The Brain Gauge™ is a reliable, portable way to measure your brain health.

Exactly how healthy is your brain?

Scientifically informed, modern technology, now enables us to answer exactly that question, using a fun, short, efficient & stimulating test called the Brain Gauge™. Sensitive enough to reflect changes as small as the effect of taking one sedative, it is also powerful enough to be used as an indicator of cognitive adaptations caused by ADHD and a range of other neurological conditions.

The Brain Gauge - Corticalmetrics

What is Brain Gauge™, exactly?

Brain Gauge™ offers an incredibly insightful, non-invasive, and engaging way to measure brain health & mental fitness. Based on many years of neuroscientific research, it allows a user to undergo a fun, non-invasive, and stimulating test that outputs a detailed, complex cognitive score (referred to as your ‘cortical metrics’). This score reflects the health of your brain across multiple functionalities (such as focus) via the use of your somatosensory system (more commonly known as your sense of touch!).

The fundamental idea behind Brain Gauge™ is that the somatosensory (sense of touch) system is used as a means of gauging the health of the brain via an analysis of how well the CNS (Central Nervous System) is functioning.

Nerves in your fingertips send signals to different areas of your brain (an interaction between your somatosensory and central nervous system). Brain Gauge™ takes advantage of this connection, utilizing a small device that allows the sending of gentle vibrations to your fingertips, escalating the difficulty level of questions that you are asked. Brain Gauge™ then measures the functional efficiency of the interaction between the nerves of the fingertips and brain (central nervous system), frequently adapting the frequency of vibration to ascertain its effects on the user, who is asked to feedback how these vibrational shifts make them feel.

You can expect a fun, engaging, non-invasive, and relatively quick experience that provides you with an amazingly comprehensive snapshot of your mental fitness and cognitive health.

The whole experience should take around fifteen minutes.

Has Brain Gauge™ been scientifically tested?

Yes. In fact, the technology carries upon its shoulders a long history of medical and neurological research. Back in the 1960s, Nobel Prize-winner Georg Von Bekesy identified the role of sensory-perceptual tests as a mechanism for CNS (central nervous system) processing. In the early part of the 21st Century, the field of cortical metrics emerged with strength, forming the basis of extensive scientific testing across the world.

In the last decade, technology progressed to allow the combining of multiple cortical metrics tests into one specific instrument. Cortical metrics are now applied effectively to a wide range of medical scenarios, such as in the identification or management of the effects of concussion, migraine, autism, alcoholism, and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD.

These days, cortical metrics have advanced to the point where sophisticated technology such as the Brain Gauge can offer easy-to-use, fun tests, with equally easy-to-read results, easily detecting shifts in cognitive function at an affordable price. The tech is so sensitive that it can rapidly reflect the impact on your brain of alcohol, exercise, caffeine, meditation, and pain killers. The technology has been used in 50 universities around the world, but it is also utilized by many coaches and sports practitioners, and medical clinics on a global basis.

Can’t Standard Medical Imaging Tests Tell Me the Same Information?

The answer, compellingly, is no. Cortical metrics offer valuable insights into subtle shifts in brain function that are impactful (e.g., taking a specific medication), but which often would not show up on a routine medical imaging scan. This subsequently means that Brain Gauge™ can offer an excellent adjunct management tool in the observation of how patients react to specific medications or exercise, as well as a wider observation of general cognitive health.


Brain Gauge™ is also unique in that it divides results into eight distinct categories, giving you the ability to gain a comprehensive overview of cognitive function. These categories are: accuracy, focus, speed, fatigue, connectivity, plasticity, TOJ (sequencing) and time perception:

Cortical Metrics

Accuracy: Your brain ability to detect small differences
Focus: Your brain’s ability to focus on the task at hand
Speed: How quickly your brain reacts to stimulation
Fatigue: How quickly your brain tires out when you are feeling stressed
Connectivity: Your brain’s ability to communicate & co-ordinate
Plasticity: Your brain’s ability to adapt and respond to change
Sequencing (TOJ, or Temporal Order Judgement): Your brain’s ability to identify the order of events
Time Perception: Your brain’s ability to identify the duration of events

Brain Gauge™ Benefits:

  • A comprehensive, fast snapshot of mental fitness & brain health, represented clearly using easy-to-read quantitative data;
  • The ability to track detailed reports for specific mental abilities or functions that interest you the most;
  • Creation of a comprehensive summary of cognitive function over time;
  • Monitoring of concussions without the need for a baseline test;
  • Allows the efficient testing of athletes, with a portable device that also offers the most accurate tech on the market;
  • Enables you to track your brains’ response to specific supplements, dietary adaptations, and medications.
  • Adaptive tests keep you challenged and engaged, even as your cognitive skills improve;
  • Allows the monitoring of symptoms of chronic pain, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions;
  • Empowers you to discover new ways to optimize your cognitive performance.

If you feel it’s time to gauge the speed, accuracy, focus, and overall health of your brain, Brain Gauge™ offers excellent insights and benefits. Contact the Doctor Studio today if you feel that you, or someone that you love, would benefit from this technologically innovative, comprehensive, & illuminating diagnostic test.

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