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Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. REM Rhythm offers an effective, completely natural, non-addictive alternative to sleep medications, reactivating your body’s ability to enjoy deep, restful sleep, every night, restoring natural nocturnal sleep rhythms that may have become displaced through the stress of modern life & working synergistically with your body to optimize your mental, physical and neurological health. 

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Benefits of REM Rhythm

  • Deep sleep and cellular regeneration & repair
  • Inhibition of muscle break down via the facilitation of endogenous hormone secretion during sleep (such as growth hormones and IGF-1)
  • Anti-aging benefits, via the powerful restorative effects of sleep 
  • Promotion of fat loss (sleep mediates leptin & ghrelin production, both of which control appetite)
  • Enhanced mood
  • Reduced stress 
  • Reduction in, and repair of, oxidative damage caused by stress

Product description

REM Rhythm enables deep, restful sleep, critical to the nightly cellular regeneration & repair that our bodies need to function effectively. REM Rhythm also offers anti-aging benefits, enabling the restorative, rejuvenating effects of IGF-1, testosterone, and growth hormone to take place (sleep is critical to allow these processes to occur). These endogenous hormones lower stress hormones, repairing & regenerating the body, reversing the effects of oxidative damage that may have taken place & undoing the damage caused by earlier, untreated sleep deprivation.

The high-quality bovine colostrum contained in REM Rhythm powerfully facilitates the secretion of growth hormones, while another key ingredient, mucuna pruriens (also known as velvet bean), boosts secretion of a compound called L-DOPA within the body. L-DOPA is a precursor to dopamine, the ‘happy hormone’, known to enhance mood, decrease prolactin & cortisol. It also acts as a neurorestorative, working synergistically with velvet antler extract to enhance deeper sleep & cellular regeneration via the secretion of IGF-1 and other growth factors within the body. The inclusion of melatonin as a key ingredient of REM Rhythm effectively resets your sleep cycle, restoring your natural rhythm and ensuring that melatonin levels are sufficiently high for you to enjoy a great nights’ sleep. 

REM Rhythm: a powerful, all-natural, and non-addictive alternative to sleep medication.


Will it make me drowsy if I don’t get a full 8 hours of sleep?

No, REM RHYTHM will not cause drowsiness; it only helps to improve the quality of the sleep that you do get.

Will I become dependent on this and need to take it every night to fall asleep?

No, your body will not become dependent on it, but most people find that they feel more refreshed and ready for the day when using REM RHYTHM, the night before and decide to use it most nights.

Is it okay to take more than the serving size?

Yes, if you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night, more than one dose may be better for you. We recommend starting with a half dose and working up as needed to assess tolerance.

When is the best time to take REM RHYTHM?

Most people take REM RHYTHM right before bed because they feel the calming effects right away. For those who have trouble getting to sleep, taking REM RHYTHM about 30- 45 minutes before bed may be optimal.

3 reviews for REM Rhythm

  1. Andrea M.

    Beauty sleep at last!!! It’s been a while since I felt I got 8 hours of sleep, even though I only slept for 6. Life is hectic, so between work and kids, a good night’s sleep is crucial.

  2. Fiona R.

    Noticeable differences in my sleep. Make sure you keep the drops under your tongue long enough until it starts to tingle- then swallow. This stuff works!

  3. Chris P.

    Great product really helped me sleep

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