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We slow down aging by fine-tuning the master regulator of cellular metabolism.

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Prescribing Rapamycin and other associated age-reversal targeted medications is a specialty of Doctors Studio.  Supporting your health, well-being, and longevity is a commitment that we stand by. Seeking out science-based strategies is what we love to do!

Slow down aging by fine-tuning the master regulator of cellular metabolism.

Rapamycin is a very important aspect of a scientifically supported approach to age reversal.  Our growth and development from childhood to adulthood are dependent upon an activated mTOR.  With aging or increased calorie intake, our mTOR remains at age-accelerating levels.  This means an acceleration of age-related diseases like cancer.  Inhibiting (lowering) mTOR has indeed been shown to reduce cancer.

Turning down mTOR has been shown to improve the immune system in older people, and to activate autophagy,  to help rid cells of accumulated debris.

Rapamycin Extends Lifespan

  • Decreased cancer incidence.
  • Improved cardiac function.
  • Improved systemic health by improving bone marrow function.
  • Metabolized cellular fat stores.
  • 50% increase in lifespan.

The FASEB Journal Volume 31, Issue S1 p. 256.4-256.4:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Targeting mTOR signaling to promote healthy longevity - Matt Kaeberlein

Rapamycin Reverses Heart Dysfunction

Late-life mice treated with Rapamycin for 3 months showed:

  • Significant benefits in cardiovascular function with reversal or attenuation of age-related changes in the heart.
  • Beneficial behavioral, skeletal, and motor changes compared with mice fed a control diet.
  • Reduced indicators of inflammatory, metabolic, and hypertrophic expression of cardiac tissues.

Aging Cell. 2013 Oct;12(5):851-62. doi: 10.1111/acel.12109. Epub 2013 Jul 7:  Late-life rapamycin treatment reverses age-related heart dysfunction - James M. Flynn, et al. 

It's a powerful longevity tool...

From these findings, we propose that late-life rapamycin therapy not only extends the lifespan of mammals, but also confers functional benefits to a number of tissues... 

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