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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for your kind words! I love everyone at the practice and outside of needles, I love going there and my improved health since I became a patient.


Dr. Roy’s willingness to spend the time looking at FUNCTIONAL medicine and designing intervention is the BEST.


Another great visit with Dr. Roy. I was thankful to find out more about my blood profile and learn the things I can do to improve upon. I started bioidentical hormone therapy and am so excited and relieved to know that I do not have to accept my unfortunately bad genes without a fight. I am a firm believer in prevention and that is exactly what I will be doing. Dr. Roy simply is the BEST.

Gabi Armellini

Dr. Roy is unlike any doctor I have ever known. She is so far above all others! I am so thankful that I found her.

Cheryl A Peterson

Dr Roy is well informed and an excellent communicator. The services she has performed on me were wonderfully executed. She takes time with her patients and has fabulous bedside manner. I’m extremely pleased. Her support team is the best. Thank you, Dr Roy and staff.

Susie Brown

I’m so happy I found Dr. Roy. She is caring, compassionate and so very good at what she does. Since becoming her patient, I’ve lost over 30 lbs and feel better than I have felt in years! You’ll love the experience of being her patient because you’ll get the time, interest and expertise you want and deserve. I can’t say enough about Dr. Roy and her staff.

Marilyn Ward

The best, most caring and dedicated doctor and practitioners, they are focused on their patient’s wellness. An excellent team!

Caroline Fraser

Doctors Studio is a wellness center and an excellent destination for Aesthetic treatments too. Dr. Lisbeth Roy and her team of nurses are experienced, qualified, and amazing. Doctors Studio’s setting is beautiful and relaxing. Dr. Roy uses only the best quality products. My results have lasted longer than ever; the team also focuses on improving cosmetic appearance with treatments for conditions including scars, skin laxity, and wrinkles. I’m am very satisfied with the results.

Caroline Fraser

So pleased with my experience with Doctor Roy November 1, 2018 second appointment with Doctor Roy and Ralitza Georgieva very pleased with the Treatments and the staff at Doctors Studio

F Brown

Great practice. Beautiful office. Fabulous staff and fantastic touch by Dr Roy

Renee Burns

Dr. Roy and staff are caring and compassionate about their patients happiness and wellbeing. It is amazing to find doctors with a deep knowledge of wellness, aesthetics, and medical protocols and procedures. I whole heartedly recommend this office and all the practitioners there.

Heather Montgomery

I’m so glad I found Dr Roy. She’s fantastic and has really helped me. Also all the girls in the office are fantastic. Love Dr Roy and the girls

Shirley Yates

I am 45, and I have been seeing Dr Roy for 10 years for anti-aging / aesthetics. People are usually shocked when they find out my age, and they consistently guess about 10 – 15 years younger than I am. They are also shocked when I tell them that I regularly get Botox, fillers, peels, etc. as Dr Roy’s work looks very natural. Dr Roy is simply the best! Also, her staff is amazing!

Aimee Eberst

Dr. Lisbeth Roy and team absolutely amazing. Progressive. Cutting edge. The most in depth information on functional wellness that never ceases to amaze every visit. Dr. Roy strives to stay way ahead of the rest and offer the absolute best for her patients. I have many acquaintance that also have become part of her practice . We all even travel quite a distance by air to see her. Every visit well worth.

Heidi Harman

amazingly innovative Doctor! i am so pleased to have found her and her staff. i cant even begin to describe how she has changed my life and my husband’s. thank you Dr. Roy!

Missy Perez

I continue to feel that I was extremely fortunate to find Dr Roy. She is by far the most knowledgeable Doctor I have ever known. She and her staff are awesome.

Cheryl A Peterson

Dr. Roy is awesome. So is the staff. Friendly, knowledgeable, explains everything, and really knows what she’s doing.


I will get right to the point. Unhappy wife vs. very happy wife. Get the O-shot!

Willam Armellini

The staff is friendly & personable & the office is very clean. Dr. Roy is an amazing person & an awesome doctor

Tonya Aranda

Dr. Roy is simply the best and most knowledgeable in her practice of functional medicine. I am forever indebted to her and the work she and her staff performed for me. I am honored to have found her and her practice, and I recommend, without hesitation, that anyone interested in PRP treatments seek her services as soon as possible, if she still has room in her practice. With austere solemnity!

Tyson R. Kinnick

Dr. Roy has helped me to reach Optimum health. With my diet, hormones, and my skin. I love being on her program. Not only is she a Great Doctor she is a caring person and listens to you. Rare to find. She has absolutely changed my life!!

Maureen Rsuuo

Dr. Roy’s presentation to our Rotary Club was informative and inspiring!

Dr. Allen Konis

If I can give Dr. Roy and her staff 6 stars, I would. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and accommodating. She is a functional doctor who has a wide array of services she offers, and every time we come in, she has elaborated, yet again, on her services. Offering the newest and healthiest forms of treatment. I will recommend her to everyone!

Kristina White

After going to 3 other doctors for my acid reflux and getting prescriptions that didn’t work, trying to lose weight for 5 years. Dr. Roy solved it all with only one visit. My consultation was about one hour. Now after one year I have lost 30 pounds, no acid reflux and sleep through the night. Now I have had the O’ Shot which has made me feel like I am 30 again. I also had the hormone Testing and evaluation and after a year is also making a big change. Dr. Roy and her staff are always pleasant to talk to and are very helpful.


Best skincare and skin tightening treatments in South Florida that I have found. Individualized and personal treatments. Beautiful office

Deb R.

Dr Roy is extremely knowledgeable and her bedside manner is very reassuring. Love her

KEN Marchetti

Fantastic clinic with lovely staff who clearly care very much about their patients. Warm and inviting atmosphere – doesn’t feel clinical, staff are wonderful at putting you at ease and answering any questions you may have. Really impressed with the standard of care. Indebted to Dr. Ripoll!

Clare McAfee

I am so glad Dr. Roy is my Doctor. She has changed my life. I love to visit her, she is always encouraging and uplifting. It is amazing how much better I feel and look!!

Maureen Peteler

I learned more from Dr. Roy than I’ve learned from all the doctors I’ve visited throughout my 49-year journey. It is awesome to have a doctor that is interested in getting to the root of the problem and fixing it, rather than a doctor that fills out a prescription to cover the symptoms. She is truly awesome, and I’ve told many, many people the same!

Lisa Ferguson Simescu


Domonator Inc.

I love what Dr Roy and her staff have done to help my wife and myself. This is the best experience any person could have to feel better and live a better live Bravo

Brad Yates

I just had my phone consultation with Dr. Roy, and I am so impressed with her knowledge and helpfulness. I am excited to begin bioidentical therapy with her. I have great confidence in her and in her skills, and I look forward to working with her to get me in to great hormonal shape.

Dr. Veronica Valentine

Dr Roy is talented, compassionate and simply one of a kind. Her willingness to really hear you makes her stand out against the backdrop of medical care in this country which is often impersonal, rushed and uncaring. Her staff is equally attentive and kind and I feel fortunate to be a patient in her practice. .

Elyn Zerfas

I have been seeing Dr. Roy for the past 5 years, watched her grow, improve and become an expert on so many beneficial treatments for us aging women and men. I am 65 but feel like 25. HRT has changed my life, full of energy, desire, and a new outlook on life and how I look. She is innovative and has her hand on the pulse of breakthrough technologies. Her staff, Heidi and Karen are the best and most caring. Thank you, Dr. Roy

Linda Myers

Dr. Roy saved my life! I came to her several years ago with debilitating panic attacks which could not be diagnosed. She ran a series of blood test and spent a lot of time listening to my symptoms and concerns. Dr. Roy was able to quickly diagnose me with hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well as declining hormones, and started treatment immediately.Now I feel great! My appointments feel like visits with old friends! Her staff is so caring and concerned about the well being of the patient. The office atmosphere is personable and unhurried – you feel as if you are their only patient and you have their undivided attention.Plus, it’s a definite perk to have your wellness physician also be an aesthetic artist! I have been so blessed by Dr. Roy, and after seeing my results my husband became a patient too!

Liz Myers

Dr. Roy is terrific professional, who shows a real zest for her practice. Her staff members are attentive and take good care of her patients.

Lawrence Schanzmeyer

The Doctors Studio team is extremely knowledgeable and every one goes out of their way to make sure that you get the best care. The entire staff goes above and beyond always

Cheryl Peterson

Dr Roy is the real deal! Brilliant. Stop putting band aids on and get to the root cause(s) of your illness. Think health prevention, think Dr. Roy.

Becca Tebon

Doctors Studio is the place to be! Amazing staff, exceptional care and all the innovative treatments in one place!

Viviana Hernández

Dr. Roy is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Great winning combination.

Ed Gagliardi

Dr roy and staff are fantastic. always educating on latest and greatest Life changing

Jeannie Couture

Exceptional service and expertise. This practice has the best and most comprehensive equipment to treat any male sexual dysfunction issues. Dr. Roy and her staff have been always very pleasant and helpful. I’ve highly recommend them to my friends.

Phill Melnicanski

YES!!!! This is the Dr. that I have been waiting for my whole life, pragmatic blended with the perfect amount of cutting edge information and technology. The level of personal care is second to none. Dr. Roy is a rare gem, and in South Florida, second to none.

Nadine Wolff


El Hassan Meziane

I have been under Dr. Roy’s care for several years and she has given me back my health. She has found the root of problems and corrected that no other doctor had been able to in the past. I recommend her very highly.

Carmela Ventura

Dr. Roy and her staff are not only efficient and effective, they are also very caring and kind. Dr. Roy truly wants to find the best solution to every challenge that arises with my aging issues. She is ahead of her time, and I appreciate her innovative and creative thought process.

Tina Nyp

I have been to see Dr. Roy at the Dr’s Studio for numerous things medically and aesthetically. I’ve been under her care for functional medicine for the past 12 months, I did her detox program the first part of this year. Dr. Roy has a spectacular approach to wellness, she spends time explaining things and truly cares about her patients. The office staff is always friendly and professional. I’m 46 years young thanks to Dr. Roy, I haven’t felt better in years.

Deana Clark

Dr. Roy always works with me to get the best solution. I appreciate her thoroughness and ability to explain in layman’s terms the details of lab reports and medications.

Tina Nyp

Dr. Roy has taken such good care of me! She spends a lot of time listening and works to provide the best quality, cutting-edge help she can. I am privileged to have her, not only as a Doctor who is accessible and SO helpful but also, I feel like I’m talking to a longtime friend. How rare is that? (Very!) She is amazing; a great blessing!

Sharon B.

Finally, a doctor who I can really talk to with a let’s think outside the box attitude. Dr. Roy and her staff were delightful. I’m expecting good improvement after taking her advice. Dr. Roy is very knowledgeable and a pleasure.

Bonnie Norman

I was not a patient yet and seeking information that ultimately way beyond the care Dr. Roy provided. She is by far the most genuine, compassionate physician I’ve spoken within 50 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, an outstanding listener, and counseled me through many questions. If I have surgery and experience the common complications I will travel the 4 hours to have her address the issues. She listened intently and responded as thoughtfully and knowledgeably as a mother would with her fearful daughter. There are so many alternatives to conventional evasive medicine especially for women and Dr. Roy provides life-altering treatments. It’s wonderful to hear of a physician who thinks outside of the box and is a critical thinker concerning the research. Usually, warmth and intelligence do not coexist to those degrees. She is brilliant and has a heart of gold.

Cindy Mayer

Dr. Roy’s is an amazing Doctor, she takes her time, develops a plan and work with you along the way. Her staff is exceptional, and do what it takes to make sure you have a wonderful experience. Doctors Studio is the place to be!! exceptional care and all the innovative treatments in one place.

Viviana Hernandez

Dr Roy is an expert in her fields of regenerative and sexual medicines. He innovative and progressive approach is refreshing and much appreciated. I won’t go anywhere else for my care!

Heidi Schulte

I have seen the future of medicine, science, and art; it’s name is Dr. Lisbeth Roy. Thank you for your ever expanding Vision!

Johnny Regan

Excellent Service!

Stephanie Sperandio

Great place!

ptelan1 Telan

Fantastic, caring team that puts the client first. I have been with Dr. Roy for years…she is the best.

Christopher Glenn

Finally! I found a physician who listened to me. Instead of prescribing another pill -or tell me that what I’m experiencing is ‘normal’- Dr. Roy heard me so differently. She dug deep and found ways to heal me from the inside out. Honestly, at the age of 58, I’ve never felt better!

Tami Banno

I’ve had the distinct opportunity to be both a student and a patient of Dr. Roy. It is evident that her heart and her hands are truly melted together in the treatments that she provides for each and every one of her patients. Although soft spoken she is miles above other educators of her caliber. Knowledgeable and compassionate. Is there anything else you could ask of your physician?

Dr. Joel Terry Alford

Clinical Director, Advanced Dental Cosmetic Center

I became a wellness advocate more than 25 years ago due to my own health predicaments and having to relearn how to take care of my mind, body and soul and be a to feel alive. The struggle was real trying to find a medical professional who understands anatomy and its optimal functional abilities. I can say I have finally found this at Doctors Studio!! I am so thrilled that I not only get to work at this incredible place but also receive the care I’ve always yearned to have. I’m so grateful for what Dr Roy has been able to accomplished on bringing breakthrough science and technology to make our lives more fulfilling and the peak performance we all deserve to have. Thanks so much Dr Roy and team!!

Sandra Tribioli

Dr. Roy is possibly the best doctor I have ever had! Her level of professionalism is excellent and so is that of her staff. I feel that I can trust Dr. Roy implicitly to help me make the best decision for my health and wellness. And visiting the Doctor’s Studio is FUN! I actually look forward to visiting Dr. Roy as well as Karen and Heidi. If I could, I would give them TEN stars!

Catherine Perron

Dr Roy is a great professional. I appreciate her enthusiasm for her work.

Lawrence Schanzmeyer

The office is beautiful. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor was awesome. It was a very pleasant experience and I will recommend them to my patients as well.

Dr. Veronica. Valentine

Dr. Roy is truly the best!!! Not only do I feel great and all hormonal issues are under control she is also an artist when it comes to aesthetics. I love the results from the Vampire Facial and highly recommend her to all. Big Fan!!

Karen F

Great doctor, as she really was personable and explained everything in detail. Hard to find doctors with good bed side manners and she has been incredible at listening, diagnosing and explaining across the board.

Famous Rhodes

Dr. Roy and her staff are AWESOME!! The teaching was fantastic and Dr. Roy is an excellent instructor.

Dr. Mark DeBruin

Dr Lisbeth Roy is the most amazing doctor I have ever met! I have been seeing Dr. Roy for about 7 years. She has shown me what it takes to become the best I can be at 68 years of age. After following her instruction on diet and a few lifestyle changes, I feel more energetic and healthier than ever before.

Cheryl A

A great place. The doctors really take the time and gave me the right help for my issues. All the staff is helpful and makes things easy for the patient so that is a huge help. Highly recommend!

Bryan Blessey

Dr Roy is the Best Ever!!!

Lisa Hoddinott

My mother took me here for a treatment for my birthday, best treatment care, and advice!

Barbara Rouleau

Real functional medicine in Florida!

David Weinstein

Beautiful facility. the staff were very helpful and professional. I would recommend this place without hesitation.

Christopher Hooper

Dr Roy is the best and attracts the most competent and caring people to her practice. Today I met her awesome nurse practitioner, Rali.

Elyn Zerfas

Dr Roy is way ahead of the curve when it comes to functional medicine and keeping your body in optimal condition, both inside and out. Truly a one of a kind practitioner who takes the time to get to know her patients to best customize your treatment plan.

Bob Thill

I have been a patient of Dr Roy for about 5 years. I am so thankful that I found her. She has changed my life! I initially went to her for Bio Identical Hormone treatment. During our initial consultation, she told me that she treats “The Whole Person” and she was right. She changed my diet added supplements and I have never felt better! She takes time to listen, I never feel rushed. Her staff is unbelievable. Friendly and efficient. I could go on and on about Dr Roy. I would follow her anywhere if she were to move. I am a patient of hers for life.

Cheryl Peterson

Dr Roy is very smart and caring. In my opinion one of the best doctors in the world.

Adalia Brand

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