Imagine the scene. You get home from a hard day’s work, loosen your tie and slump down on the couch. You grab a beer, turn on the TV and put your feet up. So far, so good, right? You channel surf for a while and settle on a show with a romantic story about some couple or other. But it makes you think – why watch other people have a great time when I could be doing the same?!

So you plan a seductive dinner with your date instead (great idea!), and start looking forward to a little intimacy.

But it doesn’t go so well. That’s because sometimes, even the best laid plans can go wrong and some days you end up in bed, excited, turned on, yet unable to perform.

Too tired? Too stressed? Listen, it’s happened to us all. In fact, it is affecting around 30 million American men RIGHT NOW. That means that your college buddies, work mates or the guys you’ve just seen in the weights room have probably also struggled with it sometime.

But the great news? We know exactly how to help you restore your ability to enjoy an amazing sex life once again.


Our Top Three Natural Aphrodisiacs


With fifteen years experience in men’s sexual wellness, Doctors Studio know what it takes to restore, reinvigorate and optimize a man’s sex life.

That’s why we’ve curated the most potent aphrodisiacs that nature could offer, then packaged them into an exclusive, physician-grade range of supplements. So many of our clients have already reported amazing results and we think you’ll love them, too.

So what exactly do we recommend?


#1. We LOVE Tribulus Terrestris.


Straight out of the gates, we’d love to tell you about Tribulus Terrestris. Athletes the world over have taken this awesome supplement for years, with some major sports organizations so persuaded of its power that they’ve already listed it as a banned substance!

Tribulus is believed by many to majorly enhance testosterone, physical performance and virility. And that’s exactly why our best-selling Balance TRT includes a high dose of quality Tribulus Terrestris. We’ve combined it with Mucuna pruriens, thought to boost libido, treat premature ejaculation, improves sperm quality, elevate testosterone levels, and enhance erections.



#2. Our Next Choice? Velvet Antler Extract.

Second, we always recommend Velvet Antler Extract. Used as a fertility and libido enhancer for around 2, 000 years, this enduringly popular supplement has been credited by countless health practitioners as a dependable and powerful sexual performance booster. Many practitioners believe that this organic performance aid can enhance athletic performance, improve sexual performance and even function as an effective anti-aging agent.

Our R3 drops offer an awesomely convenient way of delivering the highest quality Velvet Antler Extract to you every single day. R3 is also packed with Tribulus Terrestris, offering you a truly major bang for your buck!


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#3. A Great Nights’ Sleep.

Yes, really! Our third and final recommendation on our go-to sexual health list is sleep. Here’s why.

Bad sleep is linked to waning sexual stamina, libido, and performance. And that’s because substandard sleep means more cortisol (a stress hormone) which down regulates testosterone. That toxic mix can kill performance in the bedroom.

But we can fix that! Our deep sleep enhancing REM Rhythm contains a super relaxing colostrum and melatonin blend. It’s exactly what you need to ace performance in every part of your life – including between the sheets! And when you’re relaxed enough to enjoy many more nights of intimacy, every post-orgasmic release of oxytocin, prolactin and testosterone will help you to dream even deeper.


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