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It shouldn’t surprise you to know that health, longevity and even age-reversal is possible. What might surprise you is just how “simple” the vehicles to these goals are.

Medical technologies are now available that are providing unbelievable results and promise for a better quality of life.


As we age our bodies are less capable of repair, leading to breakdown called degeneration. Even with what we might consider healthy aging, this degenerative process picks up speed as time goes by.

Our joints ache, skin sags, muscles shrink, concentration dwindles, energy fades, sexual performance is challenged and life changes in ways we find frustrating and unfair.

Most of us think that we actually lose the ability to repair and regenerate but in fact, we are discovering that to be false.

It seems the machinery for repair exists throughout our lifetime. What actually appears to happen is that the cellular “instruction” changes.

We now understand that the real benefit of stem cells is that they secrete instructions to direct the surrounding tissue. The “youthful” instructions directing regeneration, recovery and repair begin to decrease in young adult hood and by age 30, the degenerative instructions outpace the regenerative.

New and innovative, integrative, regenerative and functional wellness, diagnostic and intervention strategies are now available at Doctors Studio™ that promise improved performance with a special focus on life quality, brain health, sexual vitality, longevity and cellular age reversal. Imagine If wellness with longevity were a choice.

“What if we could simply inject a serum to reignite our bodies ability to repair and reverse the effects of aging”

~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy