Advanced Blood Tests in Boca Raton, FL

The right tests mean the right answers!

Why The Right Test Is Important?

Understanding your WELLNESS STATUS is the focus of the Advanced Testing and Diagnostics Evaluation Programs at Doctors Studio.

Chances are that your primary doctor orders an annual panel that determines whether you are diseased or not.  This approach does nothing to help you live at your full potential.  We must be intentional with the depth at which we evaluate your wellness in order to course-correct.

We know that DISEASE IS A DESTINATION that typically takes years to arrive.  Being proactive with your health allows for an opportunity to course-correct, and stay on a wellness trajectory.

Optimal Wellness & Performance Panel

We want you to understand your wellness status.  Biomarkers of many types can be used to qualify and quantify your body functions.  Regular testing allows the detection, intervention, and correction of subtle changes in optimal function.  Biomarkers from blood and urine are used to establish a baseline and a personalized approach and to monitor the success of your wellness program.

With advanced testing and progressive diagnostics, we can identify where you are in your journey, design a personalized plan, and reroute you toward health, wellness and longevity.

Improving the quality of your life and performance, preventing disease, and DE-ACCELERATING the aging process, creates a  HEALTHIER, LONGER life

We want you to be knowledgeable and to feel empowered!

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