Frequent UTI

Up to 60% of all women will experience a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) at some point in their lives, making UTIs a common, but also a really annoying, uncomfortable & often painful experience for many of us. For some women, unfortunately (up to 30%), UTIs can recur frequently, majorly impacting the quality of life, making them upset & fearful of something as innocuous and routine as using the bathroom. The great news is that we know how to help you. 

A UTI is one of the most frequently reported bacterial infections amongst women, accounting for almost a quarter of all bacterial infections reported in any given year.

How Do I Know If I Have a UTI?

The most common symptoms of a UTI are the frequent & urgent need to urinate, followed by the feeling that you have not completely emptied your bladder, alongside pain when you urinate and, possibly, the presence of blood in your urine. Urine can also appear cloudy or smell different & you might also experience constant itching or a burning sensation.

Some women appear to be more susceptible to UTIs than others, although clinicians are not entirely sure why this might be the case. UTIs are usually caused by a bacterium called Escherichia Coli that lives in the intestinal system and can be transferred to the vagina, from where it can then enter the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder) and infects the bladder, causing the painful and dreaded symptoms of a UTI.

Are There Any Risk Factors I Should Avoid?

Amongst younger women, sexual intercourse and the use of spermicides seem to be risk factors (having sex appears to heighten the risk of increased bacteria within the bladder). As a result, some urologists caution that urinating immediately after sex can help to mitigate this risk. Spermicides are considered to be a risk factor because evidence indicates that they may kill off Lactobacilli, a strain of ‘good’ bacteria that is highly beneficial to maintaining good health within your vagina. In the absence of these good bacteria, it is more likely that Escherichia Coli can proliferate unchecked. 

Amongst older women, it is thought that menopause can increase risk; for example, following menopause, the proliferation of Lactobacilli (the ‘good’ bacteria mentioned earlier) in the vagina naturally declines, & the strength of contraction of the bladder can also become weaker, making it harder to completely empty the bladder. When the bladder is not completely emptied this can encourage UTIs to occur more frequently, a risk precipitated by the fact that there is already more opportunity for Escherichia Coli to grow. 

The risk might also be genetic; if your mother, sisters, or aunties experience UTIs frequently, there is a higher likelihood that you might, too.

How Can I Prevent UTIs?

At the Doctors Studio, we can take you through a comprehensive health check and look at the ways that we can optimize bladder & pelvic contractility, optimize gut health, & minimize your risk of UTIs as much as possible. While we have a range of tests, therapies & treatments to hand, we can also advise the following: that you

  • Stay adequately hydrated
  • Consider pelvic strengthening devices & other treatments such as Juliet Laser, if advised, to strengthen and rejuvenate the health of the vaginal area
  • Try to avoid the use of spermicides
  • Urinate (to the empty bladder) after sexual activity
  • Wipe front to back after using the toilet
  • Consider supplementing with a good probiotic to repopulate the body with lactobacilli, a ‘good’ bacteria that can help to prevent UTIs.

Don’t Let UTIs Steal The Joy From Life 

Don’t let UTIs affect your quality of life. Let us help you get to the root cause of your problem and try to cure & prevent recurring UTIs once and for all so that you can get out there and continue to experience all that life has to offer! Our holistic approach to health, founded on clear medical principles and focused clearly on optimizing your health & wellness offers the most rigorous approach to solving your UTI issues. Contact us today so we can help you restore health, happiness & wellness!

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