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Meet R3 Velvet Antler Extract by Doctors Studio—a 2,000-year-renowned regenerative remedy. Our 30-day supply boasts top-notch 43:1 concentration, revered for athletic, sexual performance, and anti-aging benefits. Ethically sourced, prioritizing safety and animal respect in our extraction process.

24 in stock

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Velvet Antler Extract has been used in medicine for more than 2,000 years. People have trusted it for its ability to heal and strengthen the body. Nowadays, it's famous for its role in sports, improving sexual health, maintaining youthfulness, and assisting in weight loss.

Enter R3 Velvet Antler Extract by Doctors Studio. This supplement is incredibly potent, at a concentration 43 times stronger than usual. Each package provides a month's supply, and we take care to source it locally while ensuring the well-being of the animals involved.

Here are the benefits of R3:

- Balancing hormones in men and women

- Enhancing sex drive

- Aiding in weight loss

- Repairing cells

- Boosting energy levels

- Speeding up metabolism

- Strengthening immunity

- Hastening muscle recovery and growth

R3 works wonders for your body. Velvet Antler Extract in R3 helps boost the body's growth hormone production by affecting IGF-1. This leads to improved hormones, increased energy, and a stronger body.

Additionally, R3 offers other advantages:

- Helping to manage sugar levels

- Improving cell function

- Maintaining hormone balance

- Increasing a substance that aids cells

- Regulating the body's response to illness

- Enhancing protein utilization

- Repairing DNA

Moreover, R3 contains Tribulus, a plant known for its health benefits. When combined with Velvet Antler Extract, it intensifies their effects.

Velvet Antler Extract has a long history of promoting wellness. R3 continues this tradition, supporting your health, strength, and vitality. Made with care for both nature and people's well-being, it's a supplement that also aids in weight loss.

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  1. Excellent customer service and delivery is fast

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  2. R3 is my daily happy pill! Boosts workouts, keeps wrinkles away, and just makes me feel awesome. It’s a wellness superhero in a bottle. Ethically sourced, two thumbs up from this happy camper!

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  3. R3, my anti-aging BFF! It gives my skin a glow, and those fine lines? Playing hide and seek. Natural magic with ethical vibes. Found my fountain of youth – highly recommend!

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  5. R3 is my secret weapon for confidence in the bedroom. Seriously, it’s a game-changer. Plus, it’s ethically sourced – feeling good inside and out. Get ready to bring sexy back!

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