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At Doctors Studio, we believe that early intervention is key. Medicine and treatments are preventative; health is optimized and a diagnosis of “average” or “okay” is not acceptable. 

Treating quickly and accurately requires an understanding of the problem. Choosing the right test means a correct diagnosis and a clear path to a solution.

For us, Restoring patients’ quality of life is key to empowering each to return to their maximum physical, mental and emotional potential, so we identify problems early, while they are still straightforward to treat. We believe that a treatment program should be unique to the patient, powerful, progressive, and balanced.

Here are just a few:

  • GENETIC TESTING:  Full medical genetic profile, epigenetics, methylation, platelets, clotting risk
  • CANCER PREVENTION:  Monitor markers, structure, & function
  • STOOL TESTING:  Parasite, bacterial overgrowth, fungus, microbiome
  • FOOD ALLERGY AND SENSITIVITY TESTING:  Potential source of systemic inflammation

The Doctors Studio medical team excels in the creation of exactly this kind of personalized, tailored program, blending a human-centered, supportive, and caring approach with the kind of advanced, cutting-edge testing and scientific interpretation that gets results fast. Adopting a holistic approach, Doctors Studio doesn’t just manage the disease, it optimizes health in a progressive and scientifically informed way.

Which Tests Do We Offer?

At the Doctors Studio, we use cutting-edge, innovative and clinically tested therapies and treatments to diagnose, manage and enhance conditions as diverse as anti-aging, hair loss, and sexual dysfunction. Our progressive suite of next-gen, medically developed tests can deliver comprehensive, sophisticated, and detailed results to you that you are unlikely to ever receive at your physician's office.

As any medical professional practitioner will tell you, we can only provide you with the right care if we have performed the right tests, and aggregated the right data, to work out the best treatment plan that meets your unique needs. From the very first moment, the Doctors Studio team offers a comprehensive testing service, using patient data (an extensive medical intake questionnaire, patient interview, and medical examination) to really get to the root cause of what is causing discomfort, pain, or illness.

What Kinds of Tests Do You Offer?

Research Information by Doctor

As a progressive, scientifically informed medical practice, the Doctors Studio Advanced Diagnostics suite includes a portfolio of blood, saliva, stool, hair, and urine testing that you will not typically encounter in the office of your primary care doctor.  

  • Alzheimer Linx™: A test that identifies patients who are at heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders, identifies reactivity to triggers of these disorders, identifies early-stage neurodegeneration, and monitors the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications used to treat these conditions.

Autonomic Nervous System (Ans)

Measuring the functioning of your ANS offers us an excellent insight into whole-body health, heart rate, your resilience to stress, the physical and mental stress that your body is currently battling, and the way these variables affect you mentally, physically and emotionally. One of our most powerful tests is the HRV test:

  • Heart Rate Variability test (HRV): a non-invasive test that identifies autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalances by measuring the variation in time between each heartbeat. The healthier your ANS, the more likely the variation between beats will be high. A low HRV is correlated with worsening depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular disease.

Nutrient Evaluation

Poor nutrition can cause an unbelievable host of illnesses & dysfunction, such as IBS, leaky gut, nutrient malabsorption, poor sleep, thinning hair, bad skin, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, lethargy, anxiety & depression. We are experts at performing nutrient evaluations and in providing programs and evaluations that will help set you back on the track to amazing health! We love the resonance health scan that gives us a great snapshot of your current nutrition-based health:

  • BIORESONANCE HAIR SCAN: A test that uses hair analysis to determine nutrient requirements, including the identification of food intolerances and allergies.


Inflammation can come in a vast number of forms, causing a vast number of side effects. It is often the first step in the pathology of what might eventually turn into a very serious disease. We know that spotting inflammation early, subsequently, offers us an excellent first step in monitoring health, early prevention & diagnosis & the optimization of health, wellness, & quality of life. One amazing tool that we use is thermography, a form of thermal imaging that creates infrared images of heat patterns in your body, and which carries immense benefits to female & male patients:

  • THERMOGRAPHY uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns, inflammation, metabolic activity and anomalies in blood flow, identifying thermal asymmetries that can provide an excellent early-identification adjunct screening tool for the diagnosis of breast cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Improve your Health with Advanced Testing Today

Ultimately, we know that Advanced testing provides the key diagnostic and treatment information that we need to reveal the cause of your inflammation, symptoms, illness, or dysfunction. We offer an excellent range of tests, which we can then use to prescribe highly-tailored, progressive, medically informed solutions that will change your life and get you back on your feet again. What it comes down to is this: you should feel GREAT with OPTIMIZED health and if you don’t, we want to help you REACH that goal. You deserve a life packed with energy, wellness and joy! If you feel that you or someone you love would benefit from Advanced Testing, contact the Doctors Studio today.

Hormones and Metabolites

The DUTCH® Test – The Dutch Complete Hormone Profile provides a comprehensive assessment of your sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites, identifying root causes of hormonal imbalance, including markers that provide information about adrenal (stress) hormones and steroid hormones (DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol). Our genes code for hormones, but hormones regulate genes, meaning that while you might be genetically disposed to certain hormonal activity, we can also influence & optimize that genetic expression using treatments and therapies. The acronym DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It is an easy, painless, non-invasive test involving the collection of urine samples over a 24-hour period, which is then analyzed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your hormonal health.

You’ll learn so much about your health, right down to the cellular level, with a lifestyle intervention giving you the information, fine-tuning, strategies, testing, and, if necessary, therapies & treatments needed to ensure that we return you to optimized health & keep you there LONG-TERM.

Epigenetic Hair Testing

Epigenetics relates to the study of heritable phenotype changes that do not alter the DNA sequence, but can influence genetic expression. In simpler terms, lifestyle, habits, our dietary choices and your external environment (e.g. pollution levels) can each impact our epigenetics powerfully.

A Bioresonance hair scan is a hair analysis used to determine nutrient requirements, including the identification of food intolerances and allergies. Known as bio-resonance scanning, the technique has been used as a vital part of law enforcement practice for many years. Now it is available to you, too, allowing us to deliver a whole range of nutritional and health-focused feedback that we can use to optimize your health & wellbeing! Deficient in specific minerals? Undiagnosed food intolerances? Issues with bacteria? All we need to do is to take 3 strands of your hair and we can answer all of those questions, alongside a whole lot more.

Telomere Testing

Telomeres are sections of genetic material located at the end of every chromosome in our bodies. Their function is to provide a vital means of preventing fraying at the ends of our chromosomal material when cells replicate. Much like the end of a shoelace, which is prevented from fraying by a small plastic sheath, our telomeres act as a protector. When we are young and healthy, there is no fraying or shortening because our telomeres are long and robust. However, as we age, they fray and diminish in length.

Telomere Testing allows us to determine the length of your telomeres in relation to your age by measuring telomere length. This provides a fascinating window into how well your cells are aging (a rate influenced by genes and external factors such as stress, pollution and your diet), allowing us the means to either tailor your anti-aging program so that it meets your unique needs (if anti-aging is your goal), or to use the data to ascertain whether you might be more vulnerable to age-related dysfunction and conditions. As an early indicator of health or dysfunction, telomere tests can be hugely valuable!

Neurolipid Testing

Neurolipid levels are powerfully influenced by genetic factors but also by lifestyle and diet. Our blood lipid profile carries vital information about our health, susceptibility to cardiovascular and other diseases, and can even be used as a predictor of emotional health, with recent studies reporting that total blood lipid profile is consistently lower in patients who suffer from depression, aggression & mood swings.

Experience a Lifestyle Intervention today. You won’t regret it!

Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

Founder of Doctors Studio

Get to the Root of Your Health Issues At Last

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