Men need proper levels of sex hormones just to be men. It is ridiculous to think that the “normal” range of Testosterone for a man is between 250-1100 and that your doctor will not prescribe you Testosterone even though you have so many of the low T symptoms. And even if your doctor did agree to prescribe you Testosterone, it won’t provide you long-term safety, and the benefit of all your other hormones will not be optimized.

When I say perform, I mean to perform in “life” and not just sex.

Most urologists don’t even check estradiol (estrogen) levels in men when the Testosterone/Estradiol ratio should be 25 or greater for optimal benefit. DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Progesterone also play important roles in the “symphony” of hormones that help you to perform at your best.

When I say perform, I mean to perform in “life” and not just sex. Brain function, memory, sleep, strength, lean body mass, drive, attitude, energy, and CAN DO outlook are all tied to hormone balance.

Taking Testosterone without being mindful of proper balancing with other hormones could also lead to your testicles shrinking up like cashews. Seriously, when there is no signal (LH) from your brain (pituitary) stimulating your testicles to produce Testosterone, your testicles start to shrink, and they certainly do not produce enough Testosterone to keep you going strong.

In fact, men under 45 who need Testosterone Replacement, or better yet…

Hormone optimization needs it because they have a very low LH signal from the brain and therefore, they are not producing enough Testosterone. If this is caught early enough, peptides and other medications are available that can be given to return function to optimal levels.

    If there is a chronic LACK of LH stimulating your testicles, then hormone therapy and optimization will be needed PLUS stimulation of the testicles so that they stay intact, active, and plump.

    Allowing your testicles to shrink is a shame and a blatant disrespect for your body.  Preserving as much natural function as possible can provide better long-term benefits, safety, and health advantage.


    So, just because you can get Testosterone does not mean you are being well served. There is much more to it than “buying” Testosterone from the gym or having your primary care doc get you some. After all, you wouldn’t let the guy who washes your car TUNE-UP your performance vehicle. Nor would you let the local muscle head whom you admire, date your daughter. Sounds strange I know but the point is… YOU DESERVE BETTER! You deserve a comprehensive solution that promises the best outcomes, fast results, and long-term benefits.


    Hormones can affect your health in so many ways including:

    • Weight gain OR weight loss
    • Lean Muscle Mass
    • Sex Drive
    • Sexual Performance
    • Mood, Confidence, Self-Esteem
    • Energy and Motivation
    • Sleep Quality
    • Memory and Mental Endurance
    • Immune System Function and Cancer
    • PREVENTION (including Prostate Cancer)

    “Is it really that hormones decrease with age…. or IS IT THAT YOU AGE as your hormones decrease? You get to decide!” ~Dr. Lisbeth Roy



    Advanced Penile Imaging

    International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM)

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    Structured Medical Interview and Functional Physical Examination

    Complete Physical Exam, Vitals, Body Composition, HRV
    Validated Questionnaires: International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM)

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    Validated Questionnaires

    International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) & Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM).

    Advanced Diagnostics

    Advanced blood and urine testing to include inflammatory markers, focused genetics, hormone levels, metabolic markers, autoantibodies, immune system, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, proteins, pancreatic enzymes, key nutrients, iron studies, and more.

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    Microvascular Diagnostics: GlycoCheck

    Erections depend upon the function of your microvascular and capillary system. You may look and even feel healthy on the outside, but inside your microvascular system, a completely different situation could be developing.

    Organ starvation is one reason that diseases begin in the body. When the capillaries begin to lose their function, vital organs don’t receive the nutrients needed to be healthy and the silent spiral of health decline begins. Often one of the first signs of microvascular disease is a change in erections quality.

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    Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics

    Coronary Calcium Score (CT), Carotid Ultrasound, and Intima Medial Thickening (CIMT) – early diagnostics of cardiovascular disease in difficult-to-detect young men.

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    Medical Thermography

    Imaging is used to identify the areas of the body with musculoskeletal issues affecting the penis and pelvis as well as proper areas for effective injection therapy, Li-SWL, PRP, SCRF, and Ozone.

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    DETOX & Herbal Protocol

    Systemic Intervention including nutritional, food program, and exercise prescriptions.
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    Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LI-ECSW)

    Used for both musculoskeletal (MS) treatments of pelvic bowel dysfunction and direct regeneration of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues of the penis.
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    Ozone / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    A PRP treatment begins with a simple blood draw. PRP is processed an FDA approved medical device that separates and harvests plasma, platelets, anti-inflammatory white blood cells, and bioactive proteins. The process to create PRP takes under 10 minutes.
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    Testosterone Optimization Therapy

    Testosterone Replacement entails restoring more youthful levels of testosterone in a way that protects your health and wellbeing.
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    Peptide Therapy

    Peptides are biological molecules found in all living organisms. They play a key role in all manner of biological activity.
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    TRIMIX Injections

    Tri-Mix simply means that there are three medications combined in one solution. The three medications in Tri-Mix are Papaverine, Phentolamine and Prostaglandin E1. The strength of these medications can be customized to the patient needs. There is no real “STANDAD DOSE”.
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    Regenerative Supplements

    R3, Endocalyx, Blood FX, Evening Primrose Oil, D3K3.
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    EXOSTEM™ 75B

    Exosomes derived from placental and umbilical cord stem cells (MSC)3.
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    Don’t Know Where to Start?

    The Studio Team is here to serve you.


    After our initial consultation, we start with a full assessment of your erection status by an expert using a dynamic duplex Doppler ultrasound, or otherwise known as PDDU.

    You also have the opportunity to discuss your specific challenges and goals with a sexual medicine expert.


    Once we have completed the PDDU and a very comprehensive review of your medical history, we will create a blueprint for success that is customized to the TRUTH about your specific challenges. A complete list and description of all the procedures, medications, supplements, devices, and technology listed in the blueprint. This gives you a step by step plan to follow with success assessments done along the way.


    Once you have your Blueprint all you need to do is follow your treatment schedule and listen to our advice and that’s it! Your sexual function will be restored in a natural lasting way, you may even experience sex in ways you could never experience even before your problems!