Our Vision:

To make effective wellness-focused care available to the world.

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Team Members Identify Tips for Success at Doctors Studio:

1Emotional Awareness

We are highly sensitive to the personal nature of each patient’s journey to optimal health and fully-functioning systems. We listen carefully and pick up verbal and nonverbal cues. We support, encourage, educate, and empathize with each one.

    2Patient Focus

    We provide discreet, highly personalized care. Each patient presents unique challenges, viewed as opportunities to improve individual lives. Our dedication to identifying solutions and commitment to their care is second to none.

    3Proven Results

    With over 15 years of experience, we are confident we can identify solutions to dramatically transform our patients’ lives. This knowledge creates an optimism and excitement highly unusual in medical practices. (We celebrate each journey.)

    Integrity  •  Dignity    Trust

    What’s a Typical Day At Doctors Studio Like?

    There is no typical day, which keeps things fresh. There are a few constant themes, however.

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    Higher Purpose

    Every patient’s journey reflects shared humanity. Each member of the Doctors Studio team has friends or family with health challenges, some life-threatening. We work for the greater good, as well as the success of each individual patient.


    Patient success depends upon successful patient relationships. An ability to ask questions and truly listen is therefore paramount. Medical challenges are met with the same curiosity and tenacity. We live outside the box.

    Relationship Building

    Healthy communication with clients, and between coworkers and management, is another key to our success. Doctors Studio depends upon team effort. We support and encourage one another, offer feedback, and celebrate our successes.

    What Makes Doctors Studio Different?

    Actually, many patients have shared that the vibe inside Doctors Studio is not like any they have ever experienced. When asked what they mean, we get answers like “People are so happy to see me” and “I feel so at home” or “It feels like family.” (Thank you, all.)

    There’s a bit of magic involved, yes. Plus, hiring the right people, and access to the latest technology, and medical advances. We also have a true visionary at the helm. One who is disappointed enough in traditional medicine to look elsewhere for answers. And find them.

    Timing is also a factor. Breakthroughs in the field of longevity and aging have made words like “age reversal” and “tissue regeneration” science-based rather than simply hopeful. Our health choices today impact both: how long we live and how well.

    The simple answer is that we love what we do. And it shows. How many people have the daily opportunity to change people’s lives, and also the world, for the better? Sure, it’s a career but it’s also a calling. An honor, and a blessing. It is also our passion.

    If reading this got you a little verklempt or goosebumpy, there could be a place for you at Doctors Studio.

    Open Roles

    Patient Coordinator

    Clinic Admin

    Web Developer

    Nurse Practitioner

    Clinical Support

    Graphic Designer

    Administrative Liaison

    Office Manager

    What’s it like to work at Doctors Studio

    We are passionate about helping people succeed in these pursuits. And honored to become their trusted partners.

    If you are:

    1. Drawn to the transformative potential of Functional and Regenerative Medicine.
    2. A curious individual who listens and communicates well.
    3. Ready to be part of a powerfully positive community of learners.

    Please Do Connect With Us.

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