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LIPO-MIC is a compromised of compounds that aid in the breakdown and metabolism of fats in the body. The liver is the metabolic powerhouse in our bodies, it is responsible for the breakdown, utilization, and storage of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Using lipotropic optimizes liver function, allowing for improved metabolic function, including the use of fat for energy instead of storage.

  • Promotes fat loss and detox
  • Supports metabolism
  • Enhances energy
  • Supports liver health


Do I still need to continue lipotropic injections if I take this?

LIPO-MIC can be used as a lipotropic injection support or alternative. LIPO-MIC may be more beneficial than injections because you can take a daily dose instead of a large dose once a week. When taken in a large dose (like enough for the week) the body will simply excrete what it does not need.

Is it okay to take more than the recommended daily dosage?

Yes. We do not recommend taking more than three doses a day due to the mild stimulant effects.

When is the best time to take it?

LIPO-MIC is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

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