Erectile Dysfunction

Ready to say goodbye to ED? To be fully functional again? Without pills? Definite game changer.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be devastating, affecting your confidence, marriage, intimate relationships & joy of sex. It’s more common than you might think, so don’t make the mistake of suffering in silence - let the Doctors Studio help you restore full functionality today!

Understanding the Basics

Let’s drill down to the basics because the more you understand, the quicker you can get treatment, and change your life back to the way it should be. Let’s make something clear from the get-go. ED is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s relatively common, treatable, & something that we have seen a thousand times before, and you absolutely should get it sorted as soon as you can. Leaving untreated ED can create further, far more serious long-term complications later down the line, and sexual dysfunction can often be a symptom of a more serious, existing underlying disease or condition  that we might need to get on top of pretty fast. So you are doing yourself and your health a favor by checking out your ED symptoms as soon as they arise.

You might find that existing conditions for which you are receiving treatment &/or medication might also play a role in the onset of ED - if you are experiencing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, acid reflux, or even just taking ibuprofen for pain, for example - you are already more at risk of developing ED. We can take a look at your medical history and run whatever tests we need to, to understand the root cause of YOUR ED and do something about it.

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

The following signs of ED may be gradual or come on suddenly, remain static or progressive, may disappear intermittently, or be mild enough that you don’t seek treatment. You might experience:  

  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection at least once in every four attempts at sexual intercourse with the problem persisting for more than one month. 
  • Morning erections become less frequent and less rigid. 
  • Erections become weaker or less rigid. 
  • Achieving an erection takes longer than usual or becomes more difficult in certain positions. 
  • Maintaining an erection becomes a conscious effort or becomes more difficult. 
  • No nighttime spontaneous erections.
  • Climaxing becomes more rapid or occurs with an incomplete erection.

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Always remember that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is very common & nothing to be ashamed of. If you suffer from it, look around you, and it's likely some of your family, co-workers & friends are in the same boat. It is more common in men aged 40 years and older whereupon the incidence rises with age. In fact, 52% of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some degree of ED, with one in ten men unable to achieve an erection at all. The majority of cases of erectile dysfunction are physical in nature (as opposed to psychological), and age is a risk factor; ED affects around 39% of men at age 40, but 67% of men aged 70.

“Doctors Studio Vitality takes a uniquely innovative approach to the problem by addressing the root cause and restoring natural sexual function to a level of functionality & pleasure that you thought might have been lost forever” - Studio Team

Studio Vitality For Men

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The Doctors Studio offer a range of amazing, innovative, progressive treatments for ED, including shockwave therapy, testosterone replacement therapy & platelet rich plasma therapies. Specifically, we designed STUDIO VITALITY FOR MEN - a diagnostic and treatment protocol designed to resolve erectile dysfunction - that identifies and then reverses the root causes of ED in each unique case in the most rapid & effective way. 

Benefits of the Studio Vitality Program for Men

Benefits of the Studio Vitality program include: 

  • Effortless maintenance of a powerful erection
  • ​​Prevention of more serious conditions that might have arisen with no treatment for your ED
  • Frequent, stronger erections
  • Faster achievement of erections in any position
  • Control and predictability of erections and orgasm/ejaculation
  • Re-establishment of  confidence, desire, & the quality of your intimate bond with your partner.
  • Ejaculatory optimization
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Strength and muscular gains if testosterone replacement therapy is used as part of your treatment
  • Younger looking skin and hair
  • Restoration of natural function

​The Doctors Studio Approach

In our opinion, the biggest problem you will encounter is not the symptoms or the condition itself. The biggest problem is likely to be finding a doctor who has the requisite knowledge about the many causes of ED, how to diagnose which one(s) are affecting you, and what, exactly, to do about it. For decades, physicians simply relied on passing out pills to treat ED, with medication then only lasting for a relatively brief period because they only masked symptoms and failed to hit the real, root cause of what was causing the ED in the first place. In some cases, the medication worked against patients, who then began to suffer from really serious side-effects of the underlying (undiagnosed) conditions that caused the ED in the first place (often very serious, such as prostate cancer). 

We know that oftentimes, the underlying cause needs to be treated rapidly. We also know that relationships need to be addressed urgently; what a partner views as a lack of desire is really a functional ED that stops her spouse performing. This undermines their relationship and can really affect the quality of your connection.

We also know that ED increases with age, and it becomes more and more common in older patients that come to us. We have such an innovative, progressive suite of treatments, therapies & tests that we can in some cases even reverse fully the effects of aging, restoring you to the fully functional sex life that you enjoyed and loved in your twenties!

So whether it’s a hormone imbalance, aging, a more serious underlying condition, or anything else, we can find out what it is - and treat it effectively. We may refer you to an expert in the field of integrative and regenerative urology if we feel you need to, if your goal is total rehabilitation and achievement of optimized sexual function, performance & satisfaction. As specialists in these areas, however, we are well equipped to help you ourselves. What is clear is that often, a trip to your general physician is not enough. As sexual performance specialists, we are here to guide you through end-to-end ED treatment. 

What is clear is that by the time you experience physical symptoms (e.g., limp penis with no erectile function), physical damage has already occurred and we need to stop that in its tracks - and then reverse it. So even if your symptoms are only intermittent - get them sorted as soon as you can.

So How Do We Diagnose ED?

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At the Doctors Studio we use a range of progressive, next-gen, medically based tests to diagnose ED and the underlying conditions that cause it. These include:

  • Advanced Penile Imaging:  A Penile Duplex Doppler Ultrasound (PDDU) is used to evaluate the tissues of the penis, nerve, and blood vessel function.  
  • Structured Medical Interview and Functional Physical Examination:  Complete Physical Exam, Vitals, Body Composition, HRV, etc., to ascertain underlying root causes of your ED.
  • Validated Questionnaires:  International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM).
  • Advanced Diagnostics:  Advanced blood and urine testing to include inflammatory markers, focused genetics, hormone levels, metabolic markers, autoantibodies, immune system, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, proteins, pancreatic enzymes, key nutrients, iron studies, and more to ascertain underlying root causes of ED.  
  • Microvascular Diagnostics:   A test called GlycoCheck measures the function & efficiency of your microvascular and capillary system.   You may look—and even feel—healthy on the outside, but inside your microvascular system, a completely different situation could be developing.  Organ starvation, for example, lies at the root of diseases that begin to manifest in the body. When capillaries begin to lose their function, vital organs don't receive the nutrients needed to be healthy, & a silent spiral of health decline begins.  Often one of the first signs of microvascular disease is a greater difficulty in achieving &/or maintaining an erection because - frighteningly - this process can be completely asymptomatic for a long period of time. 
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics:  We take an advanced cardiovascular health check as cardiovascular disease can often cause ED to occur as a symptom. Coronary Calcium Score (CT), Carotid Ultrasound, and Intima Medial Thickening (CIMT) scores, for example, offer potential early diagnostics for cardiovascular disease, especially in difficult-to-detect age groups & demographics, e.g., young men.
  • Medical Thermography: An amazing infrared photographic imaging technology used to identify areas of the body with musculoskeletal issues that might be affecting the penis and pelvis, & identification of areas where injection therapy, or other necessary therapies,  might be appropriate (e.g., via the use of Li-SWL (Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy), PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), SCRF and Ozone treatment).
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) & CV (cardiovascular) testing: A test that measures the health of your autonomic nervous system using Heart Rate Variability. This allows us to assess the health of your  sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic (PNS) balance & health, alongside stress resilience & the level of stress that you might currently be experiencing (stress can be a major contributor to ED).

What Treatments and Therapies Do We Offer?

You are what you eat

We offer a suite of progressive next-gen, medically backed treatments & therapies that will get you back to full sexual function, loving life & enjoying an amazing intimate life once again. This diverse collection of interventions includes:

  • Detox, Nutrition & Herbal Supplement programs designed to offer a systematic intervention that addresses nutritional imbalances alongside exercise programs designed to get you healthy & less likely to suffer ED as a symptom of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LI-ECSW):  Used for both musculoskeletal (MS) treatments of pelvic bowel dysfunction and direct regeneration of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues of the penis.  
  • Ozone / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Testosterone Optimization Therapy
  • Peptide Therapy
  • TRIMIX Injections
  • Regenerative Supplements – R3, Endocalyx, Blood FX, Evening Primrose Oil, D3K3
  • EXOSTEM™ 75B – Exosomes derived from placental and umbilical cord stem cells (MSC)

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    The take home message is this - if you suffer from ED - ADDRESS it. Even if it is mild, even if it is intermittent, it means that you are already suffering physical symptoms, and physical symptoms mean physical damage. So the earlier we can test you and prescribe treatment, the earlier we can reverse those issues as rapidly as possible and restore you to an amazing level of full functionality once again! Don’t be embarrassed - be confident that you are addressing your issues and returning to the full sexual functionality that you want, enjoy and deserve!

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