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Remember the incredible intimate connection that you used to enjoy with your partner, where your sexual connection was effortless, wonderful and a way for you to connect? Sadly, life can sometimes get in the way, hormones can change, the years can pass and we can sometimes simply wake up and realize that over time this amazing part of life has somehow slipped away. Sex might be less interesting to you, or uncomfortable. Orgasms might have become elusive. And your bond is slipping. It’s no one’s fault, but both you and your partner end up suffering. The amazing GAINSWavetherapy, however, offers a way to restore that incredible bond, rejuvenate your sex life, power up your libido, and offer you a way of really enjoying your intimate connection again. 

You deserve the fulfilling sense of joy that a healthy intimate life can bring, so if you feel like your libido or joy of sex has taken a hit recently, let the Doctors Studio help you with GAINSWave, a true revolution in the treatment of women’s sexual health.

GAINSWave™ Therapy. A revolution in the treatment of women’s sexual health.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just wave a magic wand, & restore that deep, erotic connection with your partner straight away?

Now you can.

With GAINSWave™.

Should I Have GAINSWave?

If you are struggling with orgasm, sexual pleasure, or libido then yes you should!

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures and you deserve to enjoy this fulfilling and pleasurable part of life. Even the health benefits of orgasms are incredible – the neurotransmitter and hormone activity that takes place in your body when you orgasm, for example, is so deeply restorative, that it represents one of the most powerful natural stress relievers in existence! Furthermore, an orgasm stimulates the brain so powerfully that when we look at an fMRI (brain) scan, we can see the brain light up even more than it would do so during brain training exercises! Don’t deny yourself of this amazingly fun, fulfilling, health-boosting & stress-busting part of life.

Some of the great benefits that you can expect from GAINSWave™ for women are:

  • Easier and stronger arousal (greater blood flow leads to easier arousal, stronger orgasms, more sensitivity, and great emotional satisfaction)
  • Greater clitoral sensitivity
  • Stronger and more frequent vaginal orgasms
  • Far better vaginal lubrication that can eliminate pain or discomfort caused by vaginal dryness, increased satisfaction, and more sensitivity
  • Greater elasticity in the vaginal canal, meaning more comfortable and stimulating sex for you and your partner  
  • Amazing stress-busting benefits
  • An end to an overactive bladder
  • An end to stress incontinence (common after childbirth), where a normal small physiological function such as a sneeze can lead to sudden uncontrolled urination that can be embarrassing and inconvenient. This happens because of a weak pelvic floor and urinary sphincter muscle. Focused GAINSWave™ treatment can help us restore this functionality to you.
  • Elimination of vulvodynia, a vaginal pain around the opening of the vagina (vulva) which can cause sex to feel miserable and painful.
  • Restoration of libido and sex drive after the menopause

The Doctors Studio team helps women with mild to severe sexual dysfunction to restore a quality sexual experience.  A combination of regenerative therapies – including acoustic pulse wave therapy (GAINSWave™) – and, if required, PRP, custom-compounded hormones, and other medications – can restore your sexual function completely – even when nothing else has helped. We are leaders in the field of performance medicine and sexual performance so you are in good hands!

Many women report improvement in sexual arousal and response soon after the first treatment.  This early response results from the opening of blood vessels and dispersion of small calcium deposits in the small vessels that open to engorge the sexual organ. 

How Long does GAINSWave take to work?

The GAINSWave™ treatment is painless and quick, lasting around 20 minutes (so quick, in fact, that you could fit it into your lunch hour!). The entire pelvic bowl is treated to rapidly stimulate blood flow, deliver oxygen to pelvic tissues, remove metabolic waste, stimulate stem cells via growth factors released by platelets & regenerate the entire vaginal and pelvic area. 

There is undoubtedly a regenerative process that results from shockwave therapy; lymphatic drainage is improved, enhancing blood flow and the nerve signals that are meant to run freely through the pelvis to initiate and control sexual response and climax.

Effects are not only rapid – but they have been shown in clinical studies to last up to two years!

Is It Backed by Science?

Yes. GAINSWave™ is an FDA-cleared device. It is a safe and effective means of restoring blood flow, rejuvenating vaginal tissue & restoring functionality, & increasing sensitivity, all in a painless, completely safe way.

But don’t just take our word for it – the NFL and other major sports leagues, athletes & franchises regularly rely on GAINSWave™ for a whole host of transformative, rejuvenating benefits. Any tennis or golf aficionados reading this might have already come across the therapy in the treatment of tennis or golfers elbow, or for calcific tendonitis of rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder.  It is also a common treatment for heel spurs & plantar fasciitis and in the breaking up of kidney stones. Overall, this favored therapy of sports medicine & general medical practitioners carries great precedent & scientific support in the academic literature as a regenerative therapy.

Interestingly, however, it is only recently that shockwave therapy, in the form of GAINSWave™ Therapy, has migrated to the field of sexual performance therapies – with stunning results. Academic studies now report an 85-92% success rate in the use of shockwave therapy for mild to moderate cases of sexual dysfunction in men, and there is no reason why these results wouldn’t translate into similar successes for women, too.

“There is literally fifteen years of data that has come out of Europe that shows that this tool is effective” – Dr. Lisbeth Roy

Restore your Intimate Connection Today

Sex can be wonderful, fulfilling, erotic, and a priceless way to connect intimately and meaningfully with your partner. But what happens when you begin to lose that connection, because you start to feel dry, so sex becomes painful, or your libido seems to disappear? It might be that suddenly you find it harder to achieve orgasm, or you simply don’t feel as sensitive as you used to. This can rob you of the enjoyment of sex and rob you of a once wonderful intimate connection with your partner. Don’t let this happen to you or your partner.

Ultimately, we all crave a great sexual connection, and you have every right to enjoy a great sex life, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Stress gets us down, hormones shift, and sex just falls way down on our agenda, but in reality, we are missing out on such an incredible part of life when this happens. If you feel like you or someone you love needs some help to restore your sex life once again, GAINSWave shockwave therapy is a great choice for you. Contact us today to start your journey back to a fulfilling & healthy sex life!

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