Calcium Magnesium Butyrate Capsules

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Calcium Magnesium Butyrate Capsules by BodyBio provide foundational support for your eye health, skin and nails, and fitness performance. These supplements help detoxify your body and provide the calcium and magnesium essentials that form the base for healthy function.

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Butyrate’s Role in the Body

Butyrate is produced by your gut microbes and has many important functions within the human body, particularly for digestive health, supporting brain health and protecting against disease*.

Not only is Butyrate critical in repairing the lining of the gut and the health of cells within it—it also supports healthy inflammation response to protect the body from disease while improving immune function.*

Butyrate repairs the damage that pesticides, toxins, processed foods, drugs, etcetera has done to the lining of the gut. Butyrate helps to heal the gut lining and promotes healthy DNA to support genetic function against damage, which may lead to disease*.

Why BodyBio Butyrate?

Quality matters! We don’t use fillers or additives. There is no way to achieve the powerful benefits of butyrate without its distinctive, fermented scent. This means it’s premium quality and ready to work. All natural ingredients and free of wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, and resins.

Specially formulated to:

  • Support gut health*
  • Promote detoxification*
  • Maintain proper pH levels in the colon*
  • Reduce inflammation*
  • Promote healthy DNA function*
  • Support healthy blood sugar regulation*
  • Butyrate serves to close tight junctions and prevent the dysbiosis commonly known as leaky gut*

What To Expect When You Start Taking Butyrate supplements

0-2 Weeks: Colonocytes (gut cells) are energized. Some people notice a difference within the first day of taking butyrate while others notice improvement in their digestive health within the first week or so. As butyrate levels build up over time, you will notice more positive changes in digestion and gut health.

2-4 Weeks: Digestive function continues to improve, leaky gut resolves, healthy gut flora is reestablished, and blood sugar peaks and valleys become more like gentle, rolling hills. All while keeping you regular with well-formed stools.*

4 Weeks+: Gradually builds a healthy gut structure over time, supporting your immune resistance, subsiding systemic inflammation in the gut, banishing brain fog, helping with weight regulation, and improving your overall health.

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 50 (100 ct.); 125 (250 ct.)


  • Calories 9.3
  • Total Fat 1.3g 2%
  • Calcium 160 mg 16%
  • Magnesium 80 mg 20%
  • Butyric Acid 1.2g +

*The % Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

+ Daily Value Not Established

Ingredients: Butyric acid, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and purified water.

1-2 capsules with food, unless otherwise suggested by your Healthcare Professional.

Always consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

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