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Re-energize your life in a unique way!

Personalize your Supplements to Re-energize Your Life!

You may already be enjoying the benefits of health and fitness supplements. When we want to truly harness the complete benefits of supplementation, we need to take it to another level, however and invest in a personalized product tailored to your unique needs. 

Get the minerals, vitamins, good fats, antioxidants, amino acids, and probiotic mix that you need to really optimize your energy, focus, and emotions to totally supercharge your life!

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The US supplement market is worth a staggering $46 billion. As our knowledge in developing and realizing the benefits of vitamin, mineral and other health supplementation continues to rise, so too does the demand for the highest quality supplements out there. 

While there are a lot of products out there to choose from, supplement users increasingly face an issue that impacts their benefits and gains. Simply said, supplements are made to cater to a generic market.

Generic Vs. Personalized

Supplements are usually generic, which offers the benefit of being available quickly, off-the-shelf, which can be a convenient way to access a range of nutrients that we wouldn’t otherwise be taking in from our food.

However, generic means “suited to the average consumer” and we are each unique. Using generic products can mean intaking too much of, say, the potassium we need, but not enough Omega 3, or probiotics. We might be taking a higher level of iron than we need,  and ingesting a sub-optimal level of glutamine, or not taking in enough magnesium. 

Conversely, we might be doing the right things, but at the wrong time of day (magnesium is a great supplement to take before bed for example, rather than in the mornings). Or we may have abandoned a course of probiotics that we really need because we chose too high an initial dose, and it caused a whole host of short-term effects that we didn’t expect.

Let’s face it, if you invest in supplements as a way of life, you’re doing something great for your health. But you know that they don’t come cheap, so you need to know that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck that you can. 

You also need to know that what you’re using is the highest quality, with no artificial chemicals, preservatives, or anything else that isn’t good for you, in exactly the right doses, in a way that respects the dynamic shift in hormones and lifestyle that you will experience over the years (which, in turn, will affect your probiotic, macrobiotic, vitamin and mineral profile).

When you prioritize your health you care that you are doing EXACTLY the right thing for your body. This is why Doctors Studio has now developed a personalized supplement range that directly addresses these issues to crystallize all the benefits of a generic product, then takes it further to personalize the product to your unique health & wellness profile. The result? The highest-quality, most effective personalized supplement that you can get is totally worth the investment.

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Doctors Studio: Prioritizes Your Uniqueness

At the Doctors Studio, we offer a range of progressive, medically-based, insightful tests that tell us EXACTLY what supplements you need, and why.

For example, we know how crucial a balanced microbiome (the balance of good bacteria in your gut) is to achieving optimized health. A suboptimal balance can cause embarrassing short-term effects such as flatulence, bloating or constipation, while long-term effects can include compromised immunity, anxiety & mood swings, bad skin, fatigue & (for women) worsened PMS symptoms. A simple stool test can help us find out exactly which probiotics you need – and the exact dosage – to restore you to full energy, a flat stomach & an end to any embarrassing digestive issues.

We also offer an amazing epigenetic hair scan test that allows us to gain a complex appreciation of your nutritional health – do you need more amino acids, or magnesium & calcium, for example? Do you have undiagnosed food intolerances, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid, or antioxidant deficiencies? We find that the epigenetic hair test correlates very closely to standard blood & urine tests in terms of accuracy, with clients finding the process easy, painless, and informative, offering an amazing base for the development of customized, organic, high-quality supplements.

We have a range of next-gen, progressive tests, treatments & therapies designed to optimize your health & understand exactly what you need – so when you come to us for a personalized solution, you can rest assured that the best medical-grade knowledge, experience & technology go into creating your supplement program. And when we understand your health profile that well, you can expect a product that gets really effective results.

A Dynamic Solution

Did you know that your vitamin, mineral, good fat, amino acid, probiotic, and all-round dietary needs shift noticeably as we age? This is because of the normal hormonal shifts that accompany the aging process (such a significantly lowered testosterone in men from around the late 30s onwards) and major changes in progesterone and estrogen levels in women (e.g., as a result of pregnancy, menopause, and perimenopause) can impact significantly what kinds of nutrients, probiotics, etc., you need to be taking in to optimize your health.

You might also be suffering from a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition, inflammation, or dysfunction that might have also impacted what your body now needs to function well. That means that what was great for you supplement-wise five years ago might no longer be working optimally for you now. Personalized nutritional supplements recognize this very dynamic nature of hormonal shifts, health & wellness adaptations and give you exactly what you need RIGHT NOW.

Enjoy the Benefits

The physiological benefits of a personalized health supplement are impressive! Many of our client’s reports:

  • Accelerated fat/weight loss
  • Feel great, full of energy & vitality
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Great hair
  • Great skin
  • A nutrition solution that is organic, easily digested & highly tailored to your unique needs
  • No more bloating
  • Peace of mind that you are following a healthy, nutritionally balanced, restorative & rejuvenating nutritional program
  • Identification of food intolerances
  • A product free from electromagnetic pollution or other environmental toxins
  • Empowering knowledge about who you are on the inside!
  • Healthier hormone balance
  • Overall better physiological functionality

How Can I Get a Personalized Supplement?

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Contact us and simply let us know that you are interested in a personalized supplement and we’ll talk you through the rest! Every single person is unique in terms of their medical history, nutritional profile, probiotic profile, and vitamin & mineral needs, so we will advise you on the tests we feel are necessary to really find out what you need when it comes to a personalized supplement.

What’s more, our supplements are all made to the highest possible quality, organic, plant-based & effective. We create our supplements so that they are simple & easy to use, crystallizing a whole range of amazing nutritional & wellness benefits into one easy-to-take product. Throw it in a smoothie, sprinkle it over cereal, mix it into yogurt or enjoy it as part of a milkshake – the choice is yours!

So if you feel that you would benefit from a Doctors Studio personalized supplement, contact us today and we would love to help you upscale your health, wellness & life, and take your supplementation regime to a whole new level!

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