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As a medical practice, we are so passionate about providing exceptional, natural & effective skincare that we created our own range! Take a sneak peek at our range ahead of the official launch later this year.

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What Should I Look for in a Cleanser?

A great cleanser should make your skin feel clean, soft, balanced & clean. It should also be oil-free & noncomedogenic (non- pore-clogging), with hydrating ingredients such as ceramides & hyaluronic acid, cleansing your face gently without stripping it of its essential oils, and maintaining your skin’s delicate pH balance. It should also be paraben-free and phthalate-free too.

A great cleanser should also effectively remove dirt, make-up & oil without irritating your skin or making it too dry, and it should be soap-free, fragrance-free & hypoallergenic.

What Should I Look for in a Corrective Skin Cream?

Corrective skin creams should contain high-quality, fragrance-free, natural ingredients that are safe for even sensitive skin. It should hydrate, correct, smooth & encourage circulation, boosting the skin’s natural elasticity, and brightening & illuminating.

You might find ingredients such as color-correcting pigments that cancel out red patches, Centella Asiatica that powers up your skin’s natural elasticity, vitamins C & E to hydrate your skin, & charcoal or colloidal clay to help absorb oil.

Ingredients like tea tree extract can help to counter breakouts, while non-nano zinc oxide can provide valuable protection from the skin. Plant-based ingredients are always great, such as aloe.

What Should I Look for in a Protective Skin Cream?

Modern living exposes our skin to a whole lot of toxins that can play havoc with our skin. Pollution, for example, has been linked to premature skin aging, in the form of car fumes, heavy-metal emissions & cigarette smoke.

These pollutants generate free radicals that can be notably harmful to our skin. Sun exposure can also cause damage to our skin, leading to accelerated aging & hyperpigmentation. When the level of free radicals – from sun damage or pollution – exceeds the defense mechanisms of our bodies, it can trigger issues such as a dull, unhealthy complexion, skin that looks older & less healthy than it should, & hyperpigmentation. This is because our skin has entered a state of oxidative stress, triggering a range of damaging side effects.

These days, our skin clearly needs protection! So any protective skin cream worth buying will not only protect but do so in a way that uses the highest-quality, most natural ingredients that are least likely to cause sensitivity or irritation. Great choices always include a high SPF sunscreen, an ingredient list packed with antioxidants, & powerful hydrating elements such as hyaluronic acid to reach & hydrate surface & deeper layers of the skin, and give your skin back its glow.

What Should I Look for in a Skin Care Repair Cream?

A great repair cream should provide an intensive barrier to strengthen the skin and help to restore it to its optimal healthy condition, so look for ingredients that infuse the skin with moisture and aid in repairs, such as omega oils, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, Panthenol, Vitamin C, and avocado oil. A shea butter-based compound can provide an excellent protective barrier against the elements (wind, cold, rain), hydrating the skin naturally, & providing a protective barrier to defend very drily & dehydrated, prematurely aging skin. A repair cream rich in procyanidin, which provides powerful & intensive antioxidant benefits, can also really help to repair damage caused by pollution and other toxins.

Recent research also tells us that blue light from electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets & laptops (even with relatively short exposure) can damage skin cells, even leading to skin cell death. And let’s face it, how many of us don’t rely on a smartphone these days? A reparative skin cream high in antioxidants will counter & neutralize free radicals in the skin that cause oxidative damage.

The Exclusive Doctors Studio Care Range

Your skin is as unique as you are, so the repair cream you choose will need to match your unique needs, too. Our exclusively developed range combines aesthetic artistry with medical science to create a truly effective range that we are confident you will love. Our Repair product is designed to be used with the forthcoming Cleanse, Correct & Protect products soon to be available via the Doctors Studio Store.

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