for granted. The problem is that declining health sneaks up on us like a thief in the night. Before we know it, annoying symptoms are upon us. We may have put off treatment because it “really isn’t that bad” yet. And then, in the blink of an eye, those annoying symptoms are not only chronic, but they are also now creating serious problems. Now what?

Instead of worry and dread, let’s reclaim your health. Together. We’ll provide relief from painful symptoms as we simultaneously identify the root cause of your issues.

As your partner in health, we’ll guide you to a new kind of empowerment: one that comes from an in-depth investigation of your physical functioning. Next, we’ll rapidly identify methods of damage control and reversal. How? Progressive medical technology, fierce dedication, and over 15 years of experience doing exactly this for hundreds of people just like you.

The bottom line is that you have come to the right place. We understand how quickly life sneaks up on us, and the many emotions that often accompany the downward slide of health. We’re all on that path. The difference is that recent developments in the field of longevity have made reclaiming optimal health and extending lifespan a reality, rather than a pipe dream. Your timing, therefore, is actually very-very good. Let’s do this.



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