Boost Immunity AND Burn Fat? LIPO-MIC: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!


Have we got a treat for you! The holidays are coming, you can almost taste that Thanksgiving turkey, and Christmas lights are twinkling all over town. Bing Crosby is singing of a white Christmas, it’s time to drink and make merry with your friends, and stockings are soon to be hung on the hearth. It’s the most wonderful time of year!

The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

But is it?

As a medical practice, we can tell you that it’s also the time of year (unfortunately!) that you’re most likely to catch cold or flu, and to suffer indigestion, bloating, constipation, and fatigue due to over-indulging in lots of lovely food and drink.

We don’t want you to have to hit the brakes on a truly wonderful holiday season just because you’ve gotten sick. We want it to stay the most wonderful time of year, no matter what!

That’s why we created the ultimate supplement double-threat, perfectly developed for the holiday season! One that will not only super charge your immunity and keep bugs at bay, but ALSO power up fat burning, meaning no more sluggish post-turkey metabolisms. You’ll feel full of energy and ready to get the party started!

LIPO-MIC – the gift that keeps on giving!

A Gift That Keeps on Giving!

You won’t be able to find LIPO-MIC anywhere else. It’s totally exclusive to Doctors Studio. Let’s take a look at this powered-up proprietary blend, to see why it’s the best holiday indulgence out there!

#1. Cold & Flu? Hit Back Hard!

Fall and Winter 2021 has been forecast to be a particularly heavy hitter when it comes to cold and flu.1 And Covid-19 cases? They’re currently surging, too.2 That’s why this high-potency blend of B12, methionine, choline and inositol in LIPO-MIC is such an amazing choice. Recent studies show that B12 isn’t just powerful in protecting against colds – it may even offer a powerful intervention against Covid-19, too!3

And methionine? It plays a particularly powerful role in supporting the T cells in our bodies that play a vital role in fighting off nasty viruses and infections.4 Our proprietary blend of vitamins and amino acids will hit sickness bugs where it really hurts!

#2. A Little Extra Stuffing – and We’re Not Talking Turkeys!

Americans gain an average of 1-3 pounds over the Thanksgiving season! We love our food, let’s face it. And that’s  a permanent weight gain, according to Web MD45, that can really add up over the years and heighten your long-term risk to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

But if you choose LIPO-MIC as your secret weapon? You’ll have taken a great step in preventing that year-on-year weight gain. Remember the bug-busting talents of methionine and B12? Well, they’re lipotropics too! That means they burn fat alongside keeping you healthy! What can we say? LIPO-MIC is the best holiday companion that you could hope for!

#3. Enough Energy to Face the In-Laws

Familiar with that post-turkey energy slump? That’s your blood sugar hitting the floor after all that wonderful indulgence. But as your body struggles to process the extra calories, rich food, and alcohol, it can knock your energy levels for six.

Sadly, family drama waits for no man (or woman). As your mother-in-law comes at you with yet another Christmas sweater concept, three of your tiny nephews begin to climb all over you. Then your pops start complaining at the TV – again. How much more can you really take?!

LIPO-MIC will give you the energy you need to keep on going via the inclusion of awesome guarana and velvet antler extract, while B12 is a great mood enhancer! It’s a perfect combo for gliding through family dramas unphased. And you even get the benefits of liver detoxification alongside it (awesome for all the planned indulgences on your holiday schedule!).

With LIPO-MIC, you’ll have enough energy to face the in-laws – and more – leaving you ready for the after party and to keep the good times rolling!

Keep the Party Going with LIPO-MIC

You’ve earned the right to party hard, indulge and let your hair down after one hell of a hard year. Keep the party going with LIPO-MIC, our incredible compound of high-dose, high-quality immunity-boosting lipotropics. It’s the Santa’s little helper that you didn’t know you needed, that will keep you truly on top of your game!

Need more help with your health & wellness? Reach out to us today – we’re here to help!

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