Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness: Don’t Let it Impact your Quality of Life!

Vaginal dryness is a common age-related phenomenon, often occurring during perimenopause or after menopause. It can feel really uncomfortable and lots of women feel too embarrassed to seek help. However, it can occur at any age, significantly impacting the quality of life, & is a relatively common condition that is often easily treated. Don’t suffer in silence – let us help you today.

Is Vaginal Dryness a Common Issue?

Yes, vaginal dryness is a relatively common problem that can affect women in a myriad of ways, from turning much-loved, fun hobbies & pastimes (e.g. cycling) into uncomfortable & sore chores, or causing pain (known as dyspareunia) during sex. Almost half of all women will, in fact, experience some kind of sexual dysfunction in their lifetimes, &/or dysfunctionality of the vaginal/labial region that not only impacts on intimate relationships but also on personal comfort, the general quality of life, and the inability to enjoy once-much loved hobbies & pastimes. The great news is that most of these issues are fixable. Our practice is led by a female doctor who is considered a leading specialist in sexual and performance medicine, who also possesses the sensitivity, medical knowledge & experience in treating intimate issues that can make many of us feel self-conscious.

What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

One common reason for vaginal dryness is the age-related changes that we experience during menopause, where lowered estrogen levels cause the walls of the vagina to become thinner and less elastic, and also less lubricated. The lower levels of lubrication can make sex painful. It can even cause bleeding or chafing of vaginal tissue during intercourse which can lead to further pain, and increase the likelihood of infection. 

You’d be surprised at how common this condition is. In fact, it is an issue that seems to affect more than half of all women post-menopause, with around 25% of post-menopausal women experiencing discomfort during sex as a result.

In truth, vaginal dryness can affect women at any age, and it is certainly treatable at any age, too. One powerful reason to treat it is to restore quality of life so you no longer have to experience the itchiness, discomfort, or inconvenience of the side effects of vaginal dryness. Another reason is to restore a completely fulfilling sex life! And a final – and equally as important reason – is to prevent vaginal dryness from progressing to a more serious condition, such as vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA), a tissue-altering vaginal and distal urinary tract inflammation caused by decreased blood flow that can cause very dry, thin tissue where blood flow and lubrication becomes severely impacted.

How Can It Be Treated?

Recent studies indicate that women often feel too embarrassed to seek help for vaginal dryness, or think that nothing can be done about it, so believe that they have to suffer in silence. We encourage you NOT to do so, but to get in touch so that we can help!

We have a range of treatments and therapies here at the Doctors Studio that can help you, such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), that harnesses the true healing power of your own body, redirecting it powerfully to the area of the body that needs it most (in this case, to the vaginal & labial area). Our Juliet Laser therapy, for example, offers a non-surgical and powerful means of using lasers to stimulate the development of new collagen, tissue & enhanced blood flow to the vaginal area with great results, while treatments such as GAINSWave offers a powerful and non-invasive means of effectively restimulating vaginal lubrication.

We are also well-practiced in advising clients on nutritional, lifestyle, supplementation, gut microbiota & other factors that can play a part in vaginal health, and discomfort during sex, taking the kind of holistic, medically-based, and truly progressive approaches that you need to optimize your sexual, physical & emotional health. We have a lot of progressive, next-gen therapies that we’d love to talk over with you, so please do get in touch to find out more.

Don’t Accept Less than Comfort, Fulfillment & Wellness!

Too many women put up with vaginal dryness & other common kinds of sexual dysfunction because they believe there isn’t a treatment that can help them, or they feel too self-conscious to seek help. We are leaders in the field of sexual medicine, experienced in approaching these issues in a sensitive & understanding way that truly gets results, & passionate in helping women restore their sexual functioning to a level that allows them to truly enjoy a fulfilling sex life once again. 

Vaginal dryness can impact the quality of life & stop you from enjoying hobbies & pastimes that you once loved – let us reverse and restore vaginal health using medically founded, progressive, effective therapies so that you can enjoy a truly optimized quality of life once again.

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