Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is no joke! As a functional medical practice, we first identify root causes to heal your IBS. 

Control Your Digestion – Don’t Let it Control You!


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is thought to affect up to 45 million Americans. Women are more likely to suffer – around two-thirds of Americans with IBS are female. Symptoms can be intermittent or constant, and span a wide range of uncomfortable, often painful symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, headaches, fatigue, nausea, inflammation & flatulence.

Symptoms can be not only uncomfortable & inconvenient but really embarrassing, making simple, fun events like lunch with friends an event that you’d suddenly rather avoid for fear of flatulence or diarrhoea running the event.

It is also, often, misdiagnosed; given the relative ubiquity of the symptoms shared by a range of other digestive disorders & conditions (such as gluten or wheat intolerances), and even the earlier stages of stomach or colon cancer, incorrect diagnoses can risk protracted and ineffective treatment, and even, in some cases, irreversible physical damage. As a result, way too many Americans are simply having to live long-term with these life-changing, miserable symptoms.

How Can the Doctors Studio Help Me?


The simple truth is that you don't need to live with IBS. You don’t need to live with misdiagnoses. And you don’t need to live with long-term medications that simply aren’t helping – and which might even be making your health worse.

We have an exacting understanding of what is needed in healing your digestion completely. At the Doctors Studio, we can perform rigorous testing to understand exactly what lies at the root of your digestive issues, to ascertain beyond any shadow of a doubt as to whether it is IBS, or another digestive issue that presents with similar symptoms. 

We can look at factors such as gut microbiota, nutrient deficiencies, hormone balance, stool testing, food intolerances, levels of toxicity within the body, and any other salient factors that might contribute. We can use thermal imaging scans to identify the presence of any inflammation within the body, or unusual metabolic activity, that might explain your symptoms, and then move to treatments & therapies that will be extremely effective. 

We can then turn to an excellent range of therapies & treatments - customized plant-based supplements, for example, customized medications, nutrition programs, & a range of other innovative yet clinically-tested approaches to ensure that your IBS – or any other digestive disorder – is effectively managed, giving you complete relief from symptoms with the right lifestyle & dietary management.

Testing for IBS & Digestive Disorders

As a clinical practice with 15 years of experience, led by Dr. Lisbeth Roy (widely recognized as a specialist & leader in the fields of functional, performance & sexual medicine), we will perform exactly the right tests to ascertain the root cause of your digestive issues. We have invested in the very best cutting-edge technologies, using a suite of next-gen, medically sophisticated tech that you won’t usually find in the office of a standard physician – and it is all designed to provide you with the most comprehensive, rapid diagnostic capabilities possible. Your diagnosis might require a simple, straightforward test, or one or more of the following:

  •       Comprehensive consultation
  •       Microbiome Testing
  •       Micronutrient Testing
  •       Advanced Lab testing
  •       Stool Testing
  •       Parasite Testing
  •       Hormone Evaluation
  •       Biomarker Testing
  •       Thermal imaging (thermography)
  •       Epigenetic hair Scan

Once we’ve gotten to the root cause of your issues, we use our excellent clinical capacity for treatment to rejuvenate, restore, heal & optimize.

We don’t just look at the immediate management of short-term symptoms. IBS or the related digestive disorder that is causing those symptoms may have caused some longer-term damage to your gut, which we will need to reverse, or it may have caused serious nutrient malabsorption over time, so we will need to restore vitamin & mineral levels. We have many effective strategies such as the utilization of plant-based customized supplements, probiotics, biofeedback approaches, lifestyle-intervention strategies, IV nutrient infusions, dietary adaptations, and many other approaches that we can call on to achieve true short-term & long-term optimization of health. 

IN short, you won’t leave us feeling okay again. You’ll leave us feeling in the kind of exceptional health that you haven’t experienced for a very long time!

What Can I Do to Manage My Symptoms?

Women Holding Hot Water Bag on Stomach

You’ve already taken the first most important step, which is looking for information, proactively trying to heal, & seeking out the very best health provider to help you. The next step is to book into the Doctors Studio for a consultation! Remember that your symptoms might be indicative of a more serious disorder & the cause of serious long-term physical damage (especially if symptoms are left untreated), so we strongly advise that you seek help.

In the meantime, there are some other strategies that you might consider to experience some relief from your symptoms:

  •       Stress can exacerbate digestive issues, because chronically high levels of the stress hormone cortisol & other related effects of stress & anxiety can disturb the delicate balance of your gut & cause a range of unpleasant symptoms that can lead to, or be characterized as, IBS. Trying to remove stressful triggers & introducing better sleep hygiene, meditation, & other calming influences into your daily routine can make a difference.
  •       Some foods & beverages can be triggers. While these can be different for everyone, generally, spicy foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, chocolate & high sugar foods tend to be common trigger foods. If you notice that symptoms flare particularly badly after a certain kind of food, it is sensible to avoid it until you’ve sought the advice of a health professional who can advise you of the best nutritional strategy to undertake.
  •       Identifying food intolerances & allergies can really help, as IBS has been misdiagnosed, in some cases, when a food allergy or intolerance (such as wheat &/or lactose) could be the real root cause.
  •       Probiotics and prebiotics may help restore some level of healthy balance to your gut, although it is important to start with low doses, so that you don’t exacerbate already uncomfortable symptoms.
  •       Slowly introducing fiber into your diet can help if your diet is currently low in fiber.
  •       A heat pad can encourage more blood flow to the stomach region which can help to manage the discomfort of stomach cramps and offer a little help to your body in the digestive process
  •       Exercise, fat loss & a transition to a healthier diet – if yours is already high in processed foods, sugar & saturated fat, can also offer significant relief

Ultimately these are temporary coping strategies that you can use while you are waiting for more comprehensive & permanent help - which we look forward to providing for you! Our ultimate goal is to not only to reverse the damage that may have been caused by IBS - but to truly optimize your health, so that meeting up with friends, and enjoying your favorite foods, becomes a way of life again. You should be looking forward to every awesome event in your social calendar – not dreading them because of embarrassing digestive issues!

Beat IBS Today with the Doctors Studio

Two Old Man having Breakfast

Sometimes just knowing that your symptoms are being managed, that you have regained some predictability & control over digestive issues & that you know that your digestion can only get better can feel like a life-changing event. Just wait until you get your real energy back, and lose the stomach bloat, & your digestion is predictable & comfortable – and you’ll feel like a completely new person! Suddenly those dinner parties, date nights & social events that you so dreaded will be events that you look forward to again.

At the Doctors Studio, we pride ourselves on being a medical practice that takes a progressive, innovative approach to health & wellness, & we will make sure that we return you to genuinely healthy digestion & an optimized level of wellness that simply can’t be beaten. Contact us today if you’d like to receive the best treatment out there for IBS and poor digestion!

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