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Tonya A.

The staff is friendly & personable & the office is very clean. Dr. Roy is an amazing person & an awesome doctor


Dr. Roy is awesome. So is the staff. Friendly, knowledgeable, explains everything, and really knows what she’s doing.

Dr. Veronica. V

The office is beautiful. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor was awesome. It was a very pleasant experience and I will recommend them to my patients as well.


Dr. Roy’s willingness to spend the time looking at FUNCTIONAL medicine and designing intervention is the BEST.


Cheryl P.

I continue to feel that I was extremely fortunate to find Dr Roy. She is by far the most knowledgeable Doctor I have ever known. She and her staff are awesome.

Gabi A.

Another great visit with Dr. Roy. I was thankful to find out more about my blood profile and learn the things I can do to improve upon. I started bio-identical hormone therapy and am so excited and relieved to know that I do not have to accept my unfortunately bad genes without a fight. I am a firm believer in prevention and that is exactly what I will be doing. Dr. Roy simply is the BEST.


Willam A.

I will get right to the point. Unhappy wife vs. very happy wife. Get the Oshot!

Cindy M.

I was not a patient yet and seeking information that ultimately way beyond the care Dr. Roy provided. She is by far the most genuine, compassionate physician I’ve spoken with in 50 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, an outstanding listener and counseled me through many questions. If I have surgery and experience the common complications I will travel the 4 hours to have her address the issues. She listened intently and responded as thoughtfully and knowledgeable as a mother would with her fearful daughter. There are so many alternatives to conventional evasive medicine especially for women and Dr. Roy provides life altering treatments. It’s wonderful to hear of a physician who thinks outside of the box and is a critical thinker concerning the research. Usually warmth and intelligence do not coexist to those degrees. She is brilliant and has a heart of gold.

Catherine P.

Dr. Roy is possibly the best doctor I have ever had! Her level of professionalism is excellent and so is that of her staff. I feel that I can trust Dr. Roy implicitly to help me make the best decision for my health and wellness. And visiting the Doctor’s Studio is FUN! I actually look forward to visiting Dr. Roy as well as Karen and Heidi. If I could, I would give them TEN stars!

Sharon B.

Dr. Roy has taken such good care of me! She spends a lot of time listening and works to provide the best quality, cutting edge help she can. I am privileged to have her, not only as a Doctor who is accessible and SO helpful, but also, I feel like I’m talking to a longtime friend. How rare is that? (Very!) She is amazing; a great blessing!


After going to 3 other doctors for my acid reflux and getting prescriptions that didn’t work, trying to lose weight for 5 years. Dr. Roy solved it all with only one visit. My consultation was about one hour. Now after one year I have lost 30 pounds, no acid reflux and sleep through the night. Now I have had the O’ Shot which has made me feel like I am 30 again. I also had the hormone Testing and evaluation and after a year is also making a big change. Dr. Roy and her staff are always pleasant to talk to and are very helpful.

Elyn Z.

Dr Roy is talented, compassionate and simply one of a kind. Her willingness to really hear you makes her stand out against the backdrop of medical care in this country which is often impersonal, rushed and uncaring. Her staff is equally attentive and kind and I feel fortunate to be a patient in her practice.

Linda M.

I have been seeing Dr. Roy for the past 5 years, watched her grow, improve and become an expert on so many beneficial treatments for us aging women and men. I am 65 but feel like 25. HRT has changed my life, full of energy, desire and a new outlook on life and how I look. She is innovative and has her hand on the pulse of breakthrough technologies. Her staff, Heidi and Karen are the best and most caring. Thank you Dr. Roy

Bonnie N.

Finally, a doctor who I can really talk to with a let’s think outside the box attitude. Dr. Roy and her staff were delightful. I’m expecting good improvement after taking her advice. Dr Roy is very knowledgeable and a pleasure.

Dr. Veronica V.

I just had my phone consultation with Dr. Roy, and I am so impressed with her knowledge and helpfulness. I am excited to begin bioidentical therapy with her. I have great confidence in her and in her skills, and I look forward to working with her to get me into great hormonal shape.

Cheryl P.

Dr. Roy is unlike any doctor I have ever known. She is so far above all others! I am so thankful that I found her.

Lawrence S.

Dr Roy is a great professional. I appreciate her enthusiasm for her work.

Jim L.

I developed a medical problem that I had never anticipated – or ever heard of. Peyronie’s disease, which is an unnatural curvature of the penis. There were no doctors in my local area that could treat it and searching the internet was discouraging as most posts claim there is no cure. However after extensive searching I happened upon a doctors practice that actually treats the disease. Doctors Studio in Boca Raton uses Gainswave treatment to break up the plaque that causes the curvature. It requires multiple treatments which I’m in process with. Doctors studio has given me some much needed hope and now I look forward to some relief from this nasty disease. Doctors Studio also treats other sexual conditions that are difficult to find treatment for. It is a professional organization. From office staff to medical assistants and the doctors, themselves, they have been a pleasure to work with.

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