Based on Dr. Roy’s extensive skin care research and innovative office procedures, she has created an advanced skincare line to repair and prevent damage to the skin, while making it healthy and beautiful. Her products are formulated under dermatologic control for maximum safety and efficacy, offering the highest performance available without a doctor’s prescription.


Dr. Roy knows that cleansing is among the most important skincare processes. Proper cleansing will remove debris and dead skin while hydrating and calming while preparing the skin for an intervention.


In order for a product to be considered a “rescue”, it must have qualified active ingredients that lead to performance and cellular change. A rescue product is an actual intervention that is targeted and designed to change your skin.


Products that strengthen are important to the continued degenerative changes that occur when you are on the right skincare regime. These ingredients will take your skin to a new level of wellness; brightening, clearing, and the rejuvenating week after week.


The Studio Skin protection products are actual physical UVA and UVB sunblock. The silky feel of the Mineral Shield line is a joy to wear. They are preservative-free and fragrance-free for comfort and protection. They look and feel as good as they protect.