Female Baldness Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss is devastating! It's also easy to remedy.

Fighting Female Hair Loss: How to Restore Beautiful, Thicker Hair

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One of the most elegant and beautiful signs of femininity in modern society is thick, lustrous hair. Countless models are pictured in advertisements for health products, clothes, or fitness campaigns running their fingers through luscious locks. A commonly-observed signal for health, vitality, youth and wellness, a ‘bad hair day’ is a well-known metaphor for when we just feel...bleugh. The global hair care market is worth an astounding $85 billion, expected to grow to $102 billion by 2024, which reflects the time, interest, priority & love that we invest in our hair!

Hair Loss & Menopause

But what happens when your hair starts to thin? It can often feel like we are losing part of our identity, but it’s a relatively common problem for women, especially as we age (by 65, in fact, less than half of us women will still have all of our hair!). The perimenopause & menopause, for example, can bring on hair loss due to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels - a source of major distress for many women. In fact, an astounding 21million women in the US currently suffer from hair loss, so if it’s happening to you, you’re not alone.

Hair Loss & Pregnancy

Hair loss is also a common phenomenon after pregnancy, when major hormonal shifts cause us to worry every time we brush our hair in the mornings - how many strands of hair are going to appear on the hairbrush today?! Up to 50% of women will experience postpartum hair loss, making it a common and often distressing phenomenon at a time when we are most tired, worn out and in need of a confidence fix. Or we look down in the shower each morning and feel alarmed at how much hair is circling the plug, wondering if we will ever feel good about ourselves again. 

While these distressing hair-related issues can disappear over time, as hormones return to a pre-pregnancy state (and newborns give us a little more opportunity to sleep!), some women continue to experience the effects long-term.

The great news is that - regardless of the cause of your hair loss - there is a way to restore your hair to a thicker, more beautiful condition, once again! Dr. Roy, Founder of the Doctors Studio, outlines some common and interrelated variables that can affect hair loss & regrowth, and explains the reasons why treating the underlying cause is always imperative for true patient satisfaction & outcomes to occur.

How We Can Help

As functional medical specialists, we know that it is critical to understand the root cause of your hair loss before we treat it. Whilst PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment might, for example, stimulate hair growth in the short-term (great!), if the underlying root cause of the original hair loss is left unchecked, hair loss might occur again - alongside other potentially more serious health issues (not so great!). We can run nutrient checks and thyroid checks (a dysfunctional thyroid and low iron levels can contribute to hair loss, for example), & take a clear & detailed view of what exactly is causing hair loss to occur.

What Specific Therapies Can You Offer?

One of our favourite therapies is Studio Scalp. Studio Scalp is an innovative therapy for hair loss that uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to mobilize the non-thermal beneficial effects of low-intensity light to alter biological cell activity. Known within the clinical literature as photobiomodulation, or photobiostimulation, medical research reports its effectiveness in a whole range of medical scenarios, including hair loss (alongside many other positive medical effects such as the management of pain, nerve regeneration, or wound healing). The Hair Society also reported recently that they believe laser radiation-based treatments (such as Studio Scalp) carries the potential to invigorate follicles and cells of the scalp to grow more effectively via the stimulation of greater blood flow and nutrient transport to the area. 

It is thought that LLLT positively influences effects on the mitochondria which leads to an increase in ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) levels, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production (ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is an energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things), and an induction of the transcription factors that activate our genes and produce proteins that are beneficial to cells.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

We also favour a fantastic medically-innovative therapy that has transitioned across a whole range of fields, from dentistry, orthopedics, sports medicine to aesthetics - and now hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technologies allow us to concentrate the pure healing power of the plasma in your own blood and reinject it directly into the scalp to powerfully stimulate regeneration of the hair & improve blood flow to the scalp, thereby benefiting from the stimulation of growth factors and stem cells to power up improved hair growth.

Lifestyle, Nutritional & Supplement-Focused Interventions

We may also consider other factors that can seriously affect hair loss & regrowth, and test you for vitamin & mineral deficiencies, the need for probiotics, the presence of toxins & pathogens, the presence of harmful microbiota in your gut, a consideration of whether different medications or exercise & eating patterns might benefit you, and a careful consideration of any existing conditions or medication that you might be engaging with. As functional medical specialists we know how deeply connected the different systems of the body are, and that dysfunction in one area might hugely impact on another.

Whatever therapies - such as Studio Scalp, or PRP - that we recommend - are ultimately far more likely to be successful, and successful for longer, if we take this holistic approach.

Contact the Doctors Studio Today

Unlike many other wellness practices, our Studio Team is not only well-versed in talking you through the specificities of this progressive hair replacement therapy. We are also medically trained to identify any hormonal or endocrinological, nutritional or other imbalances that might prove to be a root cause of hair loss, which we can effectively treat using a range of progressive, next gen & scientifically-backed hormone based therapies tailored specifically to your unique needs. So contact us today if you feel that you, or someone you love, might benefit from hair restoration therapy and we look forward to helping you restore your hair to a great condition once again!

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