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What is a lifestyle prescription?

Remember when you felt like a million bucks?  Energy to spare as you rolled out of bed in the mornings, ready to go? Plus, you felt and looked great. Somewhere along the way, without even really noticing, those awesome energy levels fell away a little bit. Gym gains got a little slower, life got a bit, well…tougher. And you woke up one day, thinking, where did the old me go?!

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If that sounds familiar, it might be time for a lifestyle intervention at Doctors Studio. It’s a fine-tuning to make sure your hormones, nutrition, supplements, sleep schedule, and exercise are each on target.

Not many people are aware that just a small imbalance can sometimes cause an avalanche of wellness issues that can have negative effects on sleep, skin quality, energy levels, emotion and mood. Why let something so small (and often simple for us to treat and resolve) have so much control over your happiness, wellness, and quality of life?

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Lifestyle prescription is a therapeutic service offered by the Doctors Studio. We build on the generic approach of clinicians and medics in using lifestyle interventions as the first line of defense in preventing and treating serious conditions, as well as making you feel AWESOME. 

It could be that our tests uncover seriously negative microbiota health in your gut which has harmed your immunity, giving you bloating and gas, and making you feel run down. Maybe you are approaching pre-diabetes and we need to give your diet an overhaul to eradicate the risk. 

It could be that age-related testosterone decline has made you feel tired, less able to chase major gains in the weight room, and or impacted your satisfaction in the bedroom (which we can deal with using some great hormone replacement & hormone boosting therapies).

Our approach is a preventative one. Our goal is to deliver optimized health to you, not just average, or acceptable health. We don’t see health as simply the absence of disease. We see it as a purely optimized state, where you perform is optimal, with amazing sleep, a great mood, feeling, and looking as good as possible. We don’t think being tired and worn out is “the normal effects of aging.” You simply don’t have to put up with that.

So What Happens in a Lifestyle Intervention?

At Doctors Studio, we look at every area of your life, performing any tests that are necessary to work out what might be making you feel badly, then advising you on the therapies, treatments, and or lifestyle adaptations that will restore you to optimal functionality, health & happiness.

Our most major approaches focus on:

  • Diet, nutrition & supplementation: Are you taking in the macro & micronutrients that you need? Are your vitamins on point? Do you have healthy gut microbiota?
  • Hormones: Are your hormones balanced and at the levels they should be?
  • Exercise & Fitness: Is your exercise & activity level where they should be, and how can different kinds of exercise help you at your unique, specific life stage (e.g., to manage symptoms of andropause)?
  • Toxicity: Do you have a build-up of toxicity (e.g., pollutants, heavy metals) with your body?
  • General lifestyle: How’s your sleep hygiene? How are your mental & physical stress levels? What mindfulness approaches or habits do you use (if any) when it comes to managing these stress levels?

You’ll learn so much about your health, right down to the cellular level, with a lifestyle intervention giving you the information, fine-tuning, strategies, testing, and, if necessary, therapies & treatments needed to ensure that we return you to optimized health & keep you there LONG-TERM.

Restore Amazing Physical and Emotional Health Today

We are experts in performance medicine, sexual performance and the use of progressive, next-gen, scientifically-backed approaches. We love to help our clients take a holistic approach to work out exactly how to optimize their body for aesthetic, physiological, and emotional health. So if you feel that you, or someone that you love would benefit from Doctors Studio lifestyle intervention, get in touch with us today!

Experience a Lifestyle Intervention today. You won’t regret it!

Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

Founder of Doctors Studio

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