A Medically Designed Wellness for Life Program

Transform Your Life Through Detoxification, Metabolism Repair, Hormone, and GI Balance

Struggling with weight, energy, sluggish thinking, aches and pains, sleep disturbances, bloating, and/or bowel issues are common in the world we live in today.  Studio Detox is a physician designed to help address the common cause of these issues. The program is focused on overcoming the physiologic obstacles that are in the way of optimal health, optimal function, optimal weight, and a sense of inner and outer beauty.

There are many obstacles to optimal weight and wellness. Everyday toxins (ubiquitous in air, water, food, environment, medications), systematic inflammation, food sensitivities, digestive challenges, and hormone imbalances are among the top reasons why otherwise healthy people don’t feel their best and find it difficult to lose weight, to maintain an ideal weight and to perform optimally.

Studio Detox is a combination of detoxification, elimination of irritating foods/allergens, and flooding the body with ultra-nutrition; achieved by feeding the body what it needs to repair imbalances and optimize the body’s functions.

Food is very powerful medicine. Following the Studio Detox program will help to restore cellular balance, thus alleviating your symptoms. This program uses food and exercise as a prescription to influence your metabolism, restore the balance of all physiologic systems and reduce the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Participants may also discover other benefits, like improved digestive health, reduced cholesterol, increased energy, or lower blood pressure.

Studio Lean and Studio Detox are both wellness-focused approaches to improved health, body composition, and fat loss. Both Studio Lean and Studio Detox are physician-designed, self-guided programs supported by digital resources and online engagement tools and strategies.

Toxicity is a problem of the body systems being overtaxed at the cellular level. Often the symptoms of toxicity are subtle and unrecognized. Both programs are an “elimination” strategy to avoid foods that are often toxic to the body. They combine scientifically proven and formulated supportive nutraceuticals to target optimal cellular function so that balance can be restored. The restoration of proper cellular function leads to a decrease in systemic inflammation often resulting in an improvement in energy, mental clarity, sleep quality, metabolism, mood, wellbeing, elimination, and a resolution of fatigue, sluggishness, depression, anxiety, bloating, constipation, aches, and pains.


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