Adrenal Stress Test Kit


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ZRT Laboratory’s Adrenal Stress Test is a user-friendly and non-invasive home-collection kit designed for easy identification of hidden adrenal fatigue. Through simple at-home saliva collection, this test measures four crucial adrenal hormones, revealing their functionality. With results providing personalized analysis and recommendations, you can restore adrenal balance through targeted strategies for diet, lifestyle, and supplements, making it an essential first step toward revitalizing your zest for life and unlocking your full potential.

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This adrenal stress test kit from ZRT Laboratory makes it easy to uncover hidden adrenal fatigue. Using simple at-home saliva collection, the test measures four key adrenal hormones to reveal how well your adrenals are functioning. Adrenal hormones regulate stress response, sleep cycles, mood and energy levels, so suboptimal levels can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to bounce back from daily challenges. The test results come with personalized analysis and recommendations to help you restore adrenal balance through diet, lifestyle and supplement strategies. So if you suspect your adrenals could use a boost, this comprehensive test is your first step toward regaining your zest for life and unlocking your full potential.

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