Should You Use Functional Medicine Telehealth Services?


Amazing progress in technology has changed the way people live their lives. There's more connection and convenience, while the power of the internet has shifted our day-to-day activities and errands. 

Functional medicine and medicine in general have been a benefactor of technology. We've watched as testing has become more nuanced, helping us pinpoint root cause concerns and treat them more effectively. Technology has driven the breadth of treatments we're proud to administer under the functional medicine umbrella. 

Additionally, technology allows us to serve our patients through telehealth medicine appointments. Before the 2020 pandemic, telehealth medicine was starting to gain popularity. But the massive shifts in how we live our lives that resulted from the Coronavirus have contributed to a huge uptick in telehealth services, and statistics are showing that functional medicine via telehealth is here to stay. 

What Are Functional Telehealth Services?

Functional telehealth medicine services connect doctors and patients through video conferencing or phone calls, so the patient can stay at home and still receive healthcare. Telehealth is becoming more popular as people understand its benefits and convenience.

How Does A Functional Telehealth Appointment Work?

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Functional telehealth appointments will vary from practice to practice, but at Doctors Studio, we use telehealth as a complementary part of an overall treatment program for our patients. We invite you into the office for your initial consultation to establish our relationship in person, get to know you face-to-face, and provide a comprehensive exam if needed. 

However, functional telehealth appointments are useful for regular check-ins as part of your treatment plan. You will meet with Dr. Roy or another team member via video conference or phone at a specific time. During these telehealth appointments, you'll be able to update us on any progress or concerns from the comfort of your home.

Many patients who don't live in Boca Raton come in for their initial consultation and then lean on the power of functional telehealth to continue treatment—whether out of town or out of state. We've had a lot of success with this approach, and it allows us to reach more people looking for the best in functional medicine telehealth services.

Here's what you need to know about functional medicine telehealth services:

Functional telehealth is here to stay.

Less than a decade ago, attending a doctor's appointment via video conference was almost unthinkable. Today, stats show that more people are using telehealth and that it's not soon going away.

According to Insider Intelligence, most people who used telehealth in 2021 plan on using it again in the future after finding the convenience and efficacy appealing. This demand is growing with the evolution of telehealth applications; at-home hospital care is being developed as traditional healthcare systems are seeing the possibilities for new treatment models.

The opportunities for medical care improvement due to telehealth are endless. At Doctors Studio, we're proud to deliver the best healthcare experience on top of the best functional medicine treatments.

It's convenient.

Whether traveling the world or staying home to avoid traffic, functional telehealth is incredibly convenient and saves you time. Most of us spend the majority of our doctor’s appointments in the waiting room; with functional medicine, you don’t have to waste time waiting to see your doctor.

You're more likely to show up for your health.

With increased convenience, it's easier to make your appointments. With functional telehealth, we've seen our patients show up more consistently for themselves. Part of our treatment model is proactive health cultivation, and when our patients show up more consistently, their ability to stay proactive increases greatly.

Root Cause Wellness ebook 2022_sided version

If You Only Treat Symptoms, the Underlying Causes Never Go Away

Let’s Get to the Bottom of Your Health Issues. Then Remedy Them.

Manage stressful illnesses from the comfort of your home.

With functional medicine via telehealth, an in-depth relationship with your health professional is crucial to executing a successful strategy for your health. However, if you're struggling with health issues that make it more of a burden to attend in-office, functional telehealth offers a welcome respite. You'll enjoy the care of functional medicine from the comfort of your own home and only come in when you’re ready—or if your doctor deems it necessary.

An enhanced doctor-patient relationship.

When telehealth first debuted, we wondered what the implications were for the doctor/patient relationship. Would it be strained and less personal? However, we found that adding a telehealth component makes our patients feel more familiar with our doctors and team. Additionally, it's opened a gate where patients feel more welcome to contact us for any reason. That ability was always there, as Doctors Studio delivers highly-personalized and in-depth functional medicine, but functional telehealth seemed to ease the barrier of hesitance through more familiar communication methods.

Getting Started with Functional Medicine Telehealth

At Doctors Studio, we guide our patients on their journey to optimal health and wellness. Our cutting-edge treatments and years of experience provide a strategy that treats you from the inside out - not just your symptoms. 

Whether you seek relief from an autoimmune condition, need help with your sexual health, or are looking to fine-tune your health foundation, we are here to identify the root cause of any underlying conditions.

With functional medicine via telehealth, you can benefit from our services from anywhere in the world or in the comfort of your own home. When you're ready, schedule an appointment or call us today at 561-444-7751.

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