Difficulty to Orgasm

Experience the Fireworks Again!

An orgasm lights up your brain more effectively than any brain training app on the planet, offers majorly restorative physiological benefits, lowers stress, increases happy hormones, and just feels damn GOOD! But anorgasmia, or female difficulty to orgasm, can take the pleasure away from sex, removing all of these incredible benefits & just making sex duller, and less interesting. The great news is that there is a way of resolving it, and bringing those fireworks back into your life!

There are many great therapies, tests & treatments that we use for diagnosing, treating & then restoring full functionality to our patients who have been suffering from sexual dysfunction. There are so many reasons why women can experience an intermittent, temporary or permanent loss of orgasmic function, from existing illnesses such as diabetes to gynecologic surgeries (e.g., hysterectomy), the use of specific medications (often SSRIs prescribed for anxiety & depression), poor lifestyle choices (e.g., excessive use of alcohol, smoking), or the hormonal changes that accompany aging & the menopause. At the Doctors Studio, we are leaders in the field of sexual & performance medicine, and we know how to investigate the root cause of anorgasmia & fix it!

One of our favorite treatments that we offer is the O-Shot, an amazing treatment that helps women to re-establish the ability to orgasm and to really, powerfully, enjoy sex once again.

The O-Shot

The O-Shot is an innovative, effective treatment that uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to effectively stimulate angiogenesis (the creation of new cells), enhanced blood flow, sensitivity, elasticity & health to the vaginal area, allowing orgasms to occur more powerfully & easily. PRP involves the drawing of a small amount of your blood from which we extract the plasma, which is then re-injected into the vaginal and clitoral area to powerfully stimulate regenerative healing & repair. In this way we are literally harvesting the natural, powerful healing ability of your own body, concentrating, then redirecting it, to the area of your body that needs it most. 

Dentistry, orthopedics, sports medicine, aesthetics…all fields that have powerfully utilized the growth factor-engaging effects of PRP and elicit powerful benefits for their patients. It has now migrated to the field of sexual medicine, and so far the results have been amazing! Dr. Roy, the founder of the Doctors Studio, explained to us some of the benefits of the O-Shot:

Benefits of the O-Shot

Benefits of the O-Shot include:

  • Straightforward, quick procedure that can be performed in-office
  • Fast return to normal activities
  • Harnesses the natural healing & restorative properties of your own body
  • Decreases pain & discomfort that you might experience during sex
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Increases pleasure
  • Stimulates the growth of new cells, nerves, tissue
  • Increases blood flow
  • Increases vaginal, pelvic & clitoral health, contractility & muscle tensility
  • Nourishes & rejuvenates intravaginal tissue
  • Also available to your partner as the P-Shot!
  • Zero risks

What Other Treatments Do You Offer?

In truth, we offer a whole host of tests, treatments & therapies designed to restore your sexual function, including the ability to orgasm. Our extensive medical knowledge allows us to really understand why you might be experiencing issues, and to then treat these issues effectively so that your sexual health is optimized. This could involve the O-Shot, or Juliet laser, the use of radio wave and pulse wave technology, or a combination of more than one of these therapies. 

We never suggest treatment without really understanding your medical history & with that comprehensive understanding of your history, we are really able to provide treatment that works. 

We might recognize the need for hormone therapy (e.g. BHRT, or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) to rebalance testosterone, estrogen &/or progesterone levels that have seriously diminished as a result of menopause and caused sexual dysfunctional issues. Alternatively, we might consider some supplement, microbiome testing, probiotic or general nutritional interventions as positive means of dealing with your issues or rely exclusively on our highly effective PRP strategy.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to our clients! Here’s just one positive example, included in the Fox TV story below:

Bring the Fireworks Back Into Your Life!

An orgasm is one of those incredible gifts of nature – amazingly restorative & rejuvenating, it lowers stress hormones in our bodies, & floods our brain with dopamine & serotonin to make us feel awesome. It is a natural stress reliever, and mood enhancer that carries a range of physiologic benefits and acts as a natural bonding agent through the release of endorphins and oxytocin that powerful strengthens the emotional and intimate bond between you & your partner.

Experiencing issues with orgasm can affect any of us, and if it does, there are treatments & therapies available to resolve it! So don’t delay – if you feel that your ability to enjoy fulfilling & stimulating orgasms & a wonderfully fulfilling intimate life has been temporarily affected, let us set you back on the road to happiness & health.

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